You Should Remember These Photos The Next Time You Throw Food And Water Away

These photos, of a tattooed blonde woman, which gives water to a skinny child shocked everyone. There is no story behind these photos. It’s all about the moment – difficult and cruel. The child, to weak, starved and dehydrated drinks water. That’s the reality out there.

Her name is Anja Rigner Loven. She already lives for 3 years in Nigeria and she is trying to help the children and to film a documentary about their miserable and poor lives. The name of the movie is “Anja and Africa”.

She sold everything she has back home and she went to live in a country in which she has never been before, among people whose language she doesn’t understand. And for what – well, she just wants to help.

“I just throw away my dinner, that my 3-year-old son didn’t want to eat”, one of her followers wrote on her blog. Do you throw away food often? Think about it, and the next time when you want to throw away food – you should remember these photos. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends and family



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