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cast of movie big

Delving into the Cast of Movie Big: Then and Now

Imagine being able to throw on a suit, wish upon a Zoltar machine, and—voilà—you’re an adult overnight. That’s precisely the whimsical premise that hooked us all in the 1988 classic ‘Big.’ It wasn’t just a movie; it was a cultural phenomenon, resonating across every age group and proving that, deep down, we all have that childlike spark within us. The cast of movie Big set the screen ablaze with their compelling performances, but where are they now, in 2024? Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see what they’ve been up to since the release of this iconic film.

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Tom Hanks’ Leap to Stardom as Josh Baskin

Before becoming the household name we know today, Tom Hanks had roles that flirted with success but none that catapulted him quite like playing the wishful-thinking Josh Baskin. ‘Big’ was the trampoline that bounced Hanks straight into the hearts of America and the glittering Hollywood sign. His role as the oversized kid in a grown-up world wasn’t just a breakout role—it was the role that would define and shape his entire career trajectory.

Post-‘Big,’ Hanks didn’t just run with the momentum; he became the momentum, leading to iconic performances in ‘Forrest Gump,’ ‘Cast Away,’ and many others. His role in ‘Big’ demonstrated his uncanny ability to channel innocence and complexity simultaneously, solidifying his place in the big movie cast hall of fame. Fast forward to 2024, Hanks is not only an actor but a symbol of what it means to be successful in Tinseltown.

Image 18556

Actor Character Notable Awards/Nominations for “Big” Additional Notes
Tom Hanks Josh Baskin Academy Award Nomination (Best Actor) The role significantly boosted Hanks’ career
Elizabeth Perkins Susan Lawrence No specific award for “Big” Played the love interest
Robert Loggia MacMillan No specific award for “Big” Shared a memorable piano scene with Hanks
John Heard Paul Davenport No specific award for “Big” Played the rival co-worker
Jared Rushton Billy Kopecki Saturn Award Nomination (Best Supporting Actor) Portrayed Josh’s best friend
David Moscow Young Josh Baskin No specific award for “Big” Played the 12-year-old Josh Baskin
Mercedes Ruehl Mrs. Baskin No specific award for “Big” Played Josh’s mother

Elizabeth Perkins’ Transformation from Big’s Susan to Seasoned Actress

Remember the charismatic Susan from ‘Big’? That was Elizabeth Perkins, whose chemistry with Hanks was so palpable it could’ve lit up Times Square! Perkins took her character—a career-driven woman whose inner child is reawakened—and gave it a certain je ne sais quoi that left us all with a smile. Her transformative journey didn’t end when the credits rolled. Oh no, she went on to grace screens big and small with her magnetic presence.

From ‘Weeds’ to a slew of respected movies and theater roles, Perkins continued this marathon we call acting with the same zest she had as Susan. Today, Elizabeth Perkins is not just a member of the cast of movie Big; she’s a seasoned pro, continuing to contribute her wealth of talent to projects that challenge and excite her as much as working alongside a certain oversized teenager once did.

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Robert Loggia’s Timeless Role and Prolific Career

“Chopsticks” on a giant floor piano—ring a bell? Well, you have Robert Loggia, playing the lovable Mr. MacMillan in ‘Big,’ to thank for that iconic moment. His performance blended wisdom with a child’s joy, encapsulated in that one memorable scene. But let’s not forget, Loggia was a legend long before his time in the big movie cast, with a filmography that spelled V-E-R-S-A-T-I-L-E in capital letters.

His legacy extends far beyond the piano scene that’s been immortalized in pop culture limelight. Though Loggia sadly passed away in 2015, his work continued to influence an entire generation of actors. In a career that spanned six decades, Loggia proved time and time again that charisma and talent could make any role timeless.

Image 18557

Jared Rushton’s Journey from Teen Star to Musician

Jared Rushton was the cherry on top of the cast of big as Billy Kopecki, Josh’s loyal and quick-witted best friend. His chemistry with Hanks was more infectious than giggles in a quiet room. Rushton was the epitome of the cheeky sidekick, a role that endeared him to audiences worldwide. But did you know that he traded his script lines for song lyrics?

After ‘Big’ and his venture in ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,’ Rushton caught the music bug, finding rhythm and melody to be his new stage. Performing with various bands, his journey from teen actor to musician might not be conquered with giant steps, but the footprints he’s left on pop culture are indelible. His story inspires many young actors to march to the beat of their own drum—literally and figuratively.

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The Supporting Ensemble: Key Players in the Big Movie Cast

An ensemble can often be like a puzzle—each piece vital to the overall picture. And the supporting cast of movie Big? They were like a master class in puzzle assembly. John Heard, playing the slightly villainous rival executive, brought a nuanced antagonism, while Mercedes Ruehl as Josh’s distraught mother delivered an emotionally packed performance that struck every parent’s core.

Fast forward to 2024, and the supporting actors have continued to collect accolades and admiration for their expansive and varied roles across the entertainment industry. Let’s be real; the ensemble’s chemistry was so good it could give any science lab a run for its money. It was their collective talent that brought the magic of ‘Big’ to full realization.

Image 18558

The Cast of The Assistant Film: Drawing Parallels with Big’s Ensemble

Speaking of ensembles, let’s scope out ‘The Assistant,’ a film that mirrors the collaborative spirit of the Big movie cast. Just like the cast of big, ‘The Assistant’ collective manages to capture that same lightning-in-a-bottle feel with their performances. The dynamics between characters draw you in, and the casting choices induce head nods of approval. Ensembles like these are rare gems that bring stories to life, making them relatable and unforgettable.

The magic of such casts is that they echo the realities of life, with each character’s interplay painting a broader picture of the human experience. Both ‘Big’ and ‘The Assistant’ cast show us that it takes a village to tell a story that resonates and endures like a favorite tune you can’t help but hum along to.

From Big to Hot Chick: A Look at the Evolution of Comedy Casting

Remember the time when comedy casting was as clear-cut as a gym workout plan? The formula was simple, with a hot chick cast for eye candy, a slapstick comedian for laughs, and a straight man as the foil. But since the era of ‘Big,’ those casting sheets have started to look as varied as a crossfit routine. Today, comedy ensembles push boundaries, challenge stereotypes, and pack more diversity than a farmers’ market.

Between ‘Big’ and the gender-swapping shenanigans of ‘The Hot Chick,’ we’ve seen a plethora of changes. Modern casting decisions have moved away from the cookie-cutter approach, embracing a deliciously unpredictable blend of talent like an artist’s palette. This evolution points to a future where hilarity and heart come in all shapes and sizes, breaking the mold just like a body-positive fitness trend.

Conclusion: The Enduring Legacy of the Cast of Movie Big

To wrap it up, it’s clear that the cast of movie Big didn’t just walk into our lives—they danced, piano-style, and left footprints that lead straight to our hearts. We’ve seen every cast member shine in their own right, their paths weaving through the intricate tapestry of Hollywood. They’ve set a gold standard for future filmmakers and actors, showing that a strong ensemble isn’t just about names on a poster—it’s about creating a soulful connection that transcends generations.

Their work in ‘Big’ remains a testament to the power of storytelling, collaboration, and the magic of the silver screen. The legacy of the cast of movie Big endures, like the early morning jogger outpacing the rising sun, as a tribute to what they created—a film that continues to grow old with us, while miraculously never losing its youthful charm.

The Cast of Movie Big: 5 Unforgettable Facts

Hey, movie buffs! Get ready to dive into some seriously cool tidbits about the “cast of movie big.” This classic flick not only gave us a piano scene to remember but also introduced us to a cast that absolutely won over our hearts. Without further ado, let’s jump into some trivia that’s as quirky and surprising as a wish-granting carnival machine!

The Surprising Connection Between Tom Hanks and Selena Gomez

Believe it or not, our beloved Tom Hanks, who played the lead role of Josh, has a six-degree separation link to none other than pop star Selena Gomez! How, you ask? Well, it turns out Selena’s rise to fame was as unexpected as Josh’s growth spurt! Before she dazzled the world with her talent, her journey began with simple roots, much like the family background of Hanks’ character. Dive into the details about Selena Gomez ‘s Parents, and you’ll see what I mean. Talk about a small world, right?

Elizabeth Perkins’ Transformation

Elizabeth Perkins, who captured hearts as Josh’s love interest Susan, was as stunning then as she is now. However, did you know that in the realm of changes, much like Josh’s overnight leap into adulthood, Perkins had a view on transformations too? She once shared insights that could definitely resonate with those seeking to enhance their appeal—kind of like when Susan charmed her way into big Josh’s eyes. If boosting your allure is your jam, you might find value in these tips for achieving a Sexier look.

Head Games with John Lovitz

Who could forget John Lovitz’s small but memorable performance as Scotty Brennen, Josh’s cheeky coworker? Lovitz has always had a knack for nailing roles that require a bit of, shall we say, a cunning edge. He’s the guy you love one minute and could lovingly throttle the next—somewhat like how some people feel about learning to give head in their respective fields. It’s all about mastering the art of strategy and presentation!

The Dietary Habits of a Big Kid

Now, this is hilarious. You’d think that after Josh grows into a man-sized body, he would indulge in all sorts of grown-up delicacies, right? But nope, our big kid might still be yearning for simple pleasures, like, say, a good ol’ Taco Bell bean burrito. I mean, why count on fancy meals when you know the exact taco bell bean burrito Calories you’re playing with? That’s Josh—still a kid at heart, even with a 9-to-5 job and a tie!

A Musical Nod to the Blues Brothers

This one’s for the eagle-eyed film fans: Did you know that there’s a little Easter egg for “The Blues Brothers” enthusiasts in “Big”? It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but it’s there! Much like the iconic blues Brothers cast, “Big” had its share of musically inclined characters that slipped into our memories with ease. Spotting these Easter eggs is like finding hidden treasure—it makes you want to rewatch both films just for the fun of it!

Bonus Fact: Lainey Wilson Before Fame

Bonus trivia for you! Have you ever wondered about the early days of famous faces before they hit the big screen? Take Lainey Wilson, for instance. Long before her name lit up marquees—and long before her face graced the pages of magazines with gorgeous Lainey Wilson Pictures—she( was chasing dreams, likely as tenaciously as young Josh sought to escape his kiddie confines. Their dedication to reaching for the stars? Inspirational!

And there you have it—a trivia section that’s as chuckle-worthy and surprising as a game of silly string tag. These “cast of movie big” facts should give you some extra nuggets of fun to share with friends at your next ’80s nostalgia party. From connections to future stars and dietary choices to covert film nods, every bit is as entertaining as that floor piano scene. Happy reminiscing!

Big The Musical Original London Cast

Big The Musical Original London Cast


“Big The Musical Original London Cast” recording is a captivating audio rendition of the feel-good theatrical production based on the beloved 1988 fantasy film “Big,” starring Tom Hanks. Bringing the whimsy and charm of the original movie to the stage, this album features the original London cast and captures the heartwarming story of Josh Baskina young boy who makes a wish to be big and wakes up as an adult overnight. Talented performers breathe new life into the narrative with soaring vocals, emotive performances, and a dynamic score that echoes the magic and innocence of childhood.

Listeners are treated to a musical journey filled with vibrant compositions and memorable lyrics by David Shire and Richard Maltby Jr., giving fans of the film a delightful new way to experience the story’s enchanting adventure. The standout performance of the cast, combined with the rich orchestration, carries the listener through Josh’s hilariously touching quest to find his way back to his true age while navigating the complexities of adult life. With every note and lyric, the album paints a vivid soundscape that celebrates the themes of growth, love, and the essence of staying true to oneself.

The album not only includes all the catchy tunes from the stage production but also offers behind-the-scenes glimpses with bonus tracks and cast commentary, making it an essential collector’s item for musical aficionados. Whether reliving Josh’s heartfelt dance on the giant piano or embracing the poignant moments of self-discovery, “Big The Musical Original London Cast” is a timeless recording that encapsulates the magic of the theatre and leaves listeners yearning to tap into their own inner child. This musical score is a tribute to the power of dreaming big and the unforgettable journey that comes with it.


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