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7 Crazy Health Facts About 百香果

From the lush arbors of the tropics comes a fruit so nutrient-packed and beneficial, it’s like nature’s own little multivitamin. Known as passion fruit to many, its exotic name in Chinese, “百香果,” translates to the ‘fruit of many fragrances,’ which is fitting given its intoxicating scent and taste. So, let’s slice into this gift from the garden and uncover some truly fascinating health facts!

百香果: A Treasure Trove of Nutrients

Phew! You’ve stumbled upon a real nutritional gem when you’re dealing with 百香果. Let’s talk numbers: each serving of this fruit is bursting with vitamins A and C, fiber, and essential minerals like potassium and iron. Here’s the lowdown on what this little wonder is packing:

  • Vitamin C: A champion for your immune system.
  • Fiber: Keeps you feeling full and your digestive system happy.
  • Vitamin A: An ace for your vision and skin health.
  • Potassium: Crucial for muscle function and heart health.
  • Iron: Without it, you’re quite literally pooped!
  • Comparing it to other fruits, 百香果 stands out like a high-achiever at a spelling bee. While apples and oranges are great, gram for gram, passion fruit holds its own quite robustly, especially in terms of fiber and vitamin C content.

    Al Amin Foods Vonbee Passion Fruit Honey Puree. Two Bottles oz lb each. Quite good and very versatile., Pound (Pack of )

    Al Amin Foods Vonbee Passion Fruit Honey Puree. Two Bottles oz lb each. Quite good and very versatile., Pound (Pack of )


    Al Amin Foods Vonbee Passion Fruit Honey Puree offers a delectable fusion of rich, tropical passion fruit flavors and the natural sweetness of honey. Each bottle contains a generous pound of this delightful puree, ensuring you have enough to explore a wide variety of culinary applications. Carefully crafted to preserve the tangy essence of fresh passion fruits, this puree has been sweetened with honey to enhance your dishes without overpowering them. The pack includes two bottles, each one boasting this beautiful blend that’s ready to invigorate your recipes.

    Renowned for its versatility, Al Amin Foods Vonbee Passion Fruit Honey Puree can transform any meal or beverage. Whether used as a topping for yogurt, a mix-in for vinaigrettes, or a base for tropical cocktails, the puree adds a layer of complexity and flavor that is truly unrivalled. Chefs and home cooks alike will appreciate its ability to perfectly complement and elevate desserts, glazes, and marinades. The convenience of having a two-pack ensures that adventurous foodies can experiment while always having a backup on hand for continued culinary exploration.

    The Al Amin Foods Vonbee Passion Fruit Honey Puree is not just versatile and flavorful but also easy to use. The puree is conveniently packaged in two sturdy bottles, making it simple to store, pour, and measure out without any mess. For those who prefer natural ingredients in their cooking, this puree is a quite good choice, blending the wholesome goodness of fruit and honey. Whether you’re planning a special dinner, a casual brunch, or crafting artisanal beverages, this Passion Fruit Honey Puree is sure to become a staple in your pantry, offering endless possibilities for creating exceptional dishes and drinks.

    The Surprising Sleep Benefits of 百香果

    Bet you didn’t see this coming: 百香果 may just be your new sleep buddy! Thanks to its serotonin and fiber content, it’s like nature’s lullaby.

    “Ever since I started having 百香果 before bed, I snooze more soundly than ever!” exclaimed one happy consumer. Nutritionists nod in agreement; the serotonin in 百香果 isn’t just a mood regulator—it can help usher in a restful night.

    With its sleep-promoting powers, 百香果 isn’t just for breakfast anymore! Why not blend it into a smoothie for a pre-bedtime treat?

    Image 20621

    **属性** **详情**
    中文名称 百香果
    英文常见名字 Passion Fruit
    营养成分 高维生素C、维生素A、膳食纤维、铁、钾、抗氧化物
    每日建议食用量 1-2个
    注意事项 – 有腹泻问题的人应适量食用以避免加重症状
    – 胃病患者不宜空腹食用,以免引起胃部不适
    食用方法 – 直接食用果肉和种子
    – 泡水喝
    – 制成果汁
    – 煲汤料
    可食用部分 果肉与种子
    香气成分 百香果籽富含挥发性物质,赋予独特的香气
    文化/别名 经常被称为“热情水果”(Passion Fruit)
    价格范围 根据地区和季节变化,一般以市场价为准
    健康益处 – 支持免疫系统
    – 促进肠胃健康
    – 有助于视力保护
    – 提供抗氧化剂
    – 可能有助于降低血压
    可用作 – 新鲜水果点心
    – 饮品加味料
    – 烘焙原料
    – 烹饪调料
    存储建议 – 室温成熟至柔软
    – 成熟后可冷藏延长保鲜期限
    文章发布日期 – 营养建议:2022年7月20日
    – 别名信息:2020年4月16日

    百香果’s Role in Weight Management

    Let’s zero in on weight management. 百香果’s low glycemic index means it’s a slow burner, providing energy over time without the sugar spikes. Its high fiber is like a secret weapon for your waistline—it helps control appetite and supports a healthy metabolism.

    Dietitians rave about its perks. “Incorporating 百香果 into one’s diet can aid in achieving weight-loss goals,” says one. And there’s no shortage of success stories! Emma, who lost 10 pounds, shared, “Adding 百香果 to my diet was a game-changer. It kept the munchies at bay!”

    百香果 vs. Chronic Ailments: A Natural Combatant

    Move over pills, 百香果’s coming through! Scientifically, it’s making waves in the prevention and management of hypertension and diabetes. Its antioxidants and beneficial compounds give it a natural edge in fighting these ailments.

    Consider this a gentle reminder, though, balanced diets and a doctor’s advice are paramount. 百香果 is brilliant, but it’s not a one-stop-shop cure.

    Fresh Purple Passion Fruit (lb)

    Fresh Purple Passion Fruit (lb)


    Indulge in the sweet, exotic flavor of Fresh Purple Passion Fruit, sold by the pound, for a tropical taste sensation that is both delicious and nutritious. Each Passion Fruit is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality, with a lively purple rind that encases the aromatic, golden pulp and edible black seeds inside. Rich in vitamins A and C, fiber, and antioxidants, these delightful fruits not only tantalize your taste buds but also contribute to a healthy diet.

    Whether you’re aiming to enhance your culinary creations or simply seeking a fresh, healthy snack, Fresh Purple Passion Fruit is versatile in its uses. It can be scooped out and enjoyed raw, or its unique tangy flavor can be incorporated into smoothies, desserts, salads, and savory dishes, elevating them with a tropical twist. The fragrant aroma and lush flavor make it a perfect ingredient for refreshing beverages, homemade jams, and gourmet sauces.

    Our Fresh Purple Passion Fruit is sold by the pound, so you can easily purchase the exact amount you need for your recipes or snacking preferences. Each fruit’s wrinkled appearance is a natural indicator of ripeness, promising an intense, juicy interior that bursts with flavor. Embrace the essence of summertime in any season with these handpicked passion fruits that are guaranteed to add an exotic flair to your dining experience.

    Enhancing Digestive Health with 百香果

    Got gut gripes? High fiber 百香果 can lend a hand! This marvel fruit has insoluble fiber, which works like a broom for your insides, sweeping away any digestive despair.

    Experts echo this sentiment. “For a happy gut, fruits high in fiber like 百香果 are excellent,” says a renowned gastroenterologist. Adding a sprinkle of its seeds to your yogurt could be the gut-friendly twist you need!

    Image 20622

    The Immunity-Boosting Powerhouse: 百香果

    In the realm of immunity, 百香果 shines brightly. Its vitamin C and antioxidants are like your immune system’s personal cheerleading squad. Regular consumers often report fewer sick days, likely due to the fruit’s protective properties.

    Since adding 百香果 to my diet, my seasonal sniffles are history,” shared Lisa, a fitness enthusiast. The general consensus among experts? This fruit is a fantastic aid for your body’s defenses.

    百香果’s Impact on Skin and Aging

    Time for some skincare straight from mother nature! The antioxidants in 百香果 are not only doing the heavy lifting inside but are also vouching for your external glow. “Its antioxidant content may ward off signs of aging,” suggests a well-known dermatologist.

    Thinking about a wellness overhaul for your skin? Why not add some 百香果 to your menu and give your skincare routine a deliciously fruity boost?

    Melissa’s Fresh Passion Fruits, Dozen

    Melissa's Fresh Passion Fruits, Dozen


    Delight your senses and invigorate your taste buds with Melissa’s Fresh Passion Fruits, now available in a convenient pack of a dozen. These exotic fruits, sourced from the finest orchards, are bursting with a sweet-tart flavor that is both refreshing and distinctive. Each perfectly ripened passion fruit is hand-selected to ensure you receive the best quality, with a rich purple rind that protects the juicy, seed-filled interior. A single bite into the aromatic pulp will transport you to tropical paradise, making these fruits a luxurious addition to your daily diet.

    Melissa’s Fresh Passion Fruits are not only delicious but also packed with essential vitamins and minerals. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, and beneficial antioxidants, all of which support a healthy immune system and aid in digestion. With just the right amount of natural sugars, these passion fruits make a perfect guilt-free snack or an exquisite topping for your breakfast yogurt, salads, and desserts. Invite the vibrancy of tropical flavors into your culinary delights with these versatile and nutritious gems.

    Incorporating Melissa’s Fresh Passion Fruits into your kitchen opens up a world of culinary possibilities. Create delectable sauces, glazes, or marinades that will elevate your dishes with their unique combination of sweet and tart profiles. Juicing or blending these fruits can also produce a sumptuous base for cocktails, smoothies, and other refreshing beverages. With Melissa’s Fresh Passion Fruits, you have a dozen reasons to experiment and indulge in the essence of tropical indulgence that promises to keep your meals and beverages excitingly flavorful.

    Conclusion: 百香果’s Boundless Benefits Await

    Alright, ladies, you’ve been armed with the lowdown on 百香果. It’s a tiny fruit with massive benefits—from aiding sleep to supporting weight management, combating chronic diseases, boosting digestive health, ramping up immunity, and even helping your skin in the battle against Father Time.

    But remember, while 百香果 is chock-full of nutrients, moderation is key, especially for those with sensitive stomachs. One to two passion fruits a day should suffice, particularly if you’re prone to diarrhea or have a sensitive stomach — don’t go overboard!

    Now, for the fun part: how to enjoy it? Scoop it straight from the shell, whip it into a smoothie, steep it into a tea, or give your soups a tropical twist. So go ahead, give 百香果 a chance! Add some passion to your life—one fruit at a time—and watch the magic unfold.

    And hey, while you’re focusing on your health, why not check out the latest Macys Womens shoes, treat yourself to some fun Hubba Bubba bubble gum, wrap up in style with a chic sarong, or revel in the intrigue of terry Flenory ‘s mysterious life? Balance is everything, after all.

    Image 20623

    Whether you’re lacing up your hoka Clifton 9 Womens, hitting your Morrell Targets in archery, or just living the high life at phoebe Bridgers height, adding a sprinkle of passion fruit might just offer that extra zest you’re looking for. Enjoy the journey to wellness, and remember, a little bit of 百香果 could go a long way. Stay fit, stay fabulous!

    7 Crazy Health Facts About 百香果

    Hold on to your hats, folks! We’re diving into some wild and whacky trivia about the world’s beloved 百香果, aka passion fruit. This zesty treat isn’t just a tropical flavor bomb; it’s bursting with benefits that go way beyond its tangy taste.

    It’s an Aromatic Powerhouse

    Ever wonder what gives 百香果 its enticing aroma? Well, it’s all thanks to volatile compounds that team up to tickle your nostrils in the best way possible. Imagine if your gym could smell like a tropical paradise instead of, you know…a gym. Speaking of teamwork, have you heard about the co Op meaning? Just like those passionate about community living arrangements, 百香果’s aromatic compounds co-operate to give it an irresistible scent!

    More Seeds than a Poppy Seed Bagel

    Okay, you’ve seen poppy seed bagels, right? Chock-full of seeds on the outside. Now, picture the inside of a 百香果—it’s like a poppy seed party in there! These tiny black seeds are not just for show; they’re fiber dynamos. And who knew, right? Talk about an undercover health agent!

    Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

    Here’s the kicker—百香果 may be small, but it packs a mean vitamin C punch. I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want an immune system that’s ready to put up a fight faster than a teenager saying, “I didn’t do it!” Plus, with antioxidants galore, it’s like having your own little anti-aging squad. You’ve got to love nature’s way of keeping things fresh.

    Silently Guarding Your Heart

    Alright, let’s get serious for a sec. Heart health is no joke, and guess what? 百香果’s got your back—or well, your heart. Rich in polyphenols and compounds that can give your cardiovascular system an assist, it’s like a silent guardian. Think Batman, but for your arteries.

    The Eye of the Beholder

    People say beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, but so is health, especially when 百香果 steps into the room. Those golden orbs are just teeming with vitamin A, great for keeping your peepers sharp and your skin glowing. It’s like your own personal beauty regimen, straight from Mother Nature’s vanity.

    A Global Jetsetter

    Let’s jet-set for a moment. Did you know that 百香果 is quite the globetrotter? Originating from South America, it’s danced its way onto plates and into smoothie cups across the world. And boy, does it have style! Each region it visits, it picks up a nickname or two, from ‘Lilikoi’ in Hawaii to ‘Maracuyá’ in Spanish. Talk about a fruit with a passport full of stamps!

    Balances You Out

    And hey, if life’s got you feeling a little off-kilter, 百香果 might just be your balance buddy. It contains potassium, which we know helps keep our blood pressure in check and the muscles moving smooth. It’s like having a personal trainer whispering, “You got this,” every time you take a bite.

    There you have it—a fruit so cool, it’s like the superhero of the food pyramid. From its secret identity as a fiber fiend to its globe-trotting antics, 百香果 is not just a pretty face. So the next time you’re sipping on that passion fruit iced tea or spooning out the goodness of a fresh 百香果, remember, you’re indulging in a trove of healthy treasures. Cheers to that!

    Al Amin Foods Vonbee Passion Fruit Honey Puree. One Bottles oz lb. Quite good and very versatile.

    Al Amin Foods Vonbee Passion Fruit Honey Puree. One Bottles oz lb. Quite good and very versatile.


    Introducing the exquisitely crafted Al Amin Foods Vonbee Passion Fruit Honey Puree a harmonious blend of the tropical zest from ripe passion fruits with the natural sweetness of honey. This puree comes in a convenient one bottle size providing a generous quantity measured in ounces and pounds, making it perfect for both home cooks and professional chefs alike. The puree’s bright, tangy flavor and velvety texture are ideal for creating a myriad of culinary delights, enhancing the essence of passion fruit in every drop.

    The puree boasts an impressive versatility that can transform any dish, whether you’re drizzling it over your morning yogurt, blending it into smoothies, or using it as a glaze for grilled meats. Its rich and thick consistency allows it to be used as a mix-in for cocktails, lending a tropical twist to your favorite beverages, or as a topping for decadent desserts. The balance between the acidic punch of passion fruit and the sweet caress of honey ensures that it elevates the taste of whatever it accompanies.

    Quality and taste are at the heart of Al Amin Foods’ ethos, and this Vonbee Passion Fruit Honey Puree is no exception it is a testament to their commitment to natural ingredients and flavor authenticity. The puree is not only “quite good,” but has captured the palates of discerning food enthusiasts who appreciate its clean, pure taste without artificial additives. Whether you’re looking to add an exotic touch to your culinary creations or just seeking to indulge in a sweet, tangy treat, this passion fruit honey puree is sure to impress with its splendid fusion of flavors.


    – Hold your horses if you’ve got a sensitive tummy or diarrhea woes – passion fruit’s not your best pal. With its jam-packed nutritional value, it can aggravate the runs if you overdo it, and folks with a delicate gut should steer clear especially on an empty stomach – a single serving or two a day keeps the trouble at bay.


    – Can you go to town on passion fruit every day? Sure, as long as you stick to 1-2 pieces max and don’t upset the apple cart, notably if you’re prone to an iffy belly or the dreaded ‘D’ word: diarrhea.


    – Ever wonder what passion fruit is known as stateside? In the US, this pulpy powerhouse rocks the moniker “passion fruit” – plain and simple, but oh-so-tantalizing to the taste buds!


    – Wondering if those crunchy bits in passion fruit can be chomped on? Absolutely, the seeds are edible and are where the distinctive fragrance and some volatile goodness are hiding – so chew away!

    百香果 一天 可以吃几 颗?

    – Pondering over how many passion fruit nuggets your belly can handle in a day? Keep it cool at one or two to avoid a tummy rebellion – more’s not always merrier here.


    – High blood pressure got you on edge? Passion fruit might just be your chill pill – touted for its blood pressure-lowering perks, it’s a heart-smart snack within arm’s reach.


    – Thinking of noshing on passion fruit before hitting the hay? Go for it! There’s no bedtime ban on this fruity gem, just don’t overindulge or your tummy might pull an all-nighter.


    – If sugary woes are your bugaboo, you might still be in luck with passion fruit. It’s not off-limits for those with high blood sugar, but keep it to a healthy portion to stay on the sweet side of things.


    – Cholesterol behaving like it’s on a sugar high? Passion fruit could be your secret weapon to bring it down a notch or two, woven into your diet as a tasty, cholesterol-lowering ally.


    – If you’re curious whether passion fruit plants are the gift that keeps on giving year after year, you’ve hit the nail on the head – they’re perennials, ready to wow your taste buds season after season.


    – Scratching your head over the English moniker for 百香果? This tropical tease goes by “passion fruit” – a name that’s kinda like a sweet whisper to your fruit-lovin’ soul.


    – “Why’s it called passion fruit?” you ask? Don’t jump to spicy conclusions – it’s actually a nod to passion flowers thanks to early missionaries getting all symbolic, not because it’s the Casanova of fruits.


    – Crunching down on passion fruit seeds and worrying if you’re doing it right? You betcha – give ’em a good chomp to unlock the fragrant oils and nutrients they’re hoarding inside.


    – Is passion fruit the secret to a glowing, porcelain complexion? Well, it’s packed with vitamins that might just give your skin care routine a run for its money, signaling the potential for a natural radiance boost.


    – Are the seeds of passion fruit more than just a crunchy surprise? You guessed it – packed with nutrients and that signature aroma, they’re not just edible; they’re little treasure troves in every bite.

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