Here’s How I Lost 18 Kilograms: Lose Up To 5 Kilograms In Just One Week With These Two Ingredients

If you wish to lose weight with this diet, it’s extremely important for you to consume bananas with warm water. This healthy combination will boost up your metabolism and it will help you lose weight much faster and more efficient.

You should eat 2 bananas and drink 2 glasses of warm water in the morning, on empty stomach. The water should be more hot, then cold. You can eat whatever you want for the other meals, but it’s also extremely important for you not to eat anything after 18h. You can eat banana and drink glass of warm water as a substitute for a between meal snack.

It’s highly recommended for you to avoid eating candies and sugary stuff, and replace them with bananas with some warm water. You need to drink at least 2 liters of water every day.

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