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5 Reasons Treonato De Magnesio Supports Your Bones

Ladies, we’ve all heard the battle cry for strong bones – milk ads have bombarded us for years with slogans pushing calcium. But let’s talk about a nutrient that’s less sung but equally heroic in the bone health saga: magnesium. And not just any magnesium, but the superstar Treonato de Magnesio. This compound isn’t just a bone-health ally; it’s a full-scale guardian of your skeletal framework! So, let’s unveil the wonders it can do for your bones and how you can harness its power.

Unveiling the Bone-Supporting Powers of Treonato de Magnesio

Life Extension Neuro mag Magnesium L threonate, Magnesium L threonate, Brain Health, Memory & Attention, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Non GMO, Vegetarian Capsules

Life Extension Neuro mag Magnesium L threonate, Magnesium L threonate, Brain Health, Memory & Attention, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Non GMO, Vegetarian Capsules


Life Extension’s Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate is a cutting-edge brain health supplement designed to enhance memory, attention, and overall cognitive function. Its unique selling point lies in its utilization of Magnesium L-Threonate, a form of magnesium that is specifically optimized for brain health due to its superior absorption and ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. With regular use, this supplement promises to support healthy synaptic function and plasticity, which are essential for learning and memory. Whether you’re a student looking to boost your learning capabilities or an older adult concerned with maintaining cognitive acuity, Neuro-Mag can be a valuable addition to your daily regimen.

Mindfully crafted to meet the needs of health-conscious individuals, Life Extension’s Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate is gluten-free, non-GMO, and suitable for vegetarians. These vegetarian capsules are free from common allergens and artificial ingredients, ensuring that you’re nourishing your brain with a pure and effective product. Taking care of your mental well-being has never been more convenient, as the recommended dosage supports optimal magnesium levels without compromising on dietary preferences or sensitivities. These considerations make Neuro-Mag an inclusive health supplement that can seamlessly integrate into various lifestyle choices.

Investing in your brain’s health is vital and with Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate, Life Extension offers a path to do so with confidence. Daily intake of this scientifically-formulated supplement can help you maintain an alert and focused mind amidst life’s daily pressures. By fostering a healthier brain environment, Neuro-Mag aids in preserving your memory and enhancing attention span as you age. Embrace the potential of targeted nutritional support with Life Extension’s vegetarian capsules and empower your cognitive future.

Understanding Treonato de Magnesio and Its Role in Bone Health

What in the world is Treonato de Magnesio, you ask? Think of it as magnesium threonate, a brainy cousin in the magnesium family known for its unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. In fact, because of its super-absorbability, it’s a hot commodity for cognitive functions. But here’s where it gets really cool – this form of magnesium does some heavy lifting for bone health too.

You see, magnesium is like the unsung hero of bodily functions, especially when it comes to your bones. It’s the trusty sidekick to calcium, ensuring that calcium doesn’t go rogue and calcify in places where it shouldn’t, like your arteries or soft tissues. Instead, magnesium shepherds calcium into bones, where it belongs, keeping them strong, sturdy, and less likely to crumble under pressure.

But there’s a kicker – not all magnesium types are created equal. While Treonato de Magnesio has a knack for sneaking across barriers and into bones, other forms might be better tailored for other health aspects, like improving your mood, sleep, or gut health.

The Science Behind Treonato de Magnesio’s Effectiveness

The latest scoops on health science are buzzing with studies on Treonato de Magnesio. Compared to its siblings in the magnesium family, it stands out for its ability to be absorbed and utilized efficiently inside our bodies. This means that when we pop a Treonato de Magnesio supplement, our bodies are getting more of the good stuff where it counts.

Research has been shining a light on absorption rates, and guess what? Treonato de Magnesio is sprinting ahead of the pack. Clinical trials are pointing towards this special magnesium compound as a beacon of hope for not just bone health, but also for our brain cells, potentially shielding them from the ravages of cognitive decline.

Image 21642

5 Reasons Treonato de Magnesio Supports Your Bones

Reason 1: Enhancing Calcium Absorption and Retention

Alright, let’s break it down. Magnesium and calcium are like the dynamic duo of bone health – Batman and Robin, if you will. When magnesium levels are up to snuff, calcium is absorbed more effectively and ends up where we need it most: in our bones. Think of magnesium as the wise advisor directing the young prince calcium to rule the kingdom of Bonesville wisely.

Nutrition gurus constantly preach the importance of this relationship. With enough magnesium on board, you’re essentially fortifying your bones against invaders like osteoporosis. It’s like building a fortress with walls so thick, they could withstand anything the world throws at them.

Reason 2: Mitigating the Risk of Osteoporosis

Speaking of osteoporosis, let’s chat about how Treonato de Magnesio steps up to the plate. Data is piling up showing that those who embrace this form of magnesium see improvements in their bone mineral density – a clear win in the fight against this sneaky bone-thief.

Dive into the personal journeys of individuals who’ve battled with bone density issues, and you’ll find cheerleaders for Treonato de Magnesio, shouting from the rooftops about their victories. This isn’t just hope for the younger crowd; we’re talking about a weapon against age-related bone loss that can keep you dancing past retirement.

Reason 3: Promoting the Activation of Vitamin D

If you’re down with D – Vitamin D, that is – you should know that magnesium plays a pivotal role in getting that sunshine vitamin into the game. Yep, without enough magnesium, Vitamin D might as well be asleep on the job. But when they team up, they’re the dream team for your bones.

Imagine a world where Vitamin D deficiency is a thing of the past and our bones are soaking up all that bone-boosting goodness. Well, Treonato de Magnesio makes that world a reality, working overtime to ensure Vitamin D is activated and hustling for your bone health.

Reason 4: Reducing Inflammation and Supporting Bone Remodeling

Now, let’s tackle the I-word – inflammation. Chronic inflammation isn’t just a buzzkill for your vibe, it’s a sworn enemy of strong, resilient bones. Treonato de Magnesio steps in as the peacemaker, slamming the brakes on inflammation and giving your bones some much-needed peace and quiet for remodeling and repair.

Research is catching on to this link, revealing that when inflammation takes a backseat, bones get a chance to renew themselves, potentially tipping the scales in your favor when it comes to conditions like osteoarthritis.

Reason 5: Regulating Hormones that Influence Bone Health

Our bodies are crawling with hormones that influence our bone health, like the parathyroid hormone and estrogen. Here’s where Treonato de Magnesio wows us again – it’s got a hand in regulating these hormones. For women, particularly those waving goodbye to Aunt Flo during menopause, this is huge.

This mighty mineral compound doesn’t just have your back today; it’s looking out for your future self, keeping those hormones in check and your bones in shipshape for the long haul.

Category Details
Product Name Magnesium L-Threonate with Vitamin D3 & K2
Form Capsules
Suggested Use Take three (3) capsules daily, or as recommended by a healthcare professional.
Health Benefits – Improves bone health by increasing bone density
– Supports memory, learning, and cognitive function
– Has a lesser laxative effect compared to other forms of magnesium
Unique Selling Points – Enhanced absorption due to Magnesium L-Threonate
– Added Vitamin D3 & K2 for synergistic bone health support
– May penetrate the blood-brain barrier for mental health benefits
Comparisons – Citrate: Good for mood, sleep, and constipation
– Malate: Good for energy, fatigue, and pain
L-Threonate: Excellent for memory, learning, and cognitive health
Key Ingredients – Magnesium L-Threonate: Promotes cognitive function
– Vitamin D3: Aids in the absorption of calcium and supports immune function
– Vitamin K2: Ensures calcium is deposited in bones, not arteries
Recommended for – Individuals with memory and learning concerns
– Aging adults desiring to maintain bone strength
– People seeking to improve bone mineral density
Side Effects – Generally well tolerated
– Fewer gastrointestinal side effects compared to other magnesium forms
Price Range – Varies depending on the brand and retailer; typically mid-range for specialty supplements

The Optimal Dosage and Sources of Treonato de Magnesio

How to Integrate Treonato de Magnesio into Your Diet

Before we all sprint to the supplement aisle, it’s key to know how much Treonato de Magnesio our bodies need. Recommendations vary across age and gender lines, but all agree that a little dose of daily magnesium is a must.

You might wonder if you can meet your magnesium quota through diet alone. Sure, nuts and leafy greens are magnesium-rich, but Treonato de Magnesio might not be front and center in your salad. That’s where supplementation takes center stage.

Selecting Quality Treonato de Magnesio Supplements

As you stand in front of that daunting supplement shelf, arm yourself with knowledge to decode labels. What you want is high-quality Treonato de Magnesio, so don’t be fooled by flashy packaging. Look out for brands that boast about bioavailability – that means your body gets the best bang for your buck.

Nature Made Magnesium L Threonate with Vitamin C & Vitamin D, Provides mg of Magnesium from mg Magnesium L Threonate, Cognitive Support Magnesium Supplement, Capsules, Day Sup

Nature Made Magnesium L Threonate with Vitamin C & Vitamin D, Provides mg of Magnesium from mg Magnesium L Threonate, Cognitive Support Magnesium Supplement, Capsules, Day Sup


Nature Made Magnesium L Threonate with Vitamin C & Vitamin D is a cognitive support supplement designed to bolster your mental and emotional well-being. Each capsule is carefully crafted to provide a potent dose of magnesium through the highly absorbable Magnesium L-Threonate, renowned for crossing the blood-brain barrier efficiently. This unique formulation also incorporates the added benefits of Vitamin C and Vitamin D which work synergistically to enhance overall immune function and bone health while supporting cognitive function.

With a focus on purity and potency, Nature Made ensures that every batch of Magnesium L Threonate with Vitamin C & Vitamin D meets stringent quality standards. The formula is encapsulated to provide a specific amount of magnesium in each dose, enabling precise delivery to support your dietary needs. Taking this supplement is an easy and convenient way to help meet your daily magnesium requirements, assisting in reducing fatigue, supporting regular nerve function, and maintaining normal psychological functions.

Each bottle of Nature Made Magnesium L Threonate with Vitamin C & Vitamin D contains a capsule day supply, tailored to fit seamlessly into your daily routine. By taking just the recommended number of capsules per day, you can support your cognitive health in a consistent and efficient manner. The easy-to-swallow capsules are made with the goal of supporting the nutritional needs of individuals looking to maintain a healthy brain and body in our fast-paced world.

Personalizing Treonato de Magnesio Use for Maximum Bone Support

Tailoring Supplementation to Individual Needs

One-size-fits-all? Not in the world of supplements! Just like a custom-tailored outfit, your Treonato de Magnesio intake should be stitched to fit you. Consulting with healthcare experts can get you a regimen that fits like a glove, pairing this magic mineral with your unique blueprint for bone health.

Potential Interactions and Considerations

Now, don’t go chugging magnesium without a second thought. In some cases, Treonato de Magnesio might not play nice with certain medications or other supplements. And if your kidneys are throwing you a curveball, you’ll need to tread lightly with magnesium. Always chat with your doc before making moves.

Image 21643

Proactive Bone Health Strategies Beyond Treonato de Magnesio

Lifestyle Factors That Complement Treonato de Magnesio’s Benefits

Sure, Treonato de Magnesio is a rockstar, but let’s not put all our eggs in one basket. Diverse exercise routines known to beef up bone density, like strength training and weight-bearing workouts, make the perfect dance partners for magnesium.

And let’s not forget about the power of a nutritionally rich diet, stress management, and restorative sleep – they’re all part of the rhythm for maintaining a healthy bone beat.

The Future of Bone Health: Emerging Research and Innovations

The bone health frontier is brimming with new findings and smart solutions. Keep your eyes peeled for cutting-edge research that could transform how we think about bone health and where Treonato de Magnesio fits into that evolving landscape.

Navigating the Treonato de Magnesio Landscape for Healthy Bones

Making Informed Decisions in a Saturated Market

So, you’re ready to jump on the Treonato de Magnesio train. Hold up – with a market flooded with choices, it’s crucial to wade through the marketing guff and pick out the gems. Let educational platforms and honest reviews guide your decision-making process.

Advocating for Bone Health: Access and Awareness

We’re waving the flag high for bone health, sparking the conversation on how to keep our skeletons robust. But we can’t keep this golden secret of Treonato de Magnesio to ourselves. Spreading the word far and wide is essential, ensuring everyone has the chance to bolster their bones.

Magnesium L Threonate Capsules (Magtein) High Absorption Supplement Bioavailable Form for Sleep and Cognitive Function Support ,mg Capsules

Magnesium L Threonate Capsules (Magtein)  High Absorption Supplement  Bioavailable Form for Sleep and Cognitive Function Support  ,mg  Capsules


Unleash the power of enhanced cognitive function and improved sleep quality with Magnesium L Threonate Capsules, proudly featuring the patented Magtein formula. These premium capsules are specifically designed to maximize the body’s absorption of magnesium, an essential mineral that supports numerous biochemical reactions. Each capsule delivers a substantial dose of highly bioavailable magnesium in its most effective form to ensure your body reaps the full benefits. Ideal for individuals looking to support their brain health and sleep patterns, these capsules are a convenient addition to any daily wellness regimen.

Magnesium L Threonate has been shown to penetrate the blood-brain barrier more effectively than other forms of magnesium, making it the superior choice for those looking to boost cognitive functions such as memory, focus, and learning capacity. The high absorption supplement aids in maintaining healthy brain plasticity, which is critical for the formation of new neural connections, potentially translating into enhanced brain function. With consistent use, users may experience an improvement in overall mental clarity and a reduction in brain fog, empowering them to perform at their intellectual best. Each bottle contains capsules, ensuring a generous supply of this vital nutrient.

The benefits of Magnesium L Threonate extend beyond cognitive support, offering a solution for those struggling with sleep disturbances. By regulating neurotransmitter activity, this advanced formula promotes relaxation and helps prepare the mind and body for restful sleep. The calming effects of Magtein on the nervous system contribute to improved sleep quality, allowing for deeper, more restorative rest periods. Safe for daily use, these capsules are a drug-free, non-habit-forming aid for those seeking a natural approach to enhance cognitive performance and achieve a better night’s sleep.

Conclusion: Fortifying Your Frame with Treonato de Magnesio

Solidifying the Foundation: A Recap of Treonato de Magnesio’s Benefits

Let’s wrap this up with a neat little bow. We’ve spilled the beans on why Treonato de Magnesio deserves its crown in the bone health kingdom. But it’s not just about popping pills; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that gives your bones the royal treatment.

Embracing a Proactive Stance on Bone Health with Treonato de Magnesio

Image 21644

Join us on this journey to a future where every step is strong and every leap is bold. By integrating Treonato de Magnesio into a holistic bone health strategy, you’re not just protecting your frame; you’re solidifying your foundation for a vibrant, active life. So let’s keep pushing the envelope on bone health, stay thirsty for knowledge, and, as always, keep it bold, keep it wise, and keep moving like the glorious bone-savvy warriors you are!

Unlock the Secrets of Treonato de Magnesio for Bone Health

Hey, there! Ready to dive into some quirky bits about how treonato de magnesio isn’t just any ol’ supplement but your bones’ next best pal? Pull up a chair, and let’s chew the fat about this mineral marvel!

When It Comes to Bones, Types Matter, Just Like Bangs

You know how picking the right Types Of Bangs can frame your face perfectly? Well, in the expansive mineral family, treonato de magnesio is like the perfect fringe—specifically tailored to support your bone framework. This particular type of magnesium is a superstar at being absorbed by the body, making it just the ticket for keeping your bones cheering,Hip, hip, hooray!

No Gloom and Doom with G and G

You might hear “g and g” and think vitamins, but here’s the kicker: treonato de magnesio gives the classic G’s a run for their money. It’s like pairing Gucci with Gap—they both have their cushy spot, yet magnesium L-threonate adds that extra sprinkle of pizzazz, especially for your bones. No bones about it!

Preventing that “I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me” Vibe

Ever get that eerie feeling? Well, your bones might go through their version of “i always feel like” someone’s chipping away at them if magnesium levels drop low. Treonato de magnesio comes to the rescue, providing a cloak of protection, so your bones can chill out and not feel so vulnerable to troublemakers like osteoporosis.

Define Que: Defining Magnesium’s Role

You may find yourself scratching your head, asking “define que” when it comes to the science-y stuff. Simply put, treonato de magnesio is magnesium’s VIP version, specially crafted for maximum effect on your bone density. Think of it as the brainiac of the mineral world, acing every test when it comes to bone support.

Ladies, Listen Up: Para Que Sirve el Magnesio

Talking about para Que Sirve el Magnesio en Las Mujeres—gals, this one’s a godsend for you. Magnesium isn’t just a flash in the pan; it’s crucial for women’s bone health. With hormonal changes and all the razzmatazz of life, treonato de magnesio steps in as a bone guardian angel, ready to shoulder the burden and keep your skeletal system in top-notch shape.

Treonato de Magnesio: Not All Celebs Have Star Power for Your Bones

Think of your favorite celebs—like ray rice or Alfie allen. They’ve got certain roles that make them shine, right? Similarly, treonato de magnesio has its star-studded role in supporting bones, but not all magnesium forms can claim the same. It’s like casting the perfect actor for a bone-strength blockbuster!

Fitting Like “Arch Support Inserts”

Lastly, think of treonato de magnesio as the “arch support inserts” for your body. Good arch supports tailor themselves to your footwear, just right. Treonato de magnesio does the same for your bones, giving ’em a tailor-made boost of strength and ensuring that every step you take is supported just right.

Well, there you have it! A little birdie told me you’re now wise to the ways of treonato de magnesio and its partner-in-crime role for your bones. Remember, folks, keeping your mineral buddies close is a no-brainer for a happy skeleton, and treonato de magnesio is sure to be your bones’ new BFF. Keep it quirky, keep it healthy, and here’s to bone-a-fide strength!

Magnesium L Threonate (Capsules (Package of )

Magnesium L Threonate (Capsules (Package of )


Magnesium L-Threonate Capsules are a dietary supplement designed to enhance cognitive functions and support overall brain health. Each bottle contains a month’s supply of capsules, crafted with a precise formula that allows magnesium to cross the blood-brain barrier more effectively than other forms. Users will appreciate the careful attention to dosage, ensuring optimal intake to maximize benefits without concerns about gastrointestinal discomfort often associated with other magnesium supplements. Regular intake of Magnesium L-Threonate can lead to improved memory, sharper focus, and a general sense of mental clarity.

Developed through rigorous scientific research, Magnesium L-Threonate Capsules are recognized for their potential to reverse neurological decline and contribute to long-term brain health. Unlike common magnesium compounds, L-Threonate is acclaimed for its superior absorption and bioavailability in brain tissues. Individuals taking these capsules may notice a calming effect on their nervous system, as well as an enhanced ability to manage stress, which makes them suitable for both aging individuals concerned with maintaining cognitive acuity and younger adults seeking a mental edge. The packaging ensures each capsule is protected and retains its potency from the first to the last dose.

Our Magnesium L-Threonate Capsules are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility, guaranteeing the highest standards of product integrity, consistency, and purity. The capsules are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and free from common allergens such as gluten, dairy, and soy, accommodating a wide range of dietary preferences and restrictions. With a clear commitment to quality, every package of capsules is rigorously tested to confirm its efficacy and safety for consumption. By incorporating these capsules into your daily routine, you can take an important step toward maintaining a healthy and vibrant mind.

¿Qué es el Treonato de magnesio y para qué sirve?

– ¡Vaya que sí! El Treonato de magnesio es una joyita para la salud cerebral, considerada la crème de la crème de los suplementos de magnesio. ¡Imagínate! Este compuesto es un as en la manga para cruzar la barrera hematoencefálica, haciéndolo un candidato estrella para mejorar la memoria, el aprendizaje, y ponerle freno al deterioro cognitivo. ¡Como si eso fuera poco!, también se junta con la vitamina D3 y K2 para hacer una mancuerna perfecta que fortalece los huesos. Esa es la clase de equipo que querrías en tu esquina.

¿Qué es mejor el Treonato o citrato de magnesio?

– Uff, ¡eso es como comparar manzanas con naranjas! El Treonato de magnesio es el boleto dorado para el cerebro, mientras que el citrato de magnesio es tu mejor amigo para asuntos como el estado de ánimo, el sueño y, ya sabes, mantener las cosas en movimiento cuando estás un poco estreñido. Dependiendo de tus avatares, uno podría ser mejor que el otro. Pero para aquellos focos rojos en el coco, el Treonato es el chico nuevo que está ganando terreno.

¿Cómo se debe tomar el Treonato de magnesio?

– Agárrate que ahí van las instrucciones – es super fácil: simplemente toma tres (3) cápsulas al día o como te aconseje tu doctor de cabecera. Y aquí una noticia bomba: el Treonato de magnesio es más suave para tu barriga y no te hará correr al baño como otras formas del mineral. Así que, ¡a tragar con tranquilidad!

¿Cuál es el mejor magnesio para el cerebro?

– ¡Hablemos de cerebros grandes! Si lo que quieres es cuidar tu masa gris, el Treonato de magnesio es el rey de la colina. Gracias a su habilidad ninja para atravesar la barrera hematoencefálica, le da sopa y seco a otras formas del suplemento en cuanto a beneficios cerebrales se refiere. Es como si tuviera un pase VIP para la fiesta más exclusiva en tu cabeza.

¿Quién no debe tomar Treonato de magnesio?

– Mira, no todo el mundo puede ser parte de la banda del Treonato de magnesio. Si te estás medicando a lo grande o tienes problemas renales, mejor haz una pausa y consultalo con tu médico. ¡No queremos que te metas en un berenjenal!

¿Quién debe tomar Treonato de magnesio?

– Si estás luchando contra el olvido o necesitas un empujoncito para el aprendizaje, podría ser que el Treonato de magnesio sea tu nuevo súper amigo. Especialmente cuando te empiezan a pesar los años, este suplemento podría ser justo lo que el doctor ordenó para mantener tu cabeza en el juego.

¿Qué otro nombre recibe el Treonato de magnesio?

– Dudarás si es un espía internacional porque el Treonato de magnesio tiene más nombres que un ladrón en fuga, pero por los rumbos de la ciencia, le decimos L-treonato de magnesio. Suena sofisticado, ¿no?

¿Cuál es el magnesio más completo?

– En el mundo de los magnesios, sabemos que no hay una solución única para todos. Para algunos, el magnesio completo es el que les da un extra para el cerebro, entonces sería el Treonato. Para otros, podría ser una mezcla de diferentes tipos, dependiendo de si buscan una mejora para el sueño, la energía, o la salud ósea. Lo mejor es averiguar qué te hace falta y encontrar tu match perfecto.

¿El treonato de magnesio te hace dormir?

– No exactamente, compadre. Aunque el citrato de magnesio es el que normalmente te ayuda a contar ovejas, el Treonato tiene menos de ese efecto pongámonos-a-dormir. Su fuerte es más que nada el ejercicio mental, ¡así que mantén tu pijama pero no esperes milagros de sueño con este tipo!

¿Cuáles son los efectos secundarios del L treonato de magnesio?

– Como todo, el Treonato de magnesio no es perfecto y a veces viene con efectos que no invitaste a la fiesta. Podrías encontrarte con dolores de cabeza, mareos o incluso sentirte un poco más sediento de lo normal. Antes de tirarte al ruedo, ¿qué tal si le consultas a tu médico?

¿Cuánto tiempo tarda el treonato de magnesio en empezar a funcionar?

– No desesperes si no ves resultados inmediatos. El Treonato de magnesio es más un maratón que un sprint, y podría tomarse un par de semanas antes de que notes alguna mejora en el apartado cerebral. ¡Dale tiempo!

¿Qué alimentos tienen magnesio Treonato?

– Pues mira, a pesar de que el Treonato de magnesio suena como si debería crecer en los árboles, en realidad no es un artículo que encuentres en la frutería. Si quieres este chico especial, tendrás que buscarlo en forma de suplemento, porque de otra forma, ¡ni en la sección gourmet lo vas a pillar!

¿Se pueden tomar citrato de magnesio y L treonato de magnesio juntos?

– Alto ahí, cowboys de los suplementos – mezclar el citrato y el Treonato de magnesio no es para hacerse un lío. Puedes tomar ambos, pero ojo, porque diversificar demasiado tu cartera de magnesio puede llevarte a pasarte de la dosis diaria recomendada. ¡Consulta con un experto antes de transformarte en un coctelero de magnesios!

¿Vale la pena el treonato de magnesio?

– Vale la pena el Treonato de magnesio es como preguntar si vale la pena llevar paraguas en un día nublado. Si estás preocupado por tu salud cerebral y tu memoria necesita una ayuda, entonces ¡claro que sí! Ahora, como todo, no es una varita mágica, pero para muchos ha sido la pieza del rompecabezas que les faltaba.

¿El treonato de magnesio es antiinflamatorio?

– Aunque el Treonato de magnesio tiene la fama de ser más un mago cerebral, no es conocido por sus trucos antiinflamatorios. Para eso, podrías explorar otras alternativas o incorporar una dieta rica en alimentos antiinflamatorios que jueguen bien con el magnesio.

¿Cuál es el nombre comercial del treonato de magnesio?

– Si te andas preguntando cómo pedirle al farmacéutico tu dosis de Treonato de magnesio sin sentir que estás mencionando un conjuro, pues usa su nombre comercial más conocido. El catch es que este nombre puede variar dependiendo de la marca y el lugar, así que mejor pide L-treonato de magnesio y irás a lo seguro.

¿Qué otro nombre tiene el Treonato de magnesio?

– ¡Diablos, cómo se me pasó! Dije que tenía alias y aquí está: te presento al L-treonato de magnesio, con su nombre tan laberíntico como su efecto en el cerebro.

¿Qué otro nombre recibe el Treonato de magnesio?

– Bueno, ¿te suena L-treonato de magnesio? Porque es la misma cosa, solo que con palabras más rebuscadas que puede que te hagan sentir como un químico.

¿Por qué el treonato de magnesio te hace dormir?

– ¡Ah, qué malentendido! El Treonato de magnesio no es el Sandman en cápsulas. Su fuerte no es enviarte al país de los sueños, sino más bien darle un upgrade a tu CPU cerebral. Para los zzz’s, el citrato de magnesio es tu verdadero talismán.

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