These Are The 3 Effective Juices That Can Cleanse Your Kidneys According To Recent Research

To be able to function properly, our body needs food. It is a fuel which feeds our cells. However, this only applies to healthy foods.

Today, with the modern busy lifestyle, people constantly eat processed and junk food without being aware that these foods are extremely bad for our health.

The regular consumption of these unhealthy foods can cause numerous problems and harm our kidneys.

The kidneys are extremely important for our general health. They purify the blood of toxins and play a significant part in the elimination process.

Moreover, they are responsible for the production of certain hormones that control our blood pressure and stimulate the production of red blood cells.

So, it is very important to maintain their proper function. In this way, you will prevent potential health problems. To do this, you should stay away from the unhealthy foods and follow a healthy diet.

Why should you perform a kidney cleanse?

There is a multitude of reasons to flush toxins and wastes from your body. From reducing bloating to preventing kidney infections, a kidney detox is a simple way to promote better health.

Here are a few reasons for following a kidney cleanse for several days:

  1. Reduce Bloating
  2. Prevent Fatigue
  3. Prevent Kidney Infections
  4. Correct Bladder Problems
  5. Prevent Kidney Stones
  6. Protect Your Skin
  7. Correct Hormonal Imbalances

Also, it is very important to detoxify your body and eliminate the harmful toxins. For that purpose, check out these 3 effective juices that will cleanse your kidneys!

Here’s how to prepare them:

  • Kidney watermelon flush

Needed Ingredients:

  • 2 cups of chopped watermelon
  • 1 lime (peeled)


In a blender, mix the ingredients. Drink the juice right away. This drink is rich in potassium, vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals which can significantly improve the function of your kidneys.

  • Radish kidney detox drink

Needed Ingredients:

  • 1 celery rib
  • A cup of purple (red) cabbage
  • A cup of radish (chopped)


Wash the ingredients, add them in a blender and mix well. Drink the juice fresh. This juice offers potent anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties and can fight various infections.

It can detoxify your body and eliminate the harmful toxins. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and other nutrients which can improve the function of your kidneys.

  • Carrot and cucumber kidney detox drink

Needed Ingredients:

  • 2 carrots
  • 1 cucumber


Wash the ingredients, put them in a blender and mix well. Drink the smoothie immediately.

Cucumber is a great source of water while carrots are abundant in vitamin C and beta-carotene which will effectively detoxify your kidneys and improve their function.

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