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Best Tennis Skirts For Women: Fall 2024 Guide

The Rise of Tennis Skirts for Women in Athletic Fashion Trends

Tennis skirts for women have aced their way into the limelight, not just on the court but in everyday fashion too. As we vault into Fall 2023, tennis skirts are serving up some serious style off the court, blending athleticism with a dash of ‘old money’ charm. The trend, aptly dubbed tenniscore, pairs these flirty skirts with a smattering of classic cardigans and bold stripes that’ll have you looking like you’ve stepped right out of a privilege-soaked clubhouse.

Brands are rallying to this trend faster than a Tom Brady gisele-level power couple commands attention. The crossover appeal of tennis skirts is undeniable with top designers incorporating them into their collections, marrying the ease of athletic wear with on-trend fashion statements. It’s like the fashion world has taken a leaf from the playbook of the cast From American Horror story, delivering stylish ensembles that make a statement both on and off the screen.

Top Materials and Fabrics in Tennis Skirts for Superior Comfort and Performance

When it comes to the battle of materials in tennis skirts, breathability and moisture-wicking properties take the championship titles. Today’s trend-setters aren’t just looking for a cute Alo skirt; they’re hunting for technologically advanced fabrics that can withstand the rigor of a tie-breaker match.

Fabrics like polyester-spandex blends have been pulling off a blue steel gaze in the textile world due to their stretch and durability. Companies are integrating these game-changing materials into tennis skirts, offering styles that not only look good but perform better. For example, brands like Lululemon and Adidas are leading the charge with fabrics that promise to keep you cool and dry, from your first serve to match point.

BALEAF Women’s Pleated Tennis Skirts High Waisted Lightweight Athletic Golf Skorts Skirts with Shorts Pockets White Medium

BALEAF Women's Pleated Tennis Skirts High Waisted Lightweight Athletic Golf Skorts Skirts with Shorts Pockets White Medium


The BALEAF Women’s Pleated Tennis Skirt combines style and functionality, making it a versatile addition to any active woman’s wardrobe. Featuring a fashionable pleated design, this skirt captures the essence of sporty elegance, perfect for a range of activities from tennis matches to golf rounds. The built-in shorts offer added coverage and the flexibility to move freely, ensuring comfort and confidence during any physical activity. Its crisp white color adds a classic touch, making it easy to pair with various tops and accessories.

Crafted with a high waistband, this athletic skirt provides a flattering, tummy-controlling fit that stays in place during vigorous movements. The stretchy, lightweight fabric is breathable and dries quickly, keeping you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. Moreover, the material is designed to resist wrinkles, making it a superb option for travel or all-day tournaments. With the added convenience of being machine washable, this skirt maintains its shape and look effortlessly.

Practicality meets chic with the BALEAF Women’s Pleated Tennis Skirt, which includes pockets to store essentials like balls, tees, or personal items. One hidden pocket is smartly integrated into the shorts, while another is subtly placed in the waistband, perfect for keeping small valuables secure. These features allow for hands-free convenience while engaging in sports or casual outings. Available in Medium size, this skirt encapsulates both comfort and style, ensuring that you stand out on the court or on the course.

# Brand/Manufacturer Product Name Features Material Composition Price Range Aesthetic Influences Pocket Depth Recommended Top Sneaker Pairing Seasonal Adaptation for Fall 2023
1 Nike NikeCourt Victory Skirt Dri-FIT technology, pleated design Polyester, Spandex $$-$$$ Classic, sporty Standard Fitted athletic top in complementary color White or color-matched sneakers Pair with classic cardigan
2 Adidas Adidas Club Tennis Skirt Built-in tights, moisture-absorbing AEROREADY Recycled Polyester, Elastane $$-$$$ Streetwise, bold striping Standard Adidas striped athletic top Bold striped sneakers Layer with a striped long-sleeve
3 Pleats Please Pleats Please Tennis Skirt High waistband, heat-set pleats Polyester $$$-$$$$ “Old money”-inspired, sophisticated Shallow Classic blouse or form-fitting sweater Elegant low-top sneakers Match with fine-knit cardigans
4 Fila Fila Core A-Line Skirt UV protection, COOLMAX core technology Polyester, Lycra $$-$$$ Retro, sporty Deep enough for tennis balls Sleek tank top Retro-inspired chunky sneakers Layer with a vintage bomber jacket
5 Lululemon Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt Lightweight, four-way stretch, built-in shorts Nylon, Elastane $$$ Relaxed, casual athletic Deeper pockets Technical fabric top Neutral-tone running shoes Add a breathable long-sleeve top
6 Tory Sport Performance Pleated Tennis Skirt COOLMAX lining, geometric pleating Polyester, Elastane $$$-$$$$ Classic elegance with a modern twist Standard Pique polo shirt Preppy slip-on sneakers Accompany with a cashmere sweater
7 Skirt Sports Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Two pockets, headphone hole, attached shorts Polyester, Spandex $$-$$$ Functional, active lifestyle Deep enough for personal items Moisture-wicking active tee Trail sneakers for an outdoorsy touch Combine with a zip-up fleece
8 Asics Asics Cool Skort Cool-to-the-touch, quick-dry, hidden pocket Polyester, Polyurethane $$-$$$ Performance-driven, functional Hidden pocket Mesh ventilated top Gel-cushioned Asics sneakers Wear with a soft-shell running jacket
9 Tail Activewear Tail Mulligan Golf Skirt UPF 50+, timeless design, golf-friendly pockets Polyester, Spandex $$-$$$ Golf crossover, refined Deeper pockets Collared jersey top Low-profile golf shoes Style with a lightweight vest
10 American Apparel Tennis Skirt Side zipper, dyed-to-match side button Polyester, Elastane $-$$ Urban, trendy Shallow Graphic tee or cropped hoodie High-top sneakers Complete with an oversized sweatshirt

The Importance of a Perfect Fit: Tennis Skirts That Flatter Every Body Type

The modern tennis skirt has vastly improved in terms of offering a custom-like fit for athletes of every shape and size. With inclusive sizing, these skirts ensure that every woman can step onto the court with confidence. This focus on adaptive fit is akin to adding an extra string to your racket; it elevates your game.

Brands like Nike have been acing their fit game, rallying to offer tennis skirts for women that prepare players for the physical demands of the sport. Whether you’re a Serena Williams or just weekend warriors, there’s a skirt that fits you like a glove (or should we say, like the perfect pair of tennis shoes).

Image 22247

Best Tennis Skirts for Performance and Style

When shopping for tennis skirts for women, one mustn’t falter in choosing skirts that can withstand the test of time like the epic durability of a white leather blazer. Pros in the field, such as coaches and top-ranking players, prefer gear that marries comfort with ease of movement. For instance, the White Tennis skirt from My Fit Magazine could be your perfect match. It’s been volleyed up the ranks by fashion critics as a definite wardrobe staple—equal parts functional and chic.

Notable Tennis Skirt Trends and Designs for Fall 2023

Come fall, tennis skirts wheel into the scene with some swanky new trends. This season, you’ll be spotting tennis skirts flaunting shades that could easily be the envy of the autumn foliage. These skirts are incorporating technology too; think UV protection that shadow a Nick Cannon height shadow over harmful rays and anti-odor features that keep you smelling fresher than a double fault is annoying.

Look out for stunning collections released this fall, such as Ralph Lauren’s ‘Court Classics’ that blend the traditional preppy look with contemporary cuts and colors. These skirts amp up the style game while maintaining their athletic integrity.

MCEDAR Athletic Tennis Golf Skorts Skirts for Women with Pocket Workout Running Sports Pleated Skirts Casual Green Lagoon

MCEDAR Athletic Tennis Golf Skorts Skirts for Women with Pocket Workout Running Sports Pleated Skirts Casual Green Lagoon


The MCEDAR Athletic Tennis Golf Skort combines chic style with sports-ready functionality, making it an essential addition to any active woman’s wardrobe. Boasting a vibrant Casual Green Lagoon hue, this skort captures the perfect balance between a playful aesthetic and serious sporting performance. The pleated design adds a touch of elegance, ensuring that you’ll stand out on the court or the golf course. Crafted from moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, it keeps you cool and dry during intense activities.

Thoughtfully designed for convenience and comfort, the MCEDAR Skort includes a built-in pocket, perfect for storing small essentials like keys, cards, or even a tennis ball. The snug undershorts provide peace of mind, offering coverage and support without restricting movement. This skort is tailored to fit comfortably around the waist, allowing for a full range of motion, whether you’re sprinting across the tennis court or swinging on the green. Its elastic waistband ensures a secure fit that adapts to your body’s shape, promoting both comfort and confidence.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, the MCEDAR Athletic Skort is suited for a broad array of activities including tennis, golf, running, or even casual outings. The quick-dry material makes it an excellent choice for workout sessions or a sunny day outdoors. Its versatile design allows for easy pairing with tank tops, polo shirts, or sports tees, making it a multifunctional piece that’s as fashionable as it is sporty. Take your sports ensemble to the next level with the MCEDAR Athletic Skorta perfect blend of form, function, and flair.

Sustainability in Sportswear: Eco-Friendly Tennis Skirts

Let’s talk about sustainability, the match point in today’s apparel industry. Brands are increasingly committing to eco-friendly practices, serving up tennis skirts made from recycled materials and produced with methods kinder to our planet. It’s an initiative that runs as deep as the pockets on a golf skirt.

For example, Adidas has been pioneering with its Parley line, where the fabric is crafted from upcycled ocean plastic. Shoppers are rallying behind these environmentally-conscious options, understanding that every purchase can be as impactful as a well-struck backhand slicer.

Image 22248

Accessorizing Your Tennis Skirt: Tips from Style Experts

Styling a tennis skirt off the court can be as enjoyable as hitting a clean winner. Pair your vibrant A-line with a sleek, fitted athletic top, and you’ve got a look that’s not just sporty but effortlessly elegant. Fashion stylists suggest adding a dash of panache with accessories—think visors, sweatbands, and even a striking pair of sports sneakers.

Take a page from Instagram influencers who are acing their off-duty looks. A chunky sweater thrown over the shoulders with a tennis skirt could be your new go-to ensemble for a casual brunch.

How to Care for Your Tennis Skirts to Ensure Longevity

To keep your skirts in Grand Slam condition, proper care is paramount. Fabrics like nylon and polyester might not require as much pampering as a cashmere sweater, but they still demand a thoughtful wash and dry routine.

Textile experts recommend cold washes and avoiding harsh detergents. When it comes to drying, opt for air-drying rather than the jarring tumbles of a machine dryer. With these tips, your tennis skirt will last longer than an epic five-setter at Wimbledon.

Stelle Women Tennis Skirt Golf Skorts Athletic High Waisted with Pockets Inner Shorts Sport Workout Pleated Pickleball(White Nylon,S)

Stelle Women Tennis Skirt Golf Skorts Athletic High Waisted with Pockets Inner Shorts Sport Workout Pleated Pickleball(White Nylon,S)


Elevate your athletic wardrobe with the Stelle Women’s Tennis Skirt Golf Skorts, the perfect amalgamation of style and functionality designed to enhance your sports experience. This versatile piece, available in pristine White Nylon and sized Small, caters to a variety of athletic pursuits from tennis and golf to rigorous workout sessions and casual pickleball matches. The high-waisted design not only flatters your figure but also ensures maximum comfort and support while you engage in your favorite sport. Additionally, the skirt features a sleek pleated design, infusing a touch of elegance into your athletic wear.

Constructed with attention to practicality, the Stelle Women’s Tennis Skirt includes built-in shorts that provide coverage and allow for freedom of movement without compromise. These inner shorts also boast convenient pockets, a thoughtful addition for carrying small essentials like tennis balls, golf tees, or personal items. The fabric composition of high-quality nylon offers durability along with a soft, breathable feel that keeps you cool and dry even during intensive play. Such functional details ensure that you can focus on your game with confidence and ease.

Not only does the Stelle Women’s Tennis Skirt deliver on performance, but it also makes a fashion statement with its classic white, lending itself to endless pairing possibilities with your favorite athletic tops and shoes. Whether you’re serving on the tennis court or swinging on the golf course, this skort is crafted to withstand the rigors of active play while maintaining its chic aesthetic. Ideal for sportswomen who appreciate a blend of fashion and utility, this skort is set to become a staple in your activewear collection.

Where to Shop: Best Retailers and Online Stores for Tennis Skirts in Fall 2023

Whether you favor in-store using our footing or navigating the virtual alleys, there are plenty of places to snag the season’s top tennis skirts. Retail giants like Dick’s Sporting Goods and department stores like Nordstrom offer a broad range of selections where you can feel the fabric and try on for the best fit. Online aficionados could browse through the assortments on Tennis Warehouse or Amazon for a convenient purchasing serve.

Image 22249

Your Investment in Quality: Price Points and Value for Money in Tennis Skirts

Price can be a peculiar opponent in the game of shopping. Tennis skirts can range from budget-friendly finds to investment pieces, and it’s crucial to understand what drives the cost. The materials, the brand lineage, and tech features play into the price as much as Roger Federer’s backhand slices through air.

For instance, consider the investment in a high-quality skirt with UV protection and sweat-wicking properties. While pricier upfront, such garments may save you in the long run, both in durability and the protective features they offer.

The Serve on Style and Substance in Tennis Skirts

In wrapping up, it’s like we’ve served up an ace when it comes to the world of tennis skirts for women. Their merge into high-street fashion isn’t accidental—it’s a tribute to the flawless fusion of form, function, and fashion. Remember, the ideal tennis skirt should meet your personal taste, comfort, and technical needs, much like a favorite workout routine.

While personal choice reigns supreme in selecting your court-side companion, the rallying trends of sustainability and inclusivity are worth every clap. Whether you’re volleying on a Sunday morning or striding on the downtown sidewalks, the right tennis skirt nods to an impeccable style—a testament to the timeless sport itself. Now, with our Fall 2023 guide, you’re set to swing into the season armed with knowledge and style, ready to conquer the court and the streets with equal panache.

The Serve on Tennis Skirts for Women

Ladies, let’s swing into some sassy yet smart facts about our favorite sports attire – tennis skirts! They aren’t just cute; they pack a punch of history, versatility, and, oh my, the technology that goes into them! You’ve landed in the right spot for the fall 2023 guide to the best tennis skirts for women.

A Smashing History Lesson

Guess what? Women used to play tennis in full-length dresses; talk about a workout! Then, along came the roaring ’20s, and bam! Tennis skirts made their grand slam on the fashion serve. From long to short, pleated to A-line, these skirts have evolved faster than a speedy backhand.

Love-Love: Style and Comfort Combo

Did you know some tennis skirts now come with nifty shorts attached underneath? Yup, talk about a two-in-one special! Perfect for those who want to dive for the ball without giving spectators more than they bargained for. And hey, those pockets aren’t just for show – they’re a handy stash for your extra tennis balls. Talk about a game-changer!

High Tech on the Court

Can you believe it? These skirts are smarter than ever. With moisture-wicking fabrics and UV protection, you’ll be saying “Bring it on!” to that midday sun. Plus, some of these trendy tennis skirts for women are made with sustainable materials, so you’ll look good while doing good for the planet—big kudos to us!

Pleats, Please!

You’ve heard the buzz about pleats, right? Well, let me tell you, they’re not just a pretty detail. Those folds are scientifically proven to provide more freedom to move, so you can go for those impossible shots. And let’s get real, they’ve got that charming sway when you’re rushing the net—totally Instagram-worthy if you ask me.

Postinos, Anyone?

After a long match, why not hit the town? Postinos restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate your victory or shake off a loss. These skirts are so stylish, you’d fit right in and no one would guess you just ran a marathon chasing a fuzzy yellow ball! So, next time you’re planning a post-match outing, remember you’re already dressed for success.

Serving up the Trends

As we wrap up, remember that a top-notch tennis skirt is like the cherry on top of your game-day outfit. They’ve come a long way, but one thing’s for sure, tennis skirts for women are here to stay, and they’re taking center court in both utility and fashion. Keep an eye on the latest trends, materials, and designs when shopping around.

So, get your shopping game set, and match yourself with the perfect tennis skirt this fall. Just remember to serve, volley and make those style shots count!

Navneet Women Tennis Skirts with Pockets High Waisted Golf Skirts Athletic Skorts Skirts for Women Pleated Skirt Workout Yk Mini Skirt, Black, S

Navneet Women Tennis Skirts with Pockets High Waisted Golf Skirts Athletic Skorts Skirts for Women Pleated Skirt Workout Yk Mini Skirt, Black, S


Slip into the unmatched style and comfort of the Navneet Women Tennis Skirts, your new go-to athletic gear for on and off the court. Tailored for a sleek, high waisted fit, this black tennis skirt offers a flattering silhouette while ensuring you stay secure and comfortable during the most intense matches or casual outings. The built-in shorts nod towards modesty and practicality, offering the freedom of movement of a skirt with the coverage of shorts, while the pleated design adds a touch of elegance to your athletic ensemble.

Convenience meets style with this versatile skirt, featuring handy pockets that provide ample space for your essentials like tennis balls, smartphones, or keys. Whether you’re serving an ace or going about your day, the stretchy fabric moves with you, providing optimum flexibility for all your activities. The moisture-wicking material also ensures that you remain dry and comfortable, even during long sessions on the court or rounds on the golf course.

The Navneet Women Tennis Skirt is not just for sports; it’s a stylish addition to any wardrobe that can be dressed up or down. The classic black hue and timeless pleated style make it a perfect match with a variety of tops and footwear, from sports tanks and tennis shoes to casual tees and sandals. This skirt is a true blend of fashion and function, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style for the sake of sport. Ideal for a plethora of activities, this mini skirt is a versatile piece for every active woman’s closet.

Are tennis skirts still in style 2023?

Oh, tennis skirts? They’re not just hanging in there for style points; they’re smashing it right into fall 2023! With a nod to “old money” chic, these flirty skirts are rallying strong in the fashion game with preppy cardigans and bold stripes to boot.

What is the difference between a tennis skirt and a golf skirt?

Talk about a style match-up! Tennis skirts and golf skirts are both ace, but they play different games. Golf skirts swing with deeper pockets for all those golf essentials, while tennis skirts serve up extra flexibility and movement. Different needs, different skirts!

Why do female tennis players have to wear skirts?

Here’s the lowdown—some folks reckon women started sporting skirts in tennis to ace the elegance and femininity game. But let’s be real, others suggest skirts took the court for being comfy and nailing the freedom-of-movement vibe better than pants.

How do you look good in a tennis skirt?

Want to look like a total champ in a tennis skirt? Pair it with a fitted athletic top that pops with color—and, hey presto! You’ll be looking sporty-spice fine. Lace up some snazzy sneakers to match, and you’ll be turning heads as you strut your stuff.

How do you wear a skort over 50?

Pulling off a skort after 50? No sweat! Just team it with a touch of grace—think elegant tops that flatter your figure. Keep it classy with modest lengths, and you’ll serve up a look that says ‘age is just a number,’ with a polished twist.

What tops go with tennis skirts?

On the hunt for the perfect buddy for your tennis skirt? Athletic tops are your go-to! A snug fit in a color that complements your skirt will have you looking rally-ready and oh-so-chic. Talk about a winning combo!

What is the best color for a tennis skirt?

Picking the best color for your tennis skirt? It’s all about that personal flair, champ! A classic white is a sure bet for a clean, crisp look, but why not jazz things up with a splash of color that reflects your vibe? Whatever you pick, make sure it scores you style points.

What do I wear under my tennis skirt?

Planning your tennis skirt ensemble? Don’t forget the fundamentals—like what’s under the hood, so to speak. Go for comfort-meets-confidence with spandex or performance shorts that keep you covered and serve some serious ease of movement.

How do women’s tennis skirts hold balls?

Tennis players have a nifty trick up their skirts—literally! Women’s tennis skirts often come with built-in stretchy pockets, perfect for tucking away a ball or two when the serve’s in their court.

Why do tennis skirts have upside down pockets?

Ever wondered about the flipped script of upside-down pockets in tennis skirts? It’s all about the swift, sneaky handoff—making it a cinch to slip a ball out during the heat of a match. Clever, huh?

What are the pockets in tennis skirts for?

Those nifty pockets in your tennis skirt aren’t just for show—they’re there to hold your game essentials, like balls, so you can keep your hands free and your mind on the match.

Do Wimbledon ball girls wear skirts?

Yep, Wimbledon’s ball girls are part of the classic tradition, kitted out in skirts that serve up a slice of the event’s crisp, clean style. They might be chasing balls, but they’re also acing the dress code!

What shoes do I wear with a tennis skirt?

Puzzled over the perfect shoes to sport with your tennis skirt? Easy—lace-up a pair of sneakers that match or complement your skirt’s hue, and you’ll nail that sporty-yet-stylish vibe every time. Game, set, match!

What is the best length for a tennis skirt?

Scouring for the ideal length for your tennis skirt? Aim for the sweet spot where comfort meets style—usually mid-thigh to just above the knee. That way, you’ll keep it classy and comfortable as you hit the ground running.

Do tennis skirts stretch?

Does having a bit of stretch in your tennis skirt sound like a game changer? You bet! These skirts are designed to give you room to move and groove without holding back, so you can serve up your best performance.

What clothes are out of style for 2023?

As we wave goodbye to some 2023 trends, we’re saying “see ya!” to outdated looks that just don’t cut it anymore. Keep an eye out for our list of fashion no-goes that might be bringing your style game down a notch or two.

What skirts are trending for ladies in 2023?

Skyrocketing to fashion fame in 2023 are skirts that make a statement. From flowy maxis turning heads to pleated midis twirling into the trend zone, there’s a skirt out there that’s tailor-made for stealing the spotlight!

Are tennis skirts still trendy?

Still wondering if tennis skirts are the ‘it’ thing in 2023? Spoiler alert—they’re holding court as a major style serve, especially with the tenniscore trend showing no signs of cooling down. So, game on for these sporty skirts!

Are tennis skirts still in fashion?

Questioning the style score of tennis skirts for 2023? Fear not, fashion players, these skirts are still making a racket in the fashion scene, serving looks that are both playful and on-point with modern flair.

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