Float Therapy: 10 Insane Benefits You Never Knew!

float therapy

I. Submerge into Relaxation with Float Therapy

Are you feeling stressed, anxious or just need a reboot? Float therapy might just be what you need to recenter. Float therapy is an incredibly unique form of relaxation and holistic treatment that’s been making waves in the healthcare industry. Known for its insane benefits, float therapy could be your secret weapon in combating stress and fostering creative growth – yes, you read that right, fostering creativity. Just imagine floating in a tank full of salt as you let your troubles, worries and all forms of negative energy melt away.

II. Exploring the Magic of Float Therapy

A. Definition and Brief Background of Float Therapy

Float therapy, otherwise known as sensory deprivation therapy, has its roots as far back as the 1950s. Devised by neurophysiologist Dr. John C. Lilly, the idea stemmed from his interest in the effects of sensory deprivation on the mind. A typical float experience is done in a specially-designed tank filled with water that’s nearly saturated with Epsom salt, allowing you to float freely just like in the “Whitest Cities in America” -now that’s relaxation at its most basic form!

B. An Insight into the Float Therapy Process

On your visit to a float spa, you’ll be ushered into a private room that houses the float pod, similar to getting an “Ultherapy” treatment. Inside, you’ll find a shallow pool filled with body-temperature water and a copious amount of Epsom salt which keeps you afloat. The objective is to create a distraction-free environment that’ll leave you feeling like you’re suspended in space. Once you’re in, close the pod, and let the magic unravel. Remember, this isn’t about “Jen Shah net worth” or what “Beverly D’Angelo” wore to the Oscars, it’s about forgetting life’s distractions and focusing on tranquility.


III. The Insane Benefits of Float Therapy Answering “What does float therapy do for you?”

A. Floating Away Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

It’s no secret that life can get a tad too hectic, and before you know it, stress creeps in. Quite similar to the feelings associated with “Cramps but no period“. Well, float therapy acts as a refuge from all forms of noise and distractions. It offers a unique environment where you can focus on your thoughts and let stress and anxiety float away. Studies have equally shown that float therapy can aid in reducing heart rate and blood pressure, thereby managing anxiety and depression.

B. Jetlag and Insomnia? Float Therapy Has You Covered

Float therapy provides the right environment that triggers your body into relaxation mode. When this happens, your body’s parasympathetic response kicks in, which is your body’s natural mechanism to heal and regenerate itself. Upon regular sessions, it can help to regulate your body’s sleep schedule, effectively curing both occasional and chronic insomnia. It can also help recalibrate your body’s biological clock, making it a handy trick for jet lag too!

C. Awakening Creativity with Float Therapy

Picture this; just you in a peace-inducing environment with absolutely nothing else competing for your attention. You’re practically free in your mind – a feeling quite akin to “Sonja Kohn” on a spiritual journey. This mental liberty is part of what makes float therapy a boon for creativity. It takes you away from the bustling world and plunges you into a zone where you can listen to your thoughts, connect dots, and come up with new ideas.

D. Boost Mental Growth: Accelerated Learning and Clarity

Boy oh boy! If you thought that was it, then brace yourself. Float therapy goes beyond calming you to impacting your learning and memory positively, speeds up rehabilitation and recovery, enhances athletic performance, and even expedites cognitive function. Fancy that! It’s like sharpening your mind with a whetstone, forming a smoothing path to knowledge gain.

IV. The Fantastic Fringe Benefits of Float Therapy

A. Improving Sleep Quality: The Silent Benefit

This goes beyond managing insomnia. Regular float therapy has been reported by many to improve their sleep quality, bidding farewell to restlessness at night and boosting energy levels during the day.

B. Balancing Hormones: The Invisible Effect

As reported on the 9th of November, 2023, float therapy can help balance hormones within the body. It aids in the regulation of cortisol – the stress hormone, foster the release of dopamine and endorphins – the feel-good hormones, and balance the body’s biochemistry.

C. Toxin Release: The Purifying Experience of Float Therapy

The Epsom salts in float therapy can be a great detoxifier. It’s believed that through reverse osmosis, harmful toxins are drawn out of the body, while beneficial magnesium is absorbed, refreshing the body from the inside out.


V. Possible Downsides of Float Therapy

A. The Salty Dilemma: Sensitive Skin and Float Therapy

Though the Epsom salt can be helpful in toxin release, on the flip side, some people with sensitive skin might find the large amount of salt too irritable. The salt may cause some discomfort including a burning sensation for those with freshly shaved skin or skin prone to rashes.

B. The Saltiest Wound: How Float Therapy Can Interact with Fresh Wounds

The high concentration of Epsom salt won’t be best pals with a fresh wound. It’s advisable to wait for the wound to fully heal before attempting a float session because, let’s face it, salt in a wound is no walk in the park!

VI. The Great Sleep Query: What happens if you fall asleep during float therapy?

A. The Reality of Sleeping in a Float Pod

If you’re worried about what happens if you fall asleep, rest assured, it’s quite okay. In fact, sleeping in a float pod could be one of the most relaxing experiences ever!

B. What to Do if You Get Salt Water in Your Eye: Safety Consideration

However, you might not want to sleep through getting salt water in your eyes! If this does happen, there’s always a bottle of fresh water available in the pod to spray it clean.

VII. Your Considerations Before Diving in

A. Choosing Your Float Therapy Spa

Selecting a float therapy spa should be as meticulous as choosing your first car. Ensure the spa holds cleanliness and hygiene in high regard, possesses trained staff, and operates functional floating pods.

B. Preparing for Your First Float Therapy Session

Just as you won’t hit the gym without a plan, approaching your first float therapy session calls for some necessary preparations. Avoid caffeine some hours before your session, and don’t go on an empty stomach or a full one either. Avoid shaving or waxing because of the salt, and remember to take a shower before entering the float pod.


VIII. Float Therapy: Your Pathway to Ultimate Relaxation and Better Health

In conclusion, float therapy might presently seem like a novelty, but it’s quickly becoming a recognized healthful experience. From stress relief to hormone regulation, improved sleep, enhanced creativity to, most surprisingly, accelerated learning and mental growth, float therapy has so much to offer.

So why not take some time away from the maddening crowd and immerse yourself in the serenity of a float pod. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you for this gift of quietude, relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s definitely a must-have on your health and wellness bucket list!


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