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10 Shocking Questions To Ask Boyfriend

Essential Questions to Ask Boyfriend

Navigating the frothy waves of romance, stripping back the veil to peek into the soul of your beau – isn’t it just like trying to fine-tune your body and mind for optimal fitness? You’re aiming for that harmonious balance where every heartbeat resonates with trust, understanding, and, of course, a sprinkle of excitement. Amid the chaos of our daily hustle, finding true connection requires delving deep with some thought-provoking, perhaps even shocking questions to ask your boyfriend. Prepare yourselves, ladies. It’s time to channel the fitness enthusiasm of Jillian Michaels and delve into health wisdom akin to Dr. Mehmet Oz to inspire a robust journey through the corridors of your man’s heart.

The Ultimate Juicy Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

1. Childhood Intrigue: Recalling Innocence and Aspiration

Ever watched a marathon and felt inspired by each runner’s unique story? Like each stride on the pavement, childhood memories pave the path to who we are. Kick off this love marathon with:

  • Challenges he faced that moulded his character.
  • Dreams he had while wearing superhero capes or scoring the winning goal in little league – what drove his young mind?

2. The Hallmarks of Happiness: Understanding Joy in His Life

Unearth what makes his heart race, not just during a workout, but in life. Is it:

  • Climbing the literal and figurative mountains of his world?
  • Perhaps helping others, volunteering, almost like he’s on the set of Tntdrama activate where every act is a thrilling episode awaiting applause?

3. Conflicts and Conundrums: Navigating Past Challenges

His past scrapes and falls, much like a rigorous CrossFit session, have shaped his resilience. Gain insight into:

  • His tussle with life’s deadlifts and how he conquered them.
  • Previous heartbreaks and knockouts that now serve as life lessons.

Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged

Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged


“Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged” is a comprehensive guide designed to help couples navigate the important conversations necessary before taking the leap into engagement and marriage. This essential tool covers a wide range of topics including personal values, life goals, finances, family dynamics, and much more. By providing thoughtful, in-depth questions, the guide encourages partners to explore their compatibility and expectations, ensuring they have a strong foundation for a lasting relationship. The book’s expertly crafted questions aim to foster open, honest dialogue that can prevent potential misunderstandings and conflicts down the line.

Crafted by relationship experts with years of experience in premarital counseling, “Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged” caters to all couples, regardless of background or belief systems. The book is designed to be accessible and engaging, encouraging deep self-reflection, as well as candid discussions between partners. It’s structured in a way that allows couples to jump to sections most relevant to their current circumstances, making it a versatile tool that can be revisited at different stages of a relationship. This guide is an invaluable resource for those ready to embark on the next chapter of their lives together, ensuring they do so with a greater understanding and appreciation of one another.

Each section of “Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged” concludes with tips and advice on how to effectively communicate responses to foster positive growth within the relationship. The product also includes anecdotes and case studies that illustrate the importance of each topic, grounding the questions in real-life scenarios. The softcover format makes it easy to carry and use during date nights or intimate conversations at home, aiding couples to continue to develop their bond. Not only is this guide an incredible asset prior to engagement, but it also serves as a meaningful keepsake for couples to look back on as they grow and evolve together throughout their marriage.

Deep Dive into Questions to Ask Boyfriend About Your Relationship

4. The Mirror of Truth: Perceptions and Reflections on the Relationship

Do you see eye to eye like synchronized swimmers or are there waves to smooth over? Discover:

  • His view of a perfect date – Jenna Ortega You style intensity or a peaceful walk in the park?
  • Whether your love syncs like the perfect yoga flow or needs some repositioning.

5. The Love Labyrinth: Addressing Relationship Uncertainties

Let’s peel back the layers. Are there concerns lurking in the shadows of your relationship gym?

  • Dig deep – how does he feel about the complexities of love akin to decoding the subtleties of a sex massage?
  • What’s his take on external pressures – the weight of family expectations or friends’ opinions?

6. Visions of the Future: Share Dreams and Design Your Destiny

Are you both rowing towards the same sunset? Jointly envisage:

  • Life goals that set the heart fluttering faster than a HIIT session. Will you backpack across Europe or compete on “American Ninja Warrior” together?
  • How you’ll sculpt your future – is it more about building a family or constructing an empire?

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Category Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Purpose/Benefit
Relationship Goals 1. What are your views on long-term commitment? Understand his perspective on commitment
  2. Where do you see us in the next five years? Gauge future plans and compatibility
Emotional Connection 1. What makes you feel loved and appreciated? Enhance emotional intimacy
  2. Is there something I do that makes you feel insecure or uncomfortable? Foster open communication and trust
Personal Values 1. What values are most important to you? Assess value alignment
  2. How do you handle conflicts and disagreements? Learn conflict resolution style
Career & Ambitions 1. What are your career aspirations? Understand his ambitions and support him
  2. How do you balance work and personal life? Explore his approach to work-life balance
Hobbies & Interests 1. What are your hobbies and how did you get into them? Connect on a personal level and share interests
  2. Is there an activity you’d like us to try together? Encourage mutual activities and experiences
Financial Management 1. How do you manage your finances and budget? Discuss financial habits and planning
  2. What are your thoughts on joint finances? Understand his stance on financial sharing
Family & Future Planning 1. How important is family to you, and what role do you play in yours? Learn about family dynamics and expectations
  2. Do you want children in the future? Address expectations about family planning
Communication Style 1. How do you prefer to communicate when you’re upset? Learn how to handle disagreements better
  2. Can you tell me about a time you felt misunderstood and why? Understand his communication needs
Romantic Preferences 1. What is your idea of a romantic evening? Discover his romantic side and plan future dates
  2. Are there gestures or words that you find particularly meaningful? Personalize affection and gestures
Health & Lifestyle 1. How do you prioritize health and fitness in your life? Get insight into his lifestyle and health habits
  2. How do you deal with stress and maintain well-being? Offer support and adopt healthy coping strategies
Previous Relationships 1. What have you learned from past relationships? Understand his growth and expectations
  2. How do you feel your past relationships have shaped you? Learn about his relationship history and its impact

Intimate Questions to Ask Your BF to Cement Your Connection

7. Desires and Daydreams: Sharing Secret Fantasies

Diving into his desires is like exploring uncharted fitness terrain. Does he have:

  • A hidden yearning to transform into the next Brett Gelman of the wellness world?
  • Daydreams of whisking you away to an island, breaking away from the everyday hustle like tossing aside those well-worn Mens jean shorts for swim trunks?

8. The Ex Files: Lessons Learnt from Past Relationships

Past relationships aren’t roadblocks; they’re stepping stones. What has he gained from old flames that can ignite new passion?

  • Understanding his growth from former loves can strengthen your current candlewick.
  • How has he evolved from interactions that fizzled out, like a failed set at the gym, to now attempting a record-breaking lift in your romance?

Unearthing Things to Ask Your Boyfriend About Himself

9. The Personal Philosophy: Ethos that Guide His Life

Just as anyone serious about fitness lives by certain health mantras, so does your beau have guiding lights.

  • Maybe he’s influenced by great minds, finding a balance between Aristotle’s golden mean and the latest protein shake blend.
  • What are the non-negotiables that keep him on his moral treadmill?
  • 10. Mystery and Motivation: Discovering the Driver Behind His Actions

    What’s the ‘pre-workout’ that gets him pumped every day? Is it a personal vendetta against complacency or a book that turned his life around?

    • Is he spurred on by mentors, much like a personal trainer pushing one to their limits?
    • Perhaps there’s a backstory that propels him forward with the insistence of a spinning class instructor?
    • ,Questions for Getting to Know Anyone and Everyone, nd Edition

      ,Questions for Getting to Know Anyone and Everyone, nd Edition


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      The second edition of “Questions for Getting to Know Anyone and Everyone” is beautifully bound and structured in a user-friendly manner, making it a perfect gift for any occasion. Each page is filled with conversation starters that are accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. The thoughtful design includes ample space for notes, allowing readers to document insights, reflect on responses, or plan future discussions. This book promises to not only entertain but also enrich the lives of its users, as it opens doors to new relationships and strengthens existing ones through the power of conversation.

      The Everyday and the Exceptional: Things to Talk About with Your Boyfriend

      11. Daily Delights and Dilemmas: Inside His Everyday Life

      What’s the ‘protein’ to his ‘workout,’ the staple to his day? Engage in daily trivia:

      • From pondering on leafy greens and lean meats to musing over pressing political affairs – what stirs him?
      • Does he get fired up over the latest tech launch or the thrill of a last-minute sports victory?
      • 12. Hilarity and Humor: What Makes Him Laugh?

        A belly laugh can be as refreshing as a cool-down after leg day. Find out:

        • What tickles his funny bone? Is it the absurdity of a skit or the punchline of a well-timed joke?
        • Maybe it’s the playful banter akin to sparring in the boxing ring or a clever pun that hits harder than a kettlebell swing.
        • Image 23505

          Uncovering Things to Ask Your Boyfriend to Understand His World

          13. Technology and Temptation: Gauging His Digital Persona

          In the digital gym of life, is he lifting his online presence like a pro or struggling with cyber stamina?

          • Does he navigate social media with the ease of a yoga guru transitioning into a complex pose?
          • Is he more for creating content, perhaps sharing stories like a chiseled influencer, or consuming it with the voracity of a marathon runner at a pasta buffet?
          • 14. In the Realm of the Real: His Take on Reality vs. Virtual Spaces

            As we increasingly straddle the physical and virtual, where does he plant his feet?

            • Is he immersed in the potential of virtual spaces, like a gamer geared up for an eSports tournament, or rooted in the tactile world, preferring the heft of free weights to the click of a mouse?
            • Steering the Ship Together: Equipping Yourself with Your Boyfriend’s Insights

              Sure, questions to ask a boyfriend can sometimes feel like you’re adding extra weight to your already heavy barbell squats, but trust me, the gains are worth it. The understanding and intimacy that arise from these conversations are the protein to your relationship workout – essential for growth and strength.

              Questions for Couples Journal Questions to Enjoy, Reflect, and Connect with Your Partner (Relationship Books for Couples)

              Questions for Couples Journal Questions to Enjoy, Reflect, and Connect with Your Partner (Relationship Books for Couples)


              The “Questions for Couples Journal: Questions to Enjoy, Reflect, and Connect with Your Partner” is an engaging tool designed to deepen the bond between partners with thoughtful and fun prompts. Perfect for date nights or quiet evenings at home, this journal offers a range of topics from light-hearted inquiries to more profound questions that encourage couples to explore their relationship’s depths. Each prompt is crafted to spark conversation, inspire understanding, and create a memorable journaling experience. By taking the time to discuss each question, couples can discover new facets of their partnership and build a lasting emotional connection.

              This interactive relationship book for couples serves as an excellent means for partners to communicate their feelings and thoughts in a structured yet intimate way. The journal is divided into various sections, focusing on dreams, memories, everyday life, and future plans, which allows couples to approach their dialogue with direction and intention. With its easy-to-follow layout, couples can proceed at their own pace, whether they choose to answer one question a night or embark on a marathon journaling session. It’s a perfect gift for anniversaries, weddings, or as a way to rekindle the romance and mutual understanding in any stage of a relationship.

              Substantially more than just a question-and-answer book, the “Questions for Couples Journal” incorporates space for both partners to record their responses and reflections. It thus becomes a treasured keepsake that couples can revisit over the years to see how their answers evolve. The journal’s high-quality production with a durable and attractive cover ensures it will withstand the test of time, making it a cherished memento of love’s journey. Engaging with this journal provides a fun, insightful way for couples to nurture their connection and celebrate the unique story they are writing together.

              Conclusion: Crafting Conversational Masterpieces

              Armed with profound questions to ask your boyfriend, you are now the Michelangelo of dialogue, chiseling away at the marble of mystery to reveal the masterpiece of your man. Carve out that time, set the scene, perhaps with a fun couple Questions themed picnic or during a shared workout where endorphins are high, and hearts are open. Remember that this isn’t a drill sergeant’s inquiry but a beautiful dance of minds and souls. Every question is a step closer, every sincere answer a leap towards unity.

              Let the conversation flow as freely as water, for it’s what quenches the thirst of curiosity and nourishes the relationship garden. Take these questions to ask boyfriend and weave them into the very fabric of your days together, ensuring that with each sunrise, you wake up more in tune than the last. Here’s to transforming routine talks into a symphony of shared understanding and shaping an alliance that flexes and bends, yet never breaks.

              Image 23506

              Now get To it , And dust off Those conversation Cobwebs !

              Get Ready for a Relationship Deep-Dive with These Questions to Ask Boyfriend

              Geez Louise, have you ever thought about how tricky it can be to keep the ol’ conversational ball rollin’ with your boyfriend? One moment you’re gabbing away about your day, and the next, you’re sitting in silence wondering if the cat’s got your tongue. But, hold your horses! We’ve got a treasure trove of questions to ask boyfriend that’ll not only kick boredom to the curb but can also make your bond stronger than super glue. Let’s dive into some trivia and facts that’ll have you both gabbing like two peas in a pod.

              The Icebreaker Extravaganza

              Oh, c’mon now, don’t be shy! Kick things off with something light and breezy like, “Hey, what’s your most ridiculous childhood memory?” This can set the stage for laughter and open the door to some genuinely raw convos. You might just find out he was once convinced he could communicate with squirrels. Talk about nutty, right?

              The Crystal Ball Queries

              Alright, what’s the future got in store for you two lovebirds? Ask him questions like “Where do you see us in 5 years?” or “If you could describe your ideal future with us, what’s it look like?” This shows you’re serious as a heart attack about the relationship and you’re itching to know if you’re both rowing the boat in the same direction.

              The “That’s Amore” Round

              Trust me, you’ll want to know what makes his heart go boom-boom-pow. Asking questions about what made him fall for you or what moment he knew you were ‘The One’ can open a whole can of sweet, gushy worms that’ll have you swooning. Plus, it’s a golden opportunity to reminisce about the butterflies-in-the-stomach phase, and who doesn’t love a trip down Lover’s Lane?

              The Make-or-Break Inquiries

              Alright, this ain’t child’s play, but it’s as necessary as breathing. Talking about dealbreakers is a must. Broach it casually, perhaps something along the lines of, “So, what’s an absolute no-go for you in a relationship?” This way, you’re both on the same page and can navigate the relationship waters without fear of hitting any Titanic-sized icebergs.

              The S.O.S Signals

              Hey, even when the going gets tough, it’s important to know how to wave the white flag. Dive into how he handles stress or asks for help when he needs it. Understanding how you both tackle life’s curveballs can save a ton of “We need to talk” situations down the road.

              The Daydreamer’s Delight

              Let’s lighten the mood again, shall we? Throw in questions that let him unleash his inner dreamer. Something out-of-the-box like, “If you could star in any movie, what would it be and who would you want as your co-star?” It’s pure fun, and you’ll get a kick out of his answer—maybe he sees himself as the next James Bond, martinis and all!

              The Walk Down Memory Lane

              Well, butter my biscuit, this one’s a treasure trove of laughter and “aww”s. Serve up a good one like, “What’s your earliest happy memory?” You’ll hear tales that are sweeter than apple pie, and it’s bound to open up a whole new window into his world.

              The Wild Card Wonders

              Bam! Hit him with the wild ones when he least expects it. “If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would you invite and why?” It’ll catch him off guard but in a good way. You’re certain to learn something new about his interests or heroes.

              The Personality Probe

              Alright, get your magnifying glass out for this one. “Which fictional character do you relate to most, and why?” is one of those questions to ask boyfriend that can reveal layers of his personality faster than an onion at a chopping contest.

              The Laughter League

              And for the grand finale, remember, a couple that laughs together, stays together. Throw in a zinger, something like, “What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done that no one knows about?” Get ready for some knee-slappers that’ll have you both howling!

              Who knew that a list of questions to ask boyfriend could be as fun as a barrel of monkeys? Keep these up your sleeve, and you’ll have enough convo ammo to last a lifetime of date nights or long car rides. Go on now, let the grilling commence!

              QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR BOYFRIEND Validate Your Relationship With This Perfect Couples Valentine Book

              QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR BOYFRIEND Validate Your Relationship With This Perfect Couples Valentine Book


              Step into a deeper connection this Valentine’s Day with the “QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR BOYFRIEND: Validate Your Relationship With This Perfect Couples Valentine Book.” Designed to strengthen your bond, this innovative book serves as a compass for exploring the emotional landscapes of you and your partner. Filled with a variety of thought-provoking inquiries, it offers you both an opportunity to delve into each others dreams, fears, and desires, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in your romantic journey. Each page is a potential pathway to better understanding and heightened intimacy, making it the ideal gift for couples seeking to enrich their romantic life.

              Take this Valentine’s occasion to embark on an adventure of discovery, where each question is crafted to unveil another layer of your partner’s heart. The book elegantly intertwines light-hearted queries with more profound ones, ensuring that the conversation remains balanced and insightful. The art of asking questions is vital for any successful relationship, and this book expertly guides you through that art, leading to moments of laughter, reflection, and newfound clarity. By examining your partner’s answers, you’ll gather invaluable insights that can help to solidify your connection and appreciation for one another.

              “QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR BOYFRIEND” is more than just a bookit’s an experience, with the power to reveal the strength and areas for growth within your relationship. It invites you and your significant other to not only speak but truly listen, fostering an atmosphere of genuine understanding and empathy. As you flip through its pages, be it over a candle-lit dinner or tucked away under the covers, you and your boyfriend will craft a narrative specific to your relationship, painting a clearer, richer picture of your love. Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable by sharing answers, laughter, and love, all bound within the pages of this perfect couples’ Valentine book.

              What are 10 questions to ask your boyfriend?

              Ah, diving into the relationship deep end, are we? When you’ve got the butterflies for your main squeeze, consider these 10 questions to ask your boyfriend to turn the heat up a notch: “What’s your wildest dream?”, “How do you like to be spoiled?”, “What’s a quirky habit you find endearing?”, “What song makes you think of me?”, “What’s an adventure you’re itching to go on?”, “Where do you see ‘us’ in five years?”, “What’s your most treasured memory of us so far?”, “What’s one thing you’re dying to try with me?”, “How can I make you feel more loved?”, and “What does your perfect day with me look like?” Get ready to giggle and blush through his answers!

              What are some juicy 21 questions?

              On the prowl for some sizzling conversation starters, huh? Don’t fret; with these juicy 21 questions, you’ll have ’em spilling the beans in no time! Ask away things like, “What’s your guiltiest pleasure?”, “Ever had a celebrity crush?”, “What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done on a date?”, “Got any secret talents?”, “What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken for love?”, “What’s something you’ve never told anyone else?”, “What’s your idea of the perfect romantic getaway?”, “Ever been caught in a lie about dating?”, “What’s your go-to move to impress someone?”, and “How do you deal with heartbreak?” With these queries, you’re sure to strike convo gold!

              What are some deep questions to ask your boyfriend?

              Well, grab a cup of tea and get comfy, ’cause when you ask these deep questions, you’re in for some serious bonding with your boyfriend. Ponder on things like, “What life lessons have you learned the hard way?”, “How do your friends describe you?”, “What does love mean to you?”, “What are your non-negotiables in a relationship?”, “What do you fear the most about getting older?”, “How do you handle tough times?”, “What’s something you’ve never told me but want to?”, “What’s your philosophy on life, love, and happiness?”, “Where do you draw strength from in times of doubt?”, and “How can I be a better partner to you?”. Whew! That’s some heavy stuff—but oh, so worth it!

              What are 50 questions to ask your boyfriend?

              Oh boy, you’re ready to go the whole nine yards with 50 questions to ask your boyfriend? We’re talking the full monty of curiosity—from “What’s your most bizarre talent?” to “How do you handle a bad day?” You’ll cover everything from his favorite midnight snack to his most treasured childhood memory. This mega list is the perfect way to peel back the layers and get to know every nook and cranny of your boo’s personality. Just don’t fire them off like it’s an interrogation, and you’re golden!

              What is 36 questions to fall in love?

              The 36 questions to fall in love are like the secret recipe to a love potion! Cooked up by psychologist Arthur Aron, these bad boys are designed to fast-track the bonding process. They start off innocently enough, with softball questions like “Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?” But before you know it, BAM—you’re sharing your most embarrassing moments and discussing the meaning of life. The grand finale? Staring into each other’s eyes for a solid four minutes, no talking—talk about intense! It’s like magic—or science, anyway.

              What is 20 questions dating?

              Ready to play matchmaker on turbo mode? 20 questions dating is a snappy way to suss out a potential boo without endless chit-chat. With each query, you’re digging for gold, trying to hit the motherlode of compatibility—or not. It’s all about tapping into their desires, hang-ups, lifestyle, and if they’re the cat or dog type (because let’s face it, that’s a dealbreaker). Just remember not to turn it into a grilling session—keep it light, fun, and oh-so-revealing.

              What’s a good flirty question?

              Ah, a good flirty question should be like a wink across a crowded room—quick, playful, and leaves ’em wanting more. Try this one on for size: “So, aside from being stunning, what do you do for a living?” It’s cheeky, it shows you’re interested, and hey, compliments never go out of style!

              What are flirty questions to ask a guy?

              Hold onto your hat! When it comes to flirty questions for that special guy, it’s all about mixing a little intrigue with a dash of sass. How about something saucy like, “What would you say is your smoothest move?” or “Ever done something totally out of character for a crush?” It’s guaranteed to get that heart rate jumping and those sparks flying.

              What should I ask my crush flirty?

              Naughty, naughty, getting flirty with your crush? I got you! Ask something like, “What’s your idea of a perfect date?” Slip this one into conversation and watch ’em squirm while trying to impress you with their answer. It’s fun, flirty, and just the right amount of forward.

              What are good relationship questions?

              When you’re knee-deep in coupledom and craving some chit-chat that’s as real as your momma’s apple pie, good relationship questions are your go-to. Serve up some thought-provokers like, “How do we handle disagreements?”, “What’s something we should do together that we haven’t yet?”, “What does trust mean to you in a relationship?”, and “How do we keep the spark alive?” Chat it up about these, and you’ll be strengthening those lovey-dovey vibes in no time flat.

              What are 21 flirty questions to ask a guy?

              flirty questions to ask a guy should be a delightful mix of cheeky and charming, with just a hint of daring. Why not throw a curveball with something like, “If you could kiss me anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?” Watch that color rise to his cheeks as his mind races with the possibilities!

              What questions do guys love?

              Guys are a bit like open books with the right questions—just a nudge, and they’ll spill the beans. The questions they love? Those that make them look like heroes or masterminds. Try asking, “What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?”, “How do you unwind after a hectic day?”, or even, “What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of it?”. It’ll get ’em talking and you swooning. Win-win!

              What are 5 questions to ask a guy?

              Alright, sharpshooter, looking for 5 questions to ask a guy? You want to hit the sweet spot between personal and not-too-nosey. Go for gold with, “What’s your dream job and why?”, “Who’s your biggest role model?”, “What’s been your biggest challenge to overcome?”, “What’s a hobby you’ve always wanted to pick up?”, and “What do you value most in a friendship?”. Fire away, and get ready to see below the surface.

              What romantic questions to ask?

              Who says romance is dead? Amp up the lovey-dovey with romantic questions like, “How did you know you were interested in me?”, “What moment did you realize you were falling in love?”, “What’s your favorite memory of us?”, “How can I make you feel more cherished?”, and “What does our future together look like to you?” Prepare to swoon!

              What are intimacy questions?

              Intimacy questions are like taking a flashlight into the hidden corners of a partner’s heart. Ask ’em things like, “What’s your deepest fear?”, “When do you feel most connected to me?”, “What’s something you’ve never shared with anyone before?”, “How do you like to show affection?”, and “What can I do to make you feel more supported?”. These questions are the keys to unlocking the secrets of the soul—so tread gently, and listen well.

              What are 21 flirty questions to ask a guy?

              Back for more flirty questions to ask your guy? We say, why not! Amp up the charm and go with, “Got a secret crush on a fictional character?”, “What’s your idea of a hot date?”, “How do you let someone know you’re interested?”, “What’s something flirty you’ve always wanted to say but never had the chance?”, and “What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?”. Cue the blushes and the butterflies!

              What are good relationship questions?

              On the hunt for good relationship questions that are as essential as your morning coffee? Grab the bull by the horns and ask away! Tackle the biggies like, “How do we each define fidelity?”, “What do we want our future to look like?”, “How can we support each other’s dreams?”, “What are our greatest strengths as a couple?”, and, let’s not forget, “What’s our plan for keeping things spicy?” After all, great relationships are built on a foundation of good communication and a dash of zest!

              What to ask him over text?

              When it comes to texting him, keep it light and breezy but dripping with potential. Try asking, “If you could teleport anywhere right now, where would you go and why?” or “What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?”. These open-ended, playful questions are perfect for when you’re not around, inviting him to share his world and keeping that digital spark alive.

              What questions do guys love?

              Guys love a question that strokes their ego without being too obvious. Try, “How did you get to be so funny/smart/creative?” or “What’s a hidden talent of yours I might not know about?”. It gives ’em a chance to showcase what makes them tick and might give you a glimpse into their proud moments and secret skills. Let the good times roll!

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