These Are The Most Toxic And Dangerous Products, Which We Buy From The Local Supermarket Every Day!

Although many people don’t pay too much attention about the food labeling and the ingredient information of the food they buy, the food products in the local supermarkets aren’t so naive as they appear to be! You need to read what kind of food you buy, because your health and the health of your family will depend on it!

These are the most toxic products, which you buy from the local supermarket every day and you need to avoid them by any cost:


Stop eating pates! Pates are in the worst quality foods group. In the manufacturing process, pate manufacturers usually are using meat from the worst category because it’s cheap. Around 50% of the pate ingredients are not meat or meat products, but water, fats, skin, isolates, salt, spices, intestines, etc.

The manufacturers add enormous amount of salt in pates, which you can’t feel it because there is also high amount of dextrose in it, to neutralize the salty taste! There are special pate categories, such as: vegetarian pates, soy pates, mushroom pates, tomato pates, etc.  They are loaded with vegetable oils and the fat percentage is higher than in the regular ones.


Margarine is hydrogenated vegetable oil. The most common types are sunflower or corn oils. The hydrogenation process usually means that the vegetable oils are transformed from liquid form to solid and then, according to the regulations, they must add vitamins A, D and E so the mixture and its composition will be similar to butter.

In the production process, trans saturated fats are created for which it is found in many studies that can increase the levels of bad cholesterol. Margarine consumption is related to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.


About 75% of mayonnaise is consisted of sunflower oil. 100 g of mayonnaise has more calories than 100 g bacon. And the worst part is that there are proteins and vitamins in bacon. There are light mayonnaises as well, and have less fat in it, but they don’t have any nutritional value at all. Mayonnaise with olive oil has just 15% olive oils and the rest is sunflower or corn oils.

Melted cheese

Melted cheese has around 50% cheese and the rest is water, proteins, fats, different additives and lots of salt. There is two times more salt and additives in melted cheese, than in regular cheese.

In the production process, all of the probiotic and other bacteria which have positive influence on our digestive system are destroyed. Other bad thing about melted cheese is that melted cheese has more calories than regular cheese.

Chocolate substitutes

Chocolate is great food product, because it’s loaded with antioxidants. They slow down the process of aging of the human cells and phytonutrients, and they also increase the amount of blood flow in the brain. It is regulated by the law that products which don’t contain enough cocoa in them can’t be declared as chocolate. They can be declared as different products, such as cocoa candy, sugar candy, substitute for chocolate etc.

They contain extra sugar and instead of cocoa butter mainly it is used hydrogenated vegetable oils or palm tree oils. Although real chocolate contains around 50% sugar, it doesn’t create insulin reaction in the organism cause of the big amounts of fats in it. You should limit your sugar consumption and our advice is to consume chocolate with great amount of cocoa in it.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are loaded with many different stimulants, such as caffeine, taurine and more than 10% sugar, unless if they are not diet. In these energy drink products there is more caffeine than coffee. The stimulants in these energy drinks will increase the blood pressure, speed up the heart rate, influence the sleeping pattern and dehydrate the organism.

When they are combined with alcohol, they can be extremely dangerous. This is because energy drinks work as stimulants and alcohol as depressant. This stimulant’s effect actually disables your sense to estimate how many drinks you had and how that influences you.

Soy products

Soy is loaded with many anti nutrients, such as: phytic acid – which disables and prevents proper the absorption of minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium. Although soya has many proteins, it also contains an inhibitor of protein metabolism. If the soya proteins are not processed well, our organism can’t absorb them properly.

Soy products should be avoided, especially by men. This is because there are some indicators that phyto hormones may decrease the level of testosterone and increase the levels of some other hormones, typical for women.

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