A Recipe From Our Reader: She Was Drinking Kefir For 30 Days! The Results Were Unbelievable (Photo)

The soon you realize that the food you consume every day is extremely important for you and your health, the sooner you’ll take care of what you eat and how you eat it. You’ve probably heard it or read it somewhere that kefir is super healthy food and thanks to kefir, the people in Tibet live more than 100 years. But, did you know that the “kefir” they sell in the store is now even close to the domestic one?

Our reader, who wished to stay anonymous, said:

“I’ve heard about kefir grains and kefir fungi, and I’ve asked about them from a friend of mine. She was drinking kefir for months now. So I’ve decided to replace my dinner with this super healthy dinner, and this is the recipe I’ve used:

I’ve strained kefir every night, and I’ve used plastic strainer to do that. The kefir grains were “hold” in the plastic strainer. Then I’ve rinsed these grains with some cold water, until they were perfectly cleaned from the milk deposits. Then, when I’ve washed them really good, I put them in a glass gar, and pour sweet cow or goat milk over them. Make sure the milk is pre-warmed to room temperature. Now, you need to cover the jar with a piece of cloth and leave it in a dark place for 24 h. After that, you need to strain the kefir and drink it.”

She also mentioned that it’s highly important not to keep the kefir in the refrigerator or on the sun, or don’t use metal spoons or bowls. You can use plastic, wooden or ceramic spoon. She said that she used this kefir method for 30 days. Her breakfast and lunch were usual, and for dinner she had a cup of 250 ml freshly squeezed kefir.

She said that after 1 week she already felt improvement, her metabolism was boosted and she had more energy and a kind of freshness after every sip of this miraculous drink. The second week she noticed that her pants were a little bit “comfortable” and in the third week she noticed that her stomach is much thinner. When she weighted herself, the scale showed 3 kg less!

Considering the fact that she didn’t changed nothing in her diet, she said that the kefir was “responsible” for the lost weight. Now you know how to make your own, homemade kefir. You should definitely try it. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.

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