AWOL Fitness CEO Lynch Hunt Tapped to Motivate NFL Players

AWOL is one of the most well-known brands in the fitness industry worldwide, and the man behind it has received well-deserved acclaim for dedicating his career to helping people change their lives. AWOL Fitness CEO Lynch Hunt has worked as a life coach for over 15 years and established himself as an authority in the sector through his unique approach of transforming bodies and changing mindsets at the same time.

About AWOL Fitness

If you were looking forward to a training session this weekend with renowned fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and author Lynch Hunt, you’re out of luck – unless you’ve just been drafted into the NFL.

Having emerged as the top authority on sports motivation, AWOL Fitness founder Lynch Hunt has now literally entered the big leagues: this week, he will be speaking to NFL players at the 14th annual Sports & Entertainment Group annual retreat. This will jump-start the players’ motivation before they return to training camp for the upcoming 2022 season. 

The players receiving his wisdom and encouragement will include wide receiver Wan’Dale Robinson, who was just drafted to the New York Giants as their number two pick. This has special meaning for Lynch, who served time in prison alongside Robinson’s father, Dale over 10  years ago. Now Lynch and Dale have teamed up and will be delivering this speech together and the topic will be “You are meant to be a G.O.A.T.” (Greatest Of All Time.)  

After motivating some of the best athletes in the world, Lynch will fly home to prepare for his two-day intensive motivational camp for over 100 school principals at North Carolina State University. These two-day camps have become some of the most desired speaking engagements in the country, and Lynch Hunt, with his unique approach and incredible, inspirational personal history, has become one of the most coveted speakers.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you most likely heard about the famous Lynch Hunt, who wrote over 17 books and is a health mastermind. You can buy his books on Amazon or join one of his gyms spread throughout the country. He created a fitness program that has gained popularity among fitness freaks uncontrollably, especially because people cannot stop but admire his achievements. Lynch Hunt grew a fitness empire from nothing after serving 10 years in federal prison. Many find it hard to believe that the same individual who was convicted for being a drug ring leader created a fitness program that has revolutionized the world of fitness and wrote books that provide fitness guidance for people around the world. His story captures everyone’s attention, and it’s worth telling to show others that they can turn their lives around and make the most out of their situations. 

How did Lynch Hunt recover after he served 10 years in prison?

Most people convicted for running drug operations find it challenging to detach themselves from this world and turn their lives around because they know nothing else. Seeing someone not only recover from this but also manage to make history in a totally different sector is inspiring. In an interview, Lynch Hunt stated that the only advice he could offer individuals in his position is to trust themselves and the person they should become and leave the one from their past behind. He is thankful that he had the inspiration to leave crime behind and start fresh after he served his time in prison. He had a vision and the courage to follow it, and even if his vision has been tested countless times over time, he stayed committed and worked hard to see his dream come true.

He remembers that when he first joined the fitness industry, he had a job that paid him only 6 dollars for 30 minutes. Not many people would stick to this path after making 8.3 million dollars from running a drug ring. It was a lifestyle he wasn’t used to, but he decided to choose the difficult way and commit to his vision instead of getting back to his past life. Once he fully embraced this path, he decided to make his purpose of revolutionizing the fitness world and its outdated means.

Lynch Hunt

How does Lynch Hunt intend to change the fitness sector?

Lynch Hunt has earned several wellness and health certifications, using his life experience to teach his clients valuable lessons. He has always made the best out of what life offered him and created the brand AWOL Fitness to bring something fresh and unique to the fitness industry. He has a holistic approach to personal training because he is aware that what most people look for when they start working out is a transformation. People join a fitness program because they want to transform their lives, change how they look or drop or gain weight. Hunt learned that for someone to reach their fitness goals, they need to adopt a new mindset because the body won’t change until the mind tells it to do it. Once he figured this out, he understood that this was the aspect he should focus on. He identified an opportunity to provide his clients with a program that makes them feel good besides looking good. People are slowly starting to understand that mindful practices mixed with cognitive-behavioral change and a well-developed fitness program are the key to getting the best results. Lynch Hunt has been using this approach since 2012 and has spent over 10,000 hours testing his methods to provide his clients with a perfect program.

Lynch Hunt created the successful brand AWOL Fitness which is often seen as a movement more than a fitness company. Presently, AWOL is expanding, opening new locations and providing the public with beneficial services and products like fitness programs, motivational speaking, supplements, community outreach, and educational curriculum-based courses. Hunt uses his brand to motivate, educate, and empower audiences to transform their bodies and minds. He believes his mission is to empower people through his actions and self-help books.

Lynch Hunt is also an author, besides being the founder and CEO of AWOL Fitness

Lynch Hunt first discovered his passion for fitness, and while working in a gym, he noticed that often people were too stressed out to be present and focus on their journey. When people fail to be present in the moment, they don’t function properly and therefore cannot reach their full potential. As a personal trainer, he found out that often people use their training sessions to unload their personal problems. But while the problems they brought from outside the gym distracted them, they couldn’t focus on their fitness journey, and Hunt had to find something to help them reconnect with the present moment. He would often end up giving a motivational speech to his clients and decided to replicate it at a larger level. Lynch thinks that when someone is exhausted and at their lowest point, it’s the ideal moment to get to their unconsciousness and change their mentality. This is when the coach has to train their brain to push harder and learn to enjoy the process instead of telling the body that it’s too exhausted to continue.
Lynch Hunt

With this in mind and his clients telling him that his speeches help them overcome the obstacles that prevent them from following their fitness path, he decided to write his first book. He put all the relevant information for his clients in a single resource so they can use it anytime they need it. However, his books aren’t just lectures one can read when has some free time. Lynch Hunt develops systems, so he broke everything down into steps to make it easier for his public to follow it. He is aware that if things get complicated and, in their way, or distractions arise, they won’t be able to focus on what they’re doing. So all his books are well organized, and each topic makes a unique chapter in the books. While writing, he tests the information he intends to include in his books with real people so he can revise according to the feedback he receives. One of his most famous books is called From Prison to Prosperity, which shares glimpses of his prison experience. Its purpose is to help people break from their mind obstacles and get inspired to create a new healthier path for them.

Hunt wrote 17 well-received books that focus on personal development and teach people about discipline and success. His brand AWOL is expanding like a wildfire, and he is one of the most searched speakers for collegiate athletic programs and corporate events. Besides running his company and authoring books, Lynch Hunt also has been the host of Motivation Mondays. The TV series has been so successful it transformed the TV station into the number one in the market in its segment. The show asks the public to send their questions about motivation, wellness, and health, and Lynch will provide them with an easy-to-understand and complete answer that enable them to implement a routine, tactic, or strategy in their life to see real results. And the most amazing part is that he answers the questions in less than a minute at the show’s end, leaving the audience with a positive piece of information.

Lynch Hunt proves that the right mindset can change an individual's life

Lynch is often asked how he managed to stick on this new path and turn his life around after serving 10 years. He always answers that he believes that the right attitude and mindset are key to achieving your goals in life. People must be aware that their plans and even dreams can get canceled in a minute. It’s part of life to get rejected. But if you have the right mindset, you can always start over again and find new opportunities. The right attitude and mindset allow you to be honest with yourself and find the necessary power to overcome your difficulties.
Everyone has 24 hours in a day, but successful people do what they must to pursue their goals and ideas. Whether exhausted, tired, or injured, they make the choices in tough situations. Lynch Hunt is a busy man, but he keeps his mission in mind when planning his days and activities. He wants to change people’s lives and help them become a better version of themselves, and this is motivation enough for him to continue on this path.