Drink For Weight Loss That Will Eliminate Extra Weight Overnight If You Consume It On Empty Stomach

A juice that will burn hundreds of calories while you seat and read a book?

Yes, this is very likely to happen if you try and combine the healthy benefits from cinnamon and honey.

Although the effects from these two groceries are familiar to many people what they don’t know is that a combination of these two ingredients speeds up the metabolism and helps in losing extra weight.

For the preparation of this great mixture you will need two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon cinnamon and 250 ml water.

The recommended doses can be changed but it is very important always to use these two ingredients in a proportion 2:1.

Prepare as much as you think that you will need from this drink.

For the beginning, boil the water and pour it in the same bowl with the cinnamon and leave it to cool down.

Add the honey when the drink is cool and have in mind that you should never add honey in hot water.

Drink half of the drink before going to bed and the other one in the morning before breakfast. And that’s it!

Have in mind that this drink is effective only when consumed regularly and on an empty stomach.

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