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The accessories market is dominated by huge bags and sleek purses.

Do you love your outfits so much that it’s hard to stop looking at them? Your style can be elevated with some off-the-shoulder storage.

A bag that was not carry-out was rare in those days. Crossbodies and bumbags are a growing trend in the streetwear world. Men felt more confident after realizing that they didn’t need 7 different items in their jeans. No major changes are expected in bag styles for women. Opting for a subtle, well-designed bag with a good shape will enhance the rest of your outfit. Women can also look in the other direction. In fact, early 2000s fashions have flooded the market and allow for maximal design and vibrant color.

Men have always preferred functionality to style. The bum bag, which, let’s face it is a glorified “fanny pack”, has made a big difference in terms both of practical storage and getting rid of some of the toxic masculinity inherent to owning something even slightly similar to a purse. We don’t care. It’s now 2022 and people have become more spacious. These men’s tote bags with higher-end design come in a range of sizes and styles.

Ladies are far ahead of men when it comes to handbag design. They are more like an accessory to them then they are to you. There are many options for purses. Nylon lists a variety of great options. There are many options for you to choose the direction you want, from the striking Mini Moon Bag Staud all the way to the iconic coach Jacquard Shoulder Bag.

It all depends on how big of a statement it makes. It all depends on what outfit you’re wearing and what accessories go with it. If you are wearing a statement piece of clothing, then a purse should be able to match your overall look. If you don’t have one, a simple clutch in black is an option. It won’t distract from your outfit. An outfit that is cohesive from top to bottom can help you look better.

The bottom line is that men can make choices about their handbags. Although there’s much room for improvement (and the variety of purse designs is far from perfect), the trend towards larger, more expressive handbags and more options is on the rise.

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