How to Give Head: 7 Secret Tips for an Insane Experience

how to give head

There’s an art to how to give head, and we’re not talking about nautical directions here. From knowing just where to place your lips and tongue, the act requires focus, compassion, and sometimes a bit of flexibility, just like a well-executed muscle roller session. Here are our best tips – think of them as your specialized map from Chicago to Cancun, guiding you towards delivering a memorable experience.

How to give head? Understanding the Terrain

Did you know, the term “head” for a marine toilet began due to the placement of the facility on early sailing ships? Just as the ‘figurehead’ graced the bow of the ship, the genital head is a point of attention. Begin your journey by knowing the terrain, like starting with gentle flicks on the frenulum. Much like warm-ups before a workout, it’s all about starting slow and gentle, then gradually increasing the intensity.

Patience is Key

Reaching the peak doesn’t happen at the starting line. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. The head is like the peak of a mountain, and reaching it requires effort and time. Don’t rush; rather savor each moment, like as you creep your lips up over the head.


The Importance of Variation

Add some spice to your routine. Think how different best sex positions break monotony and keep things exciting. Consider varying the pressure, speed, and patterns of your tongue and mouth movements for an incredible experience.

Communicate and Connect

The power of communication is undeniable. Pay attention to body language and non-verbal clear cues. Feedback is just as relevant in achieving sexual satisfaction as it is in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Comfortable Positioning

Comfort is everything. Imagine trying to perfect that yoga pose while teetering precariously on a rock. It isn’t going to work, is it? So, find a comfortable position that allows ease of movement and go forward.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like an intricate fitness routine, practice makes perfect. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t become a pro overnight. Be patient with yourself and remember that it’s more about the journey than the destination.

how to give the best blow job

Stay Healthy

Health is the ultimate wealth, after all. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is a non-negotiable element of giving head. Make sure you’re in top shape health-wise, like you would be for smashing a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session.

Offering incredible head goes beyond the act itself – it’s about understanding, patience, communication, comfort, practice, and health. So go forth, armed with these seven secret tips and confidence, to give an experience worth remembering!


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