2 Teaspoons Of This Ancient Remedy And Say Goodbye To Gastritis, Constipation And Stones In The Kidneys

Natural medicine is based on the wisdom of many countries, among which are India (Yajur-veda), China (Taoism) and Greece (Hypocrites). Although it seems that it is something of the 19th century, it is really a millenary science. It is a healing method that uses multiple natural means to allow the individual to acquire a maximum level of health.

It is like a return to nature, and have knowledge of the properties of each plant, seed, fruit . Everything that Mother Earth gives us has great healing effects for the body . Not only do they fulfill the function of nourishing us, but to cure us of many ailments, without needing to administer any chemical to our body.

In this case I will talk about a very effective home remedy for some diseases such as colitis, constipation, ulcers and kidney stones . Obviously you must bear in mind that for a natural treatment to be effective, you must eliminate risk factors such as junk food, very spicy and artificial; smoking and drinking alcohol in excess … among other things.

Colitis is inflammation in the colon that causes pain and even fever. We talk about constipation when there are less than three bowel movements per week. However, many people complain of constipation, even if they go to the bathroom regularly. Ulcer – When the regeneration of this wall is interrupted, its insufficient irrigation or corrosivity, an injury may occur. This “hole in the stomach” of a few square millimeters is the partial or total ulcer. If it is milder, it is gastritis.

Home remedy to say goodbye to these ailments


  • 250 milliliters of pure honey from bees
  • 2 pads of aloe
  • 2 green lemons
  • A glass container with lid


  • Remove the Aloe Vera gel or glass that is inside the aloe vera and wash it very well.
  • Put the crystals together with the slimes and whole peel and honey in the blender and mix everything.
  • Then strain and store in the glass jar with lid inside the fridge

Way to Take it:

  • During the first 7 days, take a teaspoon after breakfast and a teaspoon after the meal.
  • The next 7 days only take a teaspoon after breakfast.
  • At the end of those two weeks, rest for 7 days and start the process again if necessary.

This syrup can last in the fridge for a month.



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