How the technology explosion impacts business

technology explosion

The technology industry has grown so fast in the last decade that many changes have happened and the entire world has had to adjust to these technological advancements.

For business, the world has changed significantly with nearly everything going online. Many companies have seen a rapid increase in recognition across the globe and are now able to quickly communicate with potential customers or partners across the globe.

These advantages are being utilized to the fullest extent, but it’s unfair to overlook the other ways in which the tech boom has impacted businesses. This article will provide an objective look at the impact of the technology boom on the business world.

Companies have been greatly assisted by technology

Technology can help your business become more profitable, regardless of what size or amount it may be. There are many ways technology has improved business processes and efficiency, the following are the most well-known.

It has allowed small companies to go international within just a few years

Social media accounts can aid a business in getting up and provide enough content to get people from all over the globe.

This was not feasible before when business owners had to put in a lot of work to reach out to people of their country of origin.

Customers are secure

It is among the many reasons why tech has helped companies grow. People are now able to share their experiences with businesses on the web by taking photos and making videos.

If the experience is pleasant, it would draw new customers to the business however, if it’s a bad experience, people will criticize the business and go as far as threatening to boycott it.

It may seem odd to you, but it’s a good thing for consumers since they now are able to identify companies that aren’t what they say they are. Many online businesses are checking out product reviews in an effort to be transparent.

If you’re satisfied with your services, future buyers will leave reviews on your site and give it five stars. Seeing this, more customers will come to your business which is why the profit margins of good companies increase online.

It has saved money and time with remote work

During the lockdown in 2020 there were many who resorted to remote work — something that would not be possible without the use of technology.

Businesses were forced to close their physical offices , and technology giants all over the world designed their platforms to handle the traffic they experienced. Participants attended meetings with no travel and signed documents without touching paper and pen, and even interviewed employees via video conferences.

The lockdown demonstrated that businesses can save money and time by doing remote work . That’s why even after the pandemic has died down, remote work is still ongoing.

It has made it possible for teams in the business to create stronger bonds

One would not want to work for a firm in which team members are unable to communicate effectively. This goes beyond just phone calls. Since organizations are now international, workers can have meetings with colleagues from other countries.

They can exchange ideas, advise each other and offer solutions to any problem they face. If such bonds can be developed between workers from different countries, then the workers that are located in a particular geographical region could have fantastic work chemistry — which can be beneficial for the development of any company.

Business technology The other way around

Technology isn’t bad for business and will never be. Like all other innovations that have changed our lives, the technology boom does have its own flaws which if not handled well could lead to a loss for businesses.

People are losing their jobs

In the beginning of technology, a major worry was that people could lose their jobs to machines. The fear is turning into reality right now as remote work has demonstrated that companies can succeed without the involvement of certain workers.

This is the reason a lot of people are losing their jobs between 2020 and today their services are supplied by pieces of software and hardware of different kinds. The cost of maintaining these gadgets is only a fraction of the cost when compared to the salaries they earn.

People are no longer inclined to shop for tech-focused items and services.

The prices for housing are rising.

Remote work makes it easier for workers but can cause more stress in the lives of the people living around them. The cost of renting a house has increased since remote work and this is because more people are living at home.

While it sounds like a ridiculous excuse to raise rent, it actually makes sense when you consider the issue from the perspective of landlords and the laws of supply and demand.

Rents will increase when more people move into one area due its calm environment and possibility of remote work.


Because the majority of paper documents are getting scanned and saved using software, everyone loves the idea since there is no risk of wear and tear, however, hacking has been a huge disadvantage for businesses and their valuable data.

Business ideas could be stolen and money stolen false identities can be created and integrated into a corporate workforce . . . Hacking poses a significant threat to any business in many different ways.

Even though lots of research is being conducted in cybersecurity to control this problem, the fact remains that cybersecurity is an ongoing threat to businesses.


It’s very easy to be distracted these days This is due to the sheer variety of the numerous applications we have now that weren’t available 10 years ago.

With notifications constantly popping up workers could make use of their office time to track trends, watch TikTok videos or play video games and even watch movies when they’re supposed to be working.