Be More Productive by Outsmart Your Own Brain


If you’ve experienced a moment when you felt that your brain is pulling your back, you’re not all alone. A lot of people feel that way because they are unable to begin something that they desire to do. However, once they begin the task, it can be difficult to keep going and complete it despite the overwhelming desire to concentrate.

Distractions have only gotten more attractive over the past few years and our brain appears to like being distracted. If it wasn’t then it would not be difficult to focus on one task and finish the task at once.

Everybody has experienced this productivity block at some point or the other, even the most skilled and dedicated. There is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. What you need to do, is learn to hack your own brain, and then make it work the way it needs to be done.

To overcome distracting thoughts and outsmart your brain, you don’t need a lot of resources either time or medical professionals. You already have all the equipment you require to change the way you think. Here are a few ways you can achieve this.

Learn to reduce stress

It’s not obvious yet, but the stress you face every day is affecting the brain in a detrimental way. You don’t need to do anything to be stressed, but it can lead to anxiety, depression, laziness, and lack of motivation.

Your mind and body will start to feel stressed when you have these signs. You’ll put off your work and feel guilty if you aren’t able to finish your task.

It is possible to stop this issue by learning techniques for managing stress to calm your mind and help you become more productive. Here are some strategies to manage stress:


There is no need to go for physical classes. YouTube has many yoga-related videos that will help to rejuvenate your mind.

Going to the gym

Being around other people in the gym will provide you with an atmosphere of camaraderie, and as you work those muscles, your brain will get renewed and this will reflect in your work.

Record your feelings in writing

It may sound simple however it has been proven to be very efficient in helping people relax. Write down the things that are bothering you and burn them in order to let them go.

You should be able to rest when require it.

Stress can be caused by overworking. Learn to relax and enjoy yourself.

Find solutions to your personal problems

For many people, the inefficiency they experience at work is a consequence of their unstable personal lives. Your brain desires to alleviate your suffering, so if your brain is always trying to force you to work, it could be a problem that you haven’t dealt with.

You should take a break from the book that you’re unable to read when you stare at a page, then tackle the issue that’s making you feel uncomfortable. Then, return to the book and observe how your brain is processing what you’ve read.

If you are not at peace with a loved one that is hurting, it’s considered pain in this instance and could make your brain fight against you. If this is the case it is possible to send a text if you cannot call the person. You’ll be happier with yourself and you’ll be more productive.

You’ll outsmart yourself in any task or cause you are trying to complete.

Discuss your ideas with those who will discuss it

It is possible to feel depressed or self-conscious when you receive harsh criticisms. However, you can use it to outsmart the brain and get better than you have ever been.

The human brain can only perceive what it wants to see. This is the reason different people may receive the same message, but not be able to comprehend it.

It’s a sign that your mind is in a state of focus on a specific way of seeing a topic or, in this instance how a task should be done regardless of whether the task is acceptable or not.

This bias can be used to your advantage, making you smarter and more productive. For this, you must inform another person, perhaps someone you already know will have a different perspective, regarding your ideas for something you struggle with.

This completely different perspective will allow you to see in newer ways that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

Don’t be too focused

Overthinking happens unconsciously when faced with obstacles or difficulties. There are also those who decide to consider things over and over again in order to resolve the issue.

This adds to the stress on your brain. And if that’s enough, the absence of positive outcomes after all that energy spent thinking could make you feel frustrated, which makes your brain function against you.

Stop if you feel overwhelmed or frustrated. There is no need to be doing something totally different. Breaks can ease your mind by allowing you time to watch films, chat with others, or simply relax.

The key here is to clear that stressful task from your brain and you’re free to choose any method to do it in order that when you get back to your task at hand, your brain will be more focused and quiet.