Best Under $25 White Elephant Gifts Ranked

under $25 white elephant gifts

Ah, the white elephant gift exchange—a time for mirth, mischief, and the occasional regifting of that avocado slicer from last year. But wait, hold your reindeer! With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of humor, you can be the life of the party without breaking the bank. “Under $25 white elephant gifts” aren’t just trinkets and gag gifts; they’re tickets to laughter and memories, all packaged with a modest price tag. So, let’s unwrap this treasure trove of affordable surprises, shall we?

Unwrapping the Best Under $25 White Elephant Gifts of the Year

When it comes to under $25 white elephant gifts, the secret sauce is in finding something that’s not only hilarious but also surprisingly useful. A great white elephant gift takes the cake with its ability to spark conversation, induce belly laughs, or even serve a practical purpose once the chuckles have subsided. Gone are the days when a roll of toilet paper could pass as a cheeky present. Now, the game’s afoot with novelties that steal the show.

Oh, and let’s not forget how these quirky exchanges have gained a cult following faster than you can say “pass the parcel.” It’s a mix of nostalgia and the love for competitive gifting that’s had everyone from colleagues to fitness enthusiasts doing the gift shuffle.

Porta Potty Shot Glasses, Top Choice for Your #Humor, Funny Shot Glasses, Gag Gift for Men, White Elephant Gifts, Secret Santa, and Shot Glass Collectors

Porta Potty Shot Glasses, Top Choice for Your #Humor, Funny Shot Glasses, Gag Gift for Men, White Elephant Gifts, Secret Santa, and Shot Glass Collectors


Elevate your party game with a touch of irreverent humor using the Porta Potty Shot Glasses, a prime pick for anyone who loves a good laugh. Each shot glass is meticulously crafted to resemble the iconic portable restroom, providing a quirky twist to your typical drinking experience. The set makes an excellent conversation starter and is guaranteed to provoke chuckles and guffaws when you serve up your favorite spirits. These novelty glasses are not only perfect for serving shots but also double as amusing display pieces for your home bar or collector’s shelf.

The Porta Potty Shot Glasses are an ideal gag gift for that person in your life who appreciates bathroom humor or for anyone who enjoys collecting unique and funny shot glasses. Whether you’re searching for an unusual White Elephant gift, a memorable Secret Santa present, or just want to surprise your friends with a whimsical token, these glasses are sure to be a hit. They are designed with a focus on detail, right down to the little door handle and vent pipes, ensuring that each shot is hilariously realistic. Durable and easy to clean, these shot glasses promise to be a long-lasting addition to any festive occasion.

Not just for laughs, these shot glasses are also functional and made to withstand the rowdiest of toasts. Made from high-quality materials, they are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor celebrations, making them a top choice for barbecues, camping trips, or any event where you want to add a dose of #Humor. Gift them to your best friend, brother, or any shot glass collector for an unexpected twist that is sure to become the talking point of the evening. Pop these down at your next gathering, and watch as guests line up to “go” for their next shot with enthusiasm and amusement.

Elephant Gifts That Spark Joy and Laughter

  • Novelty items that serve as great conversation starters
  • Bob Ross Bobblehead – A Nod to the Icon of Chill: Imagine the laughter as someone unwraps the calm demeanor of America’s favorite art instructor! It’s perfect for desk decors and feel-good moments.
  • Unicorn Taco Holder – Add Whimsy to Any Table: Whether you’re serving up tasty tacos or just displaying this fantastically mythical creature, it’s bound to be a real crowd-pleaser.
  • Quirky kitchen gadgets that combine fun with functionality
  • Dinosaur Spaghetti Server – Serving Up Prehistoric Fun: Who knew serving spaghetti could be an excavation site for humor and creativity?
  • Monkey Peeler – Peel Your Veggies with a Smile: This little guy not only brings fun to the kitchen but also actually works! It’s peeling bananas, well, not bananas.
  • Image 17588

    Item Type Price Description Benefits
    Beeswax Candle Sticks Home Decor $12.99 Set of 2 natural beeswax candles, long-burning and with a pleasant aroma Eco-friendly, non-toxic burn
    Pretty Stationery Office/Hobby $9.95 Assorted set of high-quality note cards and envelopes, often with designs Encourages personal correspondence, craft use
    Box of Chocolates Food $14.99 Gourmet chocolate assortment, typically in a decorative box Delicious treat, universally liked
    Lottery Tickets Gamble/Entertainment $1-20 Variety pack of scratch-off tickets or draw game vouchers Fun, potential for a larger prize
    Small Bottle of Rum Beverage/Alcohol $8-$22 Miniature bottle of premium rum, could be flavoured or spiced Good for social setting, can enhance recipes
    Fun Board Game Entertainment $19.99 Portable and easy-to-learn party game, encourages group interaction Provides entertainment, social interaction
    Insulated Travel Mug Drinkware $14.95 Stainless steel travel mug that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours Eco-friendly, promotes hydration
    Multi-Tool Keychain Utility $9.99 Compact multi-tool that includes screwdrivers, bottle opener, etc. Handy for quick fixes, practical
    Scented Bath Bombs Self-care $15.00 Set of fragrant bath bombs for a relaxing soak Encourages relaxation and self-care
    Bluetooth Tracker Tile Technology $24.99 A small device to attach to keys or a wallet to easily locate with a phone Helps find lost items, peace of mind
    Plant Growing Kit Gardening/Hobby $16.95 Includes seeds, pots, and soil; often for herbs or small flowers Promotes gardening, green lifestyle
    Portable Phone Stand Accessories $7.99 Adjustable stand for smartphones or small tablets Convenience for hands-free video viewing

    Tech Gadgets: Savvy and Affordable Under $25 White Elephant Gifts

    • Handy tech accessories everyone could use
    • Anker PowerCore 5000 Portable Charger – Power Up on the Go: Power outages? Fear not! Anker’s got your back, ensuring that you’re always charged up for anything – even if it’s sorting out “what time is it in Norway.”
    • Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Protecting Eyes in Style: Say goodbye to strained eyes with these stylish specs. They’re the perfect companion for late-night binges of “sex Movies.”
    • Creative tech-inspired items that won’t break the bank
    • LED Flashlight Gloves – Hands-Free Illumination: Taking a jog at night or fixing a leak under the sink? Light the way without holding a torch.
    • Smartphone Projector – Movie Magic on a Budget: This nifty device turns any wall into a cinema – Ryan gosling nude, anyone? Just kidding! Let’s keep it PG.
    • Personal Care Gifts for a Pampered White Elephant Exchange

      • Self-care items that promote relaxation
      • Bath Bombs Set by Bath Fizzies – Soak in Luxury: Nothing screams ‘me time’ like a fragrant fizzy bomb transforming bathtime into a spa experience.
      • Satin Sleep Mask by Dreamy Nights – Ensuring Restful Slumber: This satiny dream-maker blocks out the world, offering the zen of a summer place cast after a long day.
      • Quirky personal care products that will certainly get a laugh
      • Nose Shower Gel Dispenser – Suds Up with a Chuckle: This snotty addition to one’s bathroom is sure to get a reaction. Cleanliness was never so…nasal.
      • Funny ‘Fresh Feet’ Foot Scrubber – A Giggle with Every Scrub: Who wouldn’t want a tickle with their pickle – oh, pumice?
      • Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Egg Cooker Ring, Customize Ingredients, Perfect for English Muffins, Croissants, Mini Waffles, Perfect White Elephant Gifts, Black

        Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Egg Cooker Ring, Customize Ingredients, Perfect for English Muffins, Croissants, Mini Waffles, Perfect White Elephant Gifts, Black


        The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Egg Cooker Ring is a dynamic kitchen appliance designed for those who delight in starting their day with a delicious, freshly made breakfast sandwich. With its versatile design, it is perfect for a variety of breakfast bread items including English muffins, croissants, and even mini waffles. The appliance features an egg cooker ring that allows you to cook your egg just the way you like it, right inside your sandwich, creating an all-in-one meal that is satisfying and easy to make. Its compact size and easy-to-use functionality make it a valuable addition to any kitchen, regardless of space constraints.

        Customizing your morning meal is a breeze with this innovative sandwich maker. You can stack your favorite ingredients like cheese, vegetables, ham, or bacon on top of the egg, and let the appliance do the rest, resulting in a hot, hearty sandwich in just a few minutes. The non-stick surfaces ensure a smooth release of your sandwich and make cleanup quick and effortless. Whether you’re a busy professional seeking a speedy meal prep option or a parent looking to simplify your morning routine, this sandwich maker has got you covered.

        Not only is the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker practical for everyday use, but it also serves as a perfect white elephant gift for friends, family, or colleagues who appreciate a touch of whimsy and functionality in their culinary gadgets. It offers a unique combination of convenience and creativity that is sure to be the highlight of any gift exchange. The cool-touch handle and durable, stylish black finish complement the ease of operation, solidifying its position as a must-have for those who love to infuse their mornings with homemade comfort while indulging in the luxury of time-saving technology.

        Games and Puzzles: Classic Yankee Swap Gift Ideas

        • Board games that trigger nostalgia and fun
        • ‘What Do You Meme?’ – a Modern Twist on Card Games: Get ready to meme your way to the crown of comedy in this photo-captioning brawl.
        • Mini Jenga – Toppling Thrills in a Small Package: Ah, Jenga – the cause of joy, frustration, and epic table-top destruction!
        • Puzzles and brain teasers for the sharp-minded
        • Rubik’s Cube – Twisting the Classic Puzzle: Good luck solving this iconic puzzle faster than it takes to say ‘yankee swap gift ideas.’
        • 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle by Sharp Thinkers – Engage Your Mind: Let’s get that grey matter into gear – no instructions, no mercy!
        • Image 17589

          Elevating Office and Desk Accessories as White Elephant Gifts

          • Innovative stationery and organization products
          • Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy – Desk-Side Entertainment: Why have a plain old pen holder when you can have a flailing friend?
          • Magnetic Decision Maker – Let Fate Choose Your Next Move: Perfect for those who’d rather leave their choices to the magnet gods.
          • Desk gadgets that blend fun with utility
          • Grass Charging Station – A Green Tech Nook: Charge your devices and keep the concrete jungle at bay.
          • Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner – Keep Your Workspace Crumb-Free: Because who has time for crumbs when there are deadlines, right?
          • For Book Lovers and Literature Fans: White Elephant Edition

            • Book-related gifts that enchant any bibliophile
            • ‘Shakespearean Insults’ Chart – Educate and Amuse: Thou art a toad-spotted, flap-mouthed coxcomb! (It’s all in good fun, we swear.)
            • LED Book Light by LuminoLite – Read in the Dark Without Strain: Perfect for late-night literature lovers, this light promises not to disturb your bedfellow.
            • Novelty bookmarks and reading accessories
            • ‘Wicked Witch’ Bookmark – Watch Your Pages Melt Away: It’s a bookmark… It’s a conversation starter… It’s wickedly good!
            • Finger Point Bookmark – Never Lose Your Page Again: Because who hasn’t lost their spot after being interrupted by life’s little quirks?
            • Decodyne Have a Nice Day Funny Coffee Mug, Funny White Elephant Gifts for Adults, Gag Gifts for Women and Men with Middle Finger on the Bottom oz. (Black)

              Decodyne Have a Nice Day Funny Coffee Mug, Funny White Elephant Gifts for Adults, Gag Gifts for Women and Men with Middle Finger on the Bottom   oz. (Black)


              The Decodyne Have a Nice Day Funny Coffee Mug is the perfect blend of humor and practicality, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to start their day with a smile. This cheekily designed mug holds a generous amount of your favorite beverage, making it suitable for coffee, tea, or any drink of your choice. Its classic black color gives it a sleek look while the bold, white lettering encourages all who see it to “Have a Nice Day,” setting a positive tone for your morning routine or workday break.

              But the real punchline awaits beneath the mug; a cleverly placed middle finger waits on the bottom, discreetly hidden until the drinker takes a sip. This hilarious surprise is perfect for shocking coworkers during a meeting or giving your friends a good-hearted laugh during a casual get-together. It’s a unique twist that transforms a simple sip into a playful joke, ensuring that this mug becomes a talking point wherever it’s used.

              Whether you’re shopping for white elephant gifts, seeking a humorous present for a friend, or just aiming to add a touch of wit to your own kitchen cupboard, the Decodyne Have a Nice Day mug fits the bill. It’s not just a gag gift for adults, but a functional piece of drinkware with a twist that’s sure to elicit chuckles from women and men alike. With its sturdy construction and easy-to-clean design, this mug is both a practical gift and a funny statement piece, perfect for anyone who enjoys their humor served alongside their morning coffee.

              A Touch of Green: Eco-Friendly White Elephant Gifts Under $25

              • Environmentally friendly items for the eco-conscious
              • Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps by Eco-Wrap – Ditch the Cling Film: Say hello to sustainable snacking and goodbye to pesky plastic.
              • Solar-Powered LED Garden Lights – Brighten Pathways Sustainably: Not just good for the Earth, these lights also amp up the ambiance.
              • Recycled and upcycled items with a unique twist
              • Recycled Glass Jewelry by Green Glass Co. – Eco Chic: Sustainable and stylish, can it get any better?
              • Circuit Board Coasters by Techie Treasures – Repurposed Tech for Your Table: Cheers to an upcycled utopia, one drink at a time!
              • Image 17590

                The Kids’ Corner: Whimsical White Elephant Gifts for the Young at Heart

                • Gifts that appeal to kids and adults alike
                • LEGO Brick Mug – Build Your Way to a Fun Tea Break: Compatible with most construction bricks, this mug turns coffee time into playtime.
                • ‘Fingerlings’ Miniature Pet Robots – Interactive and Adorable: Clinging to your fingers and stealing hearts, these bots are a modern pet phenomenon.
                • Creative DIY kits and crafts bringing joy and fun
                • Make Your Own Slime Kit by Slime Works – A Gooey Delight: For the scientists in training or the young at heart, it’s messy business as usual!
                • Terrarium Kit for Kids by Mini Ecology – Grow Your Own Tiny World: Cultivate green thumbs (and hearts) with this mini garden adventure.
                • Conclusion: The Elephant in the Room – Your Perfect Gift Awaits

                  Let’s not beat around the Christmas bush – these under $25 white elephant gifts are absolute gems, curated to add an extra dollop of cheer to your festivities. From tech gizmos to eco-friendly finds, we’ve scoured the quirkiest corners of gift-giving to ensure that you have the most memorable—and often stolen—present at your white elephant exchange.

                  Finding that perfect mix of humor and usefulness might seem like a tough Christmas cookie to crack, but with this rank of curated picks, you’ll be the secret Santa of the hour. Remember, the best gift is one that brings a smile, initiates a playful tussle, or even garners an impromptu gift swap strategy session. So this season, crank up the Christmas tunes, throw on your ugliest sweater, and bask in the joy of spreading holiday hilarity (without the anxiety over your wallet). The elephant in the room? It’s what will they unwrap next—an LED-lit solar pathway or a monkey peeling their veggies? Whatever it is, let the white elephant shenanigans begin!

                  Unwrapping Joy: The Best Under $25 White Elephant Gifts Unveiled

                  Whoever said you had to spend big bucks to be the winner of the white elephant gift exchange clearly never mastered the art of budget-friendly gifting. Buckle up, folks! We’re about to embark on a playful whirlwind of facts and fun that’ll leave you equipped with the best under $25 white elephant gifts—a surefire way to be the hit of the party without breaking the bank.

                  “Pop” to Win: A Kernel of Truth

                  Alright, picture this: A cozy movie night, a heap of laughter and wait, what’s that smell? Yep, it’s popcorn. Bet you’re wondering, How many Calories in a bag Of popcorn? The answer might surprise you, but forget the calorie count for a second—imagine gifting a gourmet popcorn maker! It’s the ultimate under $25 white elephant gift that’ll have everyone popping with excitement. Plus, with all those popcorn-themed movie nights ahead, it can’t hurt to watch a film or two. Just make sure it’s something everyone can enjoy—perhaps leave the sex Movies out of the family-friendly gathering, deal?

                  Chic on the Cheap: Strut in Style

                  You know what they say, “If the shoe fits…gift it!” And who wouldn’t want a pair of stylish Jbu shoes? While the actual kicks might be a smidgen over our budget, a chic shoe-themed trinket is right on the money. A keychain, perhaps? Or even better—a gift certificate cleverly rolled up in a tiny shoebox that’ll pave the way to a fashionable find under budget. Talk about walking away in style!

                  Fitness Frenzy: The Slim Surprise

                  Now, this one is for all you fitness buffs out there… or well, those who enjoy a good success story! Have you heard about Sydney Simpson weight loss? Incredible, right? Inspired by transformations like hers, an under $25 fitness journal can really inspire your pals to track their own health goals. It’s motivational, it’s thoughtful, and frankly, your giftee might just thank you when they’re feeling fit as a fiddle!

                  Timeless Treasures: A Nod to Nostalgia

                  Oh, and have you got any vintage lovers in the mix? Give ’em a blast from the past with an a summer place cast poster. Classic cinema is always in vogue, and a whimsical print won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Cue the “ahhs” as you unwrap nostalgia, transporting your friends to a bygone era without the need for a time machine—just don’t ask What time Is it Norway? because, well, we’re all about that timeless charm here.

                  Get Cozy: Fashion for a Steal

                  Winter’s chill got you shivering? How about a snuggly, stylish accessory from carbon 38? Okay, the real deal may be a tad more extravagant, but a similar, cozy under $25 lookalike scarf can have everyone vying for that gift exchange steal. It’s comfy, it’s chic, and hey, who said you can’t look like a million bucks on a white elephant budget?

                  Laugh Out Loud: That ’70s Surprise

                  Can you dig it? We’re throwing it back to the groovy ’70s with a quirky Hyde That 70s show themed mug. Fill it with candy or some funky socks, and you’ve got a gag gift that would even make Red smile. Those iconic glasses and unruly locks on a mug? That’s the kind of under $25 white elephant gift that screams “hello, Wisconsin! in the best way possible.

                  And there you have it, folks! A treasure trove of tidbits and gift ideas, each one guaranteed to make your white elephant exchange a memorable hoot. Stick to these under $25 white elephant gifts, and you’re sure to be the talk of the exchange – in the best way possible!

                  RED EMBER Funny Gag Gift D’ck Pics in Nature Hangable Monthly Wall Calendar x Open Thick & Sturdy Paper Giftable Secret Dirty Santa White Elephant Yankee Swap

                  RED EMBER Funny Gag Gift D'ck Pics in Nature Hangable Monthly Wall Calendar  x Open  Thick & Sturdy Paper  Giftable  Secret Dirty Santa White Elephant Yankee Swap


                  Title: RED EMBER Funny Gag Gift ‘Censored’ Pics in Nature Hangable Monthly Wall Calendar Open & Enjoy Thick & Sturdy Paper Ideal for Giftable Moments & Secret Dirty Santa, White Elephant, Yankee Swaps


                  Brighten up your office space or kitchen wall with the RED EMBER Funny Gag Gift ‘Censored’ Pics in Nature Hangable Monthly Wall Calendar, which ingeniously blends scenic natural beauty with a cheeky, adult-themed twist. Each month reveals a new, carefully staged photograph of ‘censured’ silhouettes provocatively positioned in picturesque landscapes, guaranteed to elicit chuckles and double-takes from all who glance its way. Printed on thick, sturdy paper, this calendar is designed to withstand a year’s worth of page-turning and the occasional coffee spill, remaining as a vibrant talking point throughout the seasons.

                  This wall calendar not only serves as a functional timekeeping tool but also as a perfect gag gift for that colleague or friend with a great sense of humor. It offers a dash of harmless fun to any gift-giving occasion, whether it’s a Secret Dirty Santa, White Elephant, or Yankee Swap event, making sure your present will be the memorable standout of the party. Each image is meticulously crafted to balance the landscapes’ beauty with the humorous ‘censored’ presentations, ensuring a tasteful yet amusing product that won’t offend.

                  Gift-giving can be predictable, but with the RED EMBER Funny Gag Gift ‘Censored’ Pics in Nature Hangable Monthly Wall Calendar, you’re bound to leave a lasting impression. The calendar’s unique approach to comedy aligns with the playfulness of novelty items, while its practical use as a date tracker ensures it will be appreciated and used all year round. Roll into the new year with laughter and the enjoyment of nature’s splendoralbeit with naughty bits cleverly obscuredproviding a monthly dose of jest that will keep everyone guessing what the next month has in store.

                  What is a good white elephant gift for $25?

                  Whoa, trying to find the perfect white elephant gift under $25 can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, huh? But hey, a quirky, Bob Ross-inspired painting kit or a set of hilarious coasters can totally steal the show without breaking the bank.

                  What would a good white elephant gift be?

                  When it comes to nailing a good white elephant gift, think outside the box! Perhaps a cheeky mug with a sassy saying or even a mini waffle maker, because who doesn’t love waffles?

                  What is the best price range for a white elephant gift?

                  Ah, talking about the best price range for a white elephant gift is like discussing your grandma’s secret pie recipe – it varies! Generally, $15 to $25 hits the sweet spot, enough to get a decent giggle without having to sell your own grandma’s pie.

                  How much should I spend on a white elephant gift?

                  So you’re scratching your head wondering how much dough to drop on a white elephant gift? Well, keep it light on the wallet – $20 to $30 is usually the go-to range, so you won’t have to eat ramen for the rest of the month because of it.

                  Is it OK to give a gift card as an white elephant gift?

                  Is it OK to give a gift card as a white elephant gift? Sure, it’s like asking if puppies are cute – a no-brainer, right? Just jazz it up a bit, maybe an unusual store or a neat little presentation, and you’re golden!

                  Is alcohol a good white elephant gift?

                  Alright, for the question as old as time: Is alcohol a good white elephant gift? Well, it can be the life of the party – unless you work at the water company, then maybe not the best idea. Know your crowd and if booze feels like a ‘go’, a quirky craft beer or a saucy wine can work wonders.

                  What do you get your coworkers for white elephant?

                  Ah, picking for your colleagues, eh? Go for something that’ll have ’em giggling around the water cooler – think funny desk accessories or a plant in a pot that’s got more personality than the office copy machine.

                  Is a candle a good white elephant gift?

                  Yes siree, a candle is like a cozy mystery novel, almost always a hit! Scoop up one with a wacky scent that’ll have folks talking, or one so pretty they won’t ever want to light it.

                  Is jewelry a good white elephant gift?

                  Jewelry as a white elephant gift, you ask? Sticky territory, that. Best to sidestep the bling and go for something everyone can find a hoot without fretting over taste or size.

                  Do you put your name on white elephant gift?

                  Nope, no need to slap your name on a white elephant gift – it’s all about the suspense, the mystery! Keep ’em guessing, just like that finale of your favorite series that left everyone hanging.

                  What is a white elephant fun gift exchange?

                  A white elephant fun gift exchange – it’s basically a free-for-all of funny, wacky gifts where everyone ends up laughing more than trading. Like playing hot potato but with gifts, and at the end, you’re stuck with something you never knew you needed.

                  What is an example of a white elephant?

                  Picture this: an example of a white elephant? How about a taco-shaped pillow? It’s kooky, it’s fun, it’s going to make someone’s couch game strong.

                  Are blankets good white elephant gifts?

                  Blankets – are they good white elephant gifts? Heck, yeah! Like a warm hug on a chilly day, a blanket with a quirky design or a funny message can wrap up the night on a high note.

                  Is a disposable camera a good white elephant gift?

                  A disposable camera as a white elephant gift is like a throwback Thursday – it’s unexpected, nostalgic, and everyone’s in for a surprise when they develop those snaps!

                  What is an example of a white elephant?

                  An example of a white elephant? Oh, you’re pulling my leg – but here goes: a garden gnome that looks like a celebrity. It’s weird, it’s wonderful, and it’s white elephant gold.

                  Are socks a good white elephant gift?

                  Socks as a white elephant gift can be a real hit – especially if they’ve got avocados doing yoga on them! Just make sure they’re quirky enough to spark a conversation between the toes.

                  Is a candle a good white elephant gift?

                  There we go again with candles – yes, a candle is a smashing good white elephant gift, especially if it smells like fresh-baked cookies or, you know, bacon. Because why not?

                  What is a white elephant fun gift exchange?

                  Lastly, a white elephant fun gift exchange is like the Secret Santa’s unruly cousin with a sense of humor. Everyone brings a wrapped gift, you draw numbers to pick and steal gifts, and the game isn’t over ’til the last gift is nabbed!


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