The Leeches Are Amazing: Even The Doctors Are Using Them Again!

The genetic map of leeches is a project from which the modern medicine has high expectations. The leeches actually dilute the human blood. Their saliva contains anticoagulants and they secrete molecules that work as an anesthetic.

The medical experts consider them as a highly efficient medication against vein inflammations and joint pain. In the middle of the 19th century, in France alone were used almost 60 million leeches for 1 year. Even today, in some hospitals, the leeches are used as an additional tool for reparative and reconstructive microsurgery and orthopedics.

In some countries, the use of leeches for therapeutic purposes is a common thing, but the law demands that they must be for a single use and their origin must be controlled. The famous French neuroimmunologist, Dr. Michelle Salzach claims that leeches are the most unique animals in the world, because they can regenerate their nervous system, unlike the man.

The pharmaceutical companies have already isolated the hirudin compound, which is the potent anticoagulant in the leech’s saliva. This compound can be used in treating cardiovascular disease, and the medical experts believe that with the creation of its genome, many new discoveries will be enabled.

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