The Most Effective Homemade Sugar & Salt Peeling Against Stretch Marks And Cellulite – RECIPE

A lot of cosmetic products contain abrasive elements, which are also called peeling. The main purpose of peeling is to remove “dirt” and dead skin cells off the skin’s surface.  The peeling stimulates blood circulation and contributes to the rejuvenation of skin cells, so it makes your skin extra soft and very smooth. By making this homemade peeling, you will not just clean your skin, but you can also efficiently remove stretch marks and cellulite.

This homemade natural sugar and salt peeling is extremely popular among women, because it will help you get rid of the annoying stretch marks and reduce cellulite in just few weeks. All you need is these 2 natural ingredients and you don’t have to pay too much money for expensive treatments.


  • 250 grams salt,
  • 250 grams sugar
  • 100-150 ml palm oil

If you do not have any palm oil in your kitchen, you can use olive oil or other vegetable oil as well. It is highly recommended to use sea salt, because this type of salt is enriched with iodine and micro-elements, which, by acting on the skin, contribute to its renewal.


First of all, you need to mix salt, sugar and oil mix to get a mixture with the consistency of thick yogurt. Leave it for 30 minutes and then mix well again. After that, your homemade peeling is ready.  Use this homemade peeling every night before you take a shower. You need to rub it into affected areas of the skin, massaging in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes. When you are done, rinse with warm water. After the procedure, apply some moisturizing cream or lotion on your skin.

Just after 1 month of regular use, you will see some amazing results. Your stretch marks and cellulite will be significantly reduced. Don’t stop the procedure after the first positive results. It is possible to almost completely remove stretch marks and cellulite with this homemade remedy.


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