Add This 1 Ingredient To Every Load For Fresh Smelling Laundry And A Clean Washing Machine

Who doesn’t want their freshly washed clothed to be nice smelling and full of freshness when they take them out of the washing machine. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case every time we open the washing machine. Well, how many times did you opened your washing machine and you faced an awful smell coming out from there? Many people say that in different cases they get the horrible and awful “wet dog” smell. They also say that it’s nearly impossible to get rid of this smell even after you have washed your clothes a couple of times.

So, here’s the million dollar question: why your washing machine smells so bad?  Well, we can answer that for you. Many different factors can influence the bad smell in your washer. But, the most common one is because of dirt residues in the washer’s rubber seal, while leaving the clothes inside the drum for too long. This way a mold builds up inside the washing machine. A lot of times, even a detergent and fabric softener combo can be the reason behind the awful smell. But, sometimes it seems that no matter the reason, you can’t ever eliminate it.

In this post we are going to show you that if you add just one ingredient to every load of clothes, you will no longer have to worry about having moldy smelling clothes ever again.


The Secret To Fresh Smelling Laundry And A Clean Washer

White vinegar is extremely efficient and amazing natural ingredient. It can eliminate all causes of bad smell and it will keep your washing machine clean and shiny. If you add white vinegar to every load, it will save you from having to wash clothes many times and it will kill all the bacteria inside the washing machine. It will also soften the water and effectively remove the hardcore buildups. White vinegar can be extremely effective in removing the stains from your clothes. But, if you wish to avoid the acidic smell, you can add a few drops of essential oil and your problem is solved. You will get clean and nicely smelling clothes. Here’s what you need to do: pour 1 cup of white vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser and wash your clothes like you normally do. Then, when the washing cycle ends, take out the clothes and admire the miracle. You will never get that awful “wet dog” smell ever again.


Monthly cleaning with White vinegar and Baking soda

If you want to get even better results, you can clean your washing machine once or twice a month with white vinegar and baking soda. You need to pour one cup of white vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser and one cup of baking soda directly inside the drum. Then, run the shortest cycle at the highest temperature and turn on extra rinse. Note: when you run this monthly cleansing cycle, your washing machine should be completely empty.


Extra tips for a clean, shiny and freshly smelling washer:

  • Make sure you keep your washer clean and dry
  • Run a monthly cleaning cycle with white vinegar and baking soda
  • Leave the door open between washes. It will prevent mold and bacteria build up
  • You need to clean the detergent and softener dispenser every 10 days
  • Try not to use too much of detergent and fabric softener for each cycle. You may think it helps, but it only makes it worse.
  • Make sure you follow these two golden rules: #1. Always wash clothes on appropriate temperatures and #2. Don’t overload your washing machine.


Just follow these simple steps and guidelines and you will get rid of the bad smell from the washer for good! Enjoy your fresh smelling clothes and please share this secret with your friends and family. Thank You.



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