What’s Your Fuel? Mike Diamond Speaks About Physical Fitness And Maximizing Your Performance

Weight loss is a massive goal for more than 40% of the population. It’s something you’re working on, too, right?

Author and coach Mike Diamond talk about boosting your focus, losing weight, and growing your performance. Healing yourself after your workout isn’t easy. For some people, there’s nothing on the marketplace that could offer them the right amount of energy to help them reach their potential. So, how to find your fuel? It’s how Mike Diamond decided to create Diamond Life Fuel, a supplement line for unbreakable athletes, entrepreneurs, and parents. Improving brain function is essential if you want to gain a competitive edge. Mind Focus Fuel 2.0 can enhance cognitive performance and achieve your fitness goals. If you’re going to feel better, and get better with your workouts, try Mind Focus Fuel 2.0.

Mike Diamond Story

You probably keep hearing people saying that reaching your fitness goals includes eating enough protein, continuing with lifting weights, getting enough sleep, focusing on quality food, and so on. But you may feel like it’s not enough – that’s how Mike Diamond decided to run a half marathon with his son, Orlando, pushing him in his stroller. A year later, Mike successfully ran thirty half marathons in one month. He managed to break a Guinness World record while fighting a fracture. His mission was to heal after his workouts naturally, so he decided to experiment and find the perfect combination. He achieved his goal of creating a supplement to help people reach their true potential.

Mike Diamond is an author, TV personality, life coach, director, and interventionist. He is from Perth, Western Australia – Mike’s start was rough. He was diagnosed with dyslexia and started using drugs and consuming alcohol at the age of 12. As soon as he turned 16, he was disqualified from Aquinas College, and he finished at Melville H.S. Right after graduating, Mike moved to Sydney and enrolled at the Actors Center. He got a job at a clothing store which would change his life forever. On a random day, Mike received a green card from a client and moved to Miami. Right after his arrival, he obtained a role on the CBD sitcom – after this, Mike moved to NYC, where he worked on many projects, including as a star on Sex and the City.

Mike was born in an unhealthy environment and became a drug and alcohol addict, but he achieved his many goals despite his damaging lifestyle. However, it took Mike a long time to come to terms and agree that he needed a change and to clean up. Then he went to a point in his life when he changed his harmful habits and started a new life. Mike used simple strategies to sober up and get his life together. He attended many AA meetings every day, where he got the chance to meet people with stories similar to his. Those were the people who got successful out of their fight with addiction, so he firmly believed that it is truly possible to fight off addiction, but only with the right mindset and attitude.

It wasn’t an easy process for Mike, but he finally recovered from addiction and started a new life. Since then, he has used his own experiences to bring meaningful changes and help people better themselves through mindfulness, meditation, and sport. After a short while, he managed to use his advice and materialize it into a book. He was already giving speeches on alcohol and drug addiction, realizing that he could compromise these strategies and present them into 7 actionable steps for anyone to follow. That’s when 7 Steps to an Unbreakable Mindset came to life, becoming a massive success. Now, his book serves as inspiration for people looking to fight addiction. Mike’s purpose is to inspire, motivate, and educate people, not only through his speeches but also through his remarkable actions, like running 30 half marathons in 1 month (this helped support the cause of a girl suffering from a deficiency).

Boost Cognitive Performance

Improving brain function is essential to gaining a competitive edge. With Mind Focus Fuel 2.0, you can perform your workouts at top levels. People find coffee helpful; until it begins not to work anymore. So, they need a natural supplement that actually works. Others may pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations on one side, so they need a boost to get through each day. Diamond Life Fuel is a product that changed people’s lives. Coffee can throw your entire nervous system out of whack, while other supplements become unreliable in the long run, or they’re super expensive. So, Diamond Life Fuel is the real deal. Mike uses it consistently to burn fat and gain more energy than ever. You’ll feel more focused, think clearer, and find it easier to find your thoughts and feelings. Mike is a life coach and recovery mentor, so he knows how to pump a lot of energy into his clients.

Make Any Workout The BEST – There’s No Magic Pill To Success.

Getting up every morning and going to the gym isn’t easy. But what other choice do you have? To be lazy, eat bad, and feel horrible? Why let yourself down knowing you could experience health issues? The consequences are bad enough; you’ll go to the doctors who would only suggest you take more pills. When Mike felt that his life got to a point where he probably would have lost everyone and everything, he decided to get healthy naturally. People are always eager to find a magic pill to achieve their fitness goals. Social media always sells us all kinds of lies. But no matter how hard it is for you, there’s no magic pill to fix your life.

Just work hard, very, very hard, and everything will fall into place if you do things right. Make each one of your workouts the best, and you will be rewarded. Cutting corners? Be ready to pay the price. Ultimately, the truth is that you are the only one who decides to either live to yourself or keep going.

“The Strength Comes From Your Struggle”

Why do some people handle struggles better than others? How to adapt to life’s difficulties? It’s said that training is tough. So is sedentarism. You can train to deal with life’s struggles, but you must also be willing to deal with pain. No matter your fitness goals, you’re going to struggle. Learn to embrace the struggle! Anyone can be significant (on the outside), but being consistent in time when all you want to do is quit, takes a mindset that requires adapting to struggles. If you’re not struggling and learning through pain, you will not be happy. It hurts, no matter how you look at life.

But Mike believes that we all can learn to enjoy a little pain. Pain is temporary, so we must have our minds settled to enjoy the journey, with all of its chores and bumps. If you buy a boat and then get upset that there’s no water is just not how life goes. When things get tough, you get more challenging! Enjoy the struggle; regardless if you’re getting out of your comfort zone – grow with every experience! If you are afraid to live, you might as well consider yourself dead.

Mike Diamond

So, What’s Your Fuel? How Do You Find Motivation? Is Motivation A Lie?

We all want to feel young, positive, and fearless. Most of us think making millions, living luxury lifestyles and traveling the world in private jets is the secret. Honestly, no one wants to be broke and sad. But why do some people look like they have it all while others seem to have nothing? Do some people work harder? Are they more disciplined and more motivated? Nothing comes easy; you can start from nothing, face all the pain and still rise to the top. Motivation comes and goes; discipline is what makes you fight for it. Don’t complain about anything; don’t quit, as Mike would say. Keep failing until you become successful. Don’t wait until you feel motivated; just take action, and motivation will come.

Don’t try, and you will fail; try again, and you will fail better. Mike says in his speeches that difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. We’re all sick of the internet saturated with workout products and pills promising incredible results in no time. Many people are immobilized by fear; the fear of failing, the fear of what other people might say and think. 90% of people who never move from their comfort zones already lost the battle. So, the first step is not to be impressed or interested in people’s opinions. Everyone has opinions, and indifferent people give the worst advice with no information. Depending on what you want, you will eventually get accurate results. Hang out with millionaires; you will become one. Hang out with drunks, and you will become a drinker. Don’t ask for peace in places where everyone is at war!