Dunkin Holiday Drinks: 5 Festive Must-Trys

dunkin holiday drinks

Sipping Through the Season: A Guide to Dunkin Holiday Drinks

Ah, the holiday season! It’s that marvelous time of year when the chilly air is filled with the scent of pine, the sparkle of festive lights, and the heartwarming indulgence of Dunkin’ holiday drinks. As we all know, Dunkin’ holds a special place in the wintertime rituals, offering a snug array of beverages that warm the heart as much as the hands that cradle them. This year, Dunkin’s holiday menu is spreading cheer with both timeless classics and some spanking new sensations.

Dunkin’s Winter Wonderland: Exploring the Dunkin Donuts Menu 2024

2024 shapes up to be a holiday to remember, especially with Dunkin’s menu donning its festive best. With toasty cups brimming with holiday spirit, Dunkin’ mixes the joy of Christmas past with a dash of modern yuletide zest. Like a gift under the tree, let’s unwrap these holiday gems, from the zest of toasted gingerbread to the indulgent swirl of peppermint mocha, and discover their nation-wide buzz.

First Sip: The Returning Peppermint Mocha

When Sly And The Family Stone once sang about a family affair, they must’ve meant the family gathering around for Dunkin’s Peppermint Mocha — it’s that essential to holiday cheer. Let’s take a sip into the fan favorite, a drink that pairs rich espresso and milk with peppermint and mocha flavors, adorned with festive toppings. This drink’s reputation dances through the air as swiftly as the flavors mingle on your tongue.

Second Sip: Introducing the Spiced Cookie Coffee

Now, let’s talk about the new kid on the block: the Spiced Cookie Coffee. Imagine the sweet punch of a holiday cookie dunked straight into your cup — heavenly, huh? Dunkin’ is serving up this fresh marvel with just the right amount of spice, triggering memories of snow-dusted evenings and jolly carols. It’s bound to captivate, but the Jumanji 1995 cast may have to move aside, as this drink’s cast of flavors steals the show this season.

Third Sip: The Toasted White Chocolate Signature Latte

Returning with a fanfare is the decadent Toasted White Chocolate Signature Latte, a drink that takes an ingenious twist on the classic chocolate-mint combo. This luxurious libation wraps you in the sweetness of white chocolate nuanced with a hint of mint, making each sip as enticing as the festive tunes lilting through the brisk air.

Fourth Sip: The Comeback of Cookie Butter Cold Brew

Hold onto your mittens because the Cookie Butter Cold Brew is making a triumphant return after its hit debut last December! This isn’t just your average brew; it’s a cold rush of excitement with a cookie butter twist evoking the cozy comfort akin to sinking into an oversized Bbw ebony chair by the fire. If you’ve had it before, you know the buzz; if not, well, you’re in for a delicious surprise.

Fifth Sip: The Nutty Pumpkin Coffee

And what’s the holiday without a nutty twist? The Nutty Pumpkin Coffee is all about the rich flavors of fall, perfect for those who start their Christmas countdown the minute the leaves start to change. This brew infuses all the goodness of pumpkin spice with a subtle nutty aftertaste, giving your taste buds a cozy hug – a real seasonal delight!

Dunkin’ Holiday Blend Flavored Coffee, Keurig K Cup Pods

Dunkin' Holiday Blend Flavored Coffee, Keurig K Cup Pods


Indulge in the festive cheer with Dunkin’ Holiday Blend Flavored Coffee, now available in convenient Keurig K Cup Pods. This limited-time offering captures the spirit of the season with a harmonious blend of medium-roast beans and the comforting holiday flavors that you know and love. Each cup delivers a smooth, robust coffee experience with hints of molasses, dried fruit, and a touch of cinnamon to warm your senses on cold winter mornings. Compatible with all Keurig coffee makers, these K Cup Pods make it easy to enjoy a quick, perfectly portioned cup of holiday joy with the simple press of a button.

Designed for the coffee enthusiast with a festive flair, Dunkin’s Holiday Blend is crafted to create a delightful and heartwarming experience with every sip. The pods are meticulously packaged to preserve the freshness and rich flavor of the beans, ensuring that you get a consistently delightful brew. Whether you’re starting your day or need an afternoon pick-me-up, the Holiday Blend’s inviting aroma and palatable spice notes are sure to elevate your coffee moment. Plus, the convenience of the K Cup Pods means you can spread the holiday happiness at home or at work with minimum fuss and maximum flavor.

Celebrate the season with Dunkin’s Holiday Blend Flavored Coffee K Cup Pods, the perfect gift for yourself or the coffee lover in your life. These festive pods are not only a treat for the taste buds but also add a touch of holiday magic to any coffee routine. Additionally, they’re a wonderful accompaniment to your favorite holiday cookies and desserts, perfectly complementing the flavors of the season. Share the joy of Dunkin’s holiday tradition and make each coffee break a special occasion with these delightfully spirited K Cup Pods.

Is Dunkin Open on Christmas? Holiday Hours and Availability

Oh, the anticipation of scoring your holiday drink on Christmas Day! But, the million-dollar question remains: “Is Dunkin open on Christmas?” Fret not, because we’ve got the scoop. While hours may vary by location, Dunkin’ tends to keep the doors open for the holiday, ensuring you don’t miss your festive fix. So, whether it’s a pre-gift opening buzz or a post-feast wind-down, check local listings to make those holiday sips happen.

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Drink Name Description Key Ingredients Size Options Price* Seasonal Availability Calories** (Medium Size)
Spiced Cookie Coffee A warm, holiday-inspired coffee blend Spiced Cookie Flavors, Signature Dunkin’ Coffee Small, Medium, Large Varies by location Limited time for holidays Approx. 260
Peppermint Mocha Signature Latte Rich espresso drink with a minty chocolate twist Espresso, Milk, Peppermint, Mocha, Whipped Cream, Topping Small, Medium, Large Varies by location Limited time for holidays Approx. 420
Toasted White Chocolate Signature Latte A toasted take on a white chocolate latte Espresso, Milk, White Chocolate Flavor, Toppings Small, Medium, Large Varies by location Limited time for holidays Approx. 420
Cookie Butter Cold Brew Cold brew coffee with sweet and spiced cookie notes Cold Brew, Cookie Butter Syrup, Cream Small, Medium, Large Varies by location Limited time for holidays Approx. 260
Pumpkin Spice Swirl Coffee Classic autumnal spiced coffee Signature Dunkin’ Coffee, Pumpkin Spice Swirl Small, Medium, Large Varies by location Available in fall Approx. 260
Nutty Pumpkin Coffee Nut-flavored coffee with pumpkin spice Signature Dunkin’ Coffee, Pumpkin Spice, Nut Flavor Small, Medium, Large Varies by location Available in fall Approx. 270
Pumpkin Doughnut Sweet treat perfect for fall Pumpkin Spice Batter N/A Varies by location Available in fall Approx. 390

Consumer Buzz: Fans Speak Out on Dunkin Holiday Drinks

Ever wonder what the latte-lovers of the world think about Dunkin’s holiday drinks? We went straight to the source — that’s right, real-life Dunkin’ fanatics, not folks that merely treat coffee as a utilitarian caffeine jolt, but those who consider it an embrace for the soul. They’ve spoken, and the verdict is in: Dunkin has nailed it yet again, much like Kelsea Ballerini chase Stokes, creating perfect harmony with their holiday lineup.

A Toast to Tradition: Dunkin’s Role in Holiday Celebrations

As the leaves turn and the nights grow long, sipping on a Dunkin holiday drink has become as synonymous with the season as pulling out that special box of ornaments. It’s a tradition — a ritual, if you will — that marks time and stitches memories together into the fabric of our lives. Whether it’s a quick stop after ice skating or a planned coffee date to catch up with old friends, Dunkin’ has brewed its way into our collective holiday moments.

Dunkin Polar Peppermint Ground Coffee Bundle with Stone Cove Fridge Magnet oz Per Bag Seasonal Holiday Flavored Coffee (Bags)

Dunkin Polar Peppermint Ground Coffee Bundle with Stone Cove Fridge Magnet   oz Per Bag   Seasonal Holiday Flavored Coffee (Bags)


Indulge in the festive cheer with Dunkin Polar Peppermint Ground Coffee Bundle, the perfect complement to your winter mornings or cozy evenings. Each bundle contains flavorful 8 oz bags of Dunkin’s premium ground coffee, infused with the refreshing taste of cool peppermint, sure to awaken your senses and sweeten your holiday routine. Specially crafted for the season, this holiday-flavored coffee provides a smooth, satisfying cup that’s both merry and bright. Your purchase also includes a charming Stone Cove fridge magnet, adding a touch of joy to your kitchen decor while keeping your holiday memos in place.

Experience the convenience and quality of Dunkin’s renowned coffee from the comfort of your own home with this seasonal offering. Each bag is filled with high-quality ground coffee that’s ready to brew, ensuring that the inviting aroma and delicious taste of Polar Peppermint are never more than a few minutes away. Perfect for sharing with loved ones or savoring solo, Dunkin’s unique peppermint twist on their classic blend is a delectable treat that harmonizes flawlessly with the chilly season.

The Dunkin Polar Peppermint Ground Coffee Bundle makes for a delightful and thoughtful holiday gift for coffee enthusiasts or a decadent treat for yourself. Not only does the bundle keep your taste buds merry, but the Stone Cove fridge magnet serves as a whimsical reminder of the special holiday moments with every glance. Whether you’re wrapping up the bundle as a present or displaying the magnet on your fridge, Dunkin’s holiday spirit shines through, enhancing your festive celebration with every sip and smile.

Holiday Cheers: Wrapping Up with Dunkin’s Festive Best

Image 13417

So there you have it, a journey through Dunkin’s winter wonderland of drinks. It’s been a whirlwind of flavors, from the classic Peppermint Mocha to the innovative Spiced Cookie Coffee, each promising to add a dash of delight to your holiday mirth. Dunkin’s mastery in melding familiar comfort with novel twists ensures that when you reach for that cup, you’re not just grabbing a drink — you’re clasping a moment of seasonal joy. Cheers to Dunkin’ for keeping the merry in our holidays and the pep in our steps with their festive concoctions. Now, go grab your drink of choice, and relish in the sweet sips of the season.

Get Festive with Dunkin Holiday Drinks

Welcome, holiday enthusiasts! If you love cozying up with a warm cup of cheer, Dunkin’s got some treats that’ll jingle your bells. Let’s unwrap some fun trivia and sip on the inside scoop of the Dunkin holiday drinks lineup that you just can’t miss.

The Sweet Sip of Serendipity

Now, imagine you’re walking in a winter wonderland, the snow is gently falling, and you’re sipping on the latest Dunkin delight. It’s almost as if the universe is giving you a hint, right? Some folks believe in signs, like the 10 22 angel number, suggesting that you’re on the right path. Well, consider that first sip of Dunkin’s holiday spice as the universe saying,Yep, this is exactly where you’re supposed to be!

Sok It Java Sok Iced Coffee & Cold Soda Insulated Neoprene Cup Sleeve (Holiday Sweater, Medium oz)

Sok It Java Sok Iced Coffee & Cold Soda Insulated Neoprene Cup Sleeve (Holiday Sweater, Medium oz)


Keep your chilled beverages cold and your fingers dry with the Sok It Java Sok Iced Coffee & Cold Soda Insulated Neoprene Cup Sleeve – the perfect accessory for your on-the-go lifestyle, especially during the festive season. Constructed from durable neoprene, the same material used in wetsuits, this sleeve is designed to insulate your medium-sized drinks (think your standard 22-28 oz. cups) and maintain their temperature, while also absorbing condensation to keep your hands comfortable and dry. The delightful Holiday Sweater pattern infuses a touch of cozy seasonal cheer, ensuring you stand out with a festive look while sipping on your favorite iced lattes or chilled sodas.

Our medium oz cup sleeve is not just practical, but it’s also environmentally friendly, helping to reduce waste from disposable cup grips. By using the Java Sok, you can minimize your carbon footprint with style, knowing that you’re contributing to less litter and waste with every sip. This reusable sleeve is also machine washable, making it easy to clean and maintain for daily use throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Whether you’re on your daily commute, attending holiday markets or simply enjoying the winter scenery, the Sok It Java Sok cup sleeve is your perfect companion. Its snug fit ensures that it will stay put, avoiding slips and spills, while the eye-catching Holiday Sweater design spreads joy and compliments any winter attire. Grab this essential accessory for your cold beverage needs and transform your drink experience into a statement of both style and sustainability.

A Seasonal Skin Treat

And hey, let’s not forget about looking fabulous even when we’re bundled up. The cold weather can be tough on your skin, but with each holiday drink, imagine giving your skin the same care as with the Effaclar la roche posay line. A peppermint mocha? That’s like the glow of healthy skin in a cup!

Image 13418

Coolatta Gets Its Holiday Sweater On

Who says cold drinks can’t be festive? The beloved Coolatta takes a holiday twist, donning a splash of mint and a sprinkle of joy. It’s like finding out Santa’s come down the chimney with a bag full of these frosty treats — unexpectedly perfect!

Post-Dunkin’ Nap? No Worries!

Ever felt that post-holiday feast sleepiness? We’ve all been there, trying to figure out if falling asleep after eating Is a sign Of diabetes or just a sign of a darn good meal. Well, feel free to stretch out after enjoying a Dunkin drink. It’s the holiday season, after all — the perfect excuse for a little relaxation!

Break the Ice with Dunkin’ Quips

Let’s face it, the holidays can serve up the same old small talk at parties. But you can stir things up with some funny hinge Prompts conversations. Why not share a laugh with a stranger over your favorite Dunkin holiday drink?If this eggnog latte were a Christmas movie, which one would it be? There, you’ve just made merry small talk a lot more flavorful!

Winter Workout, Then Warm Up

Just had an intense cable chest workout? ‘Tis the season to reward those gains with a little festive treat from Dunkin. Because nothing says ‘I crushed it at the gym’ quite like holding a seasonal latte in your well-earned, muscular grip.

Dunkin Drinks and Downtime

After a long day of winter fun, it’s important to know about things like How long after a tattoo can You swim, especially if you’ve just got some fresh ink as a present to yourself. But while you’re waiting to dive back into the pool, why not take a leisurely dip into the world of Dunkin holiday drinks? It could be just the warm hug you need!

The Star Power Behind The Sip

Ever wonder if celebs enjoy these seasonal sips just like us? Maybe someone as rugged as Ben Foster ( actor ) could be seen grabbing a Gingerbread Latte. It’s a blend of tough and sweet, kind of like his roles, right? Spotting him with that iconic cup could certainly add a dash of Hollywood to the holiday season.

So, there you have it, folks — a sprinkle of fun facts and festive secrets to savor with your Dunkin holiday drinks. Whether it’s merrymaking or me-time, remember, Dunkin’s always there to add a little extra jolly to your holly-days! Cheers! 🎄🥤

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The Ykomow Pumpkin Spice Coffee Latte T-Shirt is more than just apparel; it’s a celebration of all things autumn, encapsulating the nostalgia and coziness of the season in one trendy garment. It is an ideal gift for the pumpkin spice aficionado in your life or a special treat to yourself, serving as a reminder of the simple pleasures that the fall season brings. As leaves turn and the air chills, this T-shirt will keep the warmth of your favorite latte close at heart. Durable, comfortable, and delightfully thematic, it is sure to be a cherished item in your autumn collection for years to come.

Does Dunkin have there holiday drinks?

Oh, you bet Dunkin’s got their holiday drink lineup, and it’s packed with all the festive feels and flavors to keep your spirits bright!

Does Dunkin still have pumpkin 2023?

Hold onto your pumpkin-loving hat—Dunkin’s still serenading our taste buds with pumpkin in 2023! Whether you’re craving classic pumpkin spice or something new, they’ve got the autumn hug-in-a-mug covered.

Does Dunkin have peppermint mocha?

Yup, Dunkin’s peppermint mocha is like the holiday season in a cup—back again to add a little minty chocolate cheer to your chilly mornings and nippy nights.

Is cookie butter coming back to Dunkin 2023?

Guess what? Word on the street is cookie butter might just be making a comeback at Dunkin in 2023. Keep your eyes peeled, and your taste buds ready for this sweet treat!

What drink is Dunkin donuts discontinuing?

A little birdie told me Dunkin is waving goodbye to some drinks, but don’t worry— while they might be discontinuing a flavor or two, there’s always something new brewing that might just become your next fave.

What flavor is Dunkin holiday coffee?

Dunkin’s holiday coffee flavor? It’s like Christmas morning in every sip: think cozy, think spicy, think “mmmm”! They’re slinging seasonal joy with their special holiday blend, and it’s got “merry and bright” written all over it.

How long does Dunkin have pumpkin flavor?

Get your pumpkin fix while you can—Dunkin usually rolls out the orange goodness during fall, and it sticks around just long enough to let you fall in love all over again before saying “see ya next year!”

Does Dunkin have pumpkin drinks now?

As of now? Absolutely—Dunkin’s got the pumpkin parade marching full steam ahead! It’s basically autumn in a cup and the perfect companion for leaf-peeping and sweater weather.

What are the fall drinks at Starbucks 2023?

Starbucks isn’t holding back for fall 2023—expect a lineup of cozy classics and some fresh twists on your favorite fall drinks, ready to make your scarf-and-boots combo totally complete!

Can I still order a Peppermint Mocha?

Can you still order a Peppermint Mocha? Heck yeah, you can! This fan favorite isn’t going anywhere—it’s like the BFF of holiday drinks, always there when you need a dose of holiday cheer.

Does Dunkin have an iced peppermint mocha latte?

Dunkin absolutely has an iced peppermint mocha latte, because who said you can’t stay cool while basking in the glory of festive flavors? Not Dunkin, that’s for sure!

Does Dunkin have any mint drinks?

If you’re hankering for something minty, Dunkin might just have a treat up their sleeve. Keep your ears to the ground—they’re always stirring up something new and minty fresh!

Is Dunkin bringing back brownie batter?

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! There’s a buzz that Dunkin could be bringing back the delectable brownie batter goodness. Fingers crossed it’s true because, honestly, who can resist?

What are the new Dunkin Refreshers 2023?

Dunkin’s new Refreshers for 2023 are still under wraps, but prepare for a burst of bright, fruity flavors that’ll add a zing to your step and a smile to your lips!

Are Girl Scout flavors back at Dunkin?

Drumroll, please… Yes! The Girl Scout flavors are marching back to Dunkin! Get ready to sip on something sinfully reminiscent of your favorite cookie. Score!

Does Dunkin have a peppermint drink?

Need a peppermint pick-me-up? Dunkin’s got your back with a minty fresh drink sure to add a little jingle to your step during the holly-jolly season.

Do they have holiday drinks at Starbucks?

Starbucks and holiday drinks go together like Santa and cookies, so you can bet your last candy cane they’ll have a merry menu ready to sleigh your cravings.

Does holiday have iced coffee?

Strange as it sounds, you won’t find holiday-themed iced coffee at every corner café, but fingers crossed, we’ll stumble upon a few chilly, jolly java gems this season!

What is in Dunkin peppermint mocha?

Dunkin’s peppermint mocha? It’s the stuff dreams are made of: rich chocolate, zippy peppermint, and that coffee kick we all need—topped with whipped goodness and chocolatey drizzle. Talk about a yuletide yes!


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