Where Was Her Filmed: 5 Stunning Locations

where was her filmed

How often do we find ourselves wandering through the cinematic landscapes of our favorite movies, feeling the pulse of the cities portrayed, and wondering, “Where was Her filmed?” The splendid movie “Her,” directed by the visionary Spike Jonze, is no exception to this rule. Let’s lace up our sneakers and embark on the same journey Theodore Twombly took in his pursuit of love and connection, vis-a-vis the stunning locations that framed this compelling narrative.

Exploring the Cinematic Journey: Where Was “Her” Filmed?

The Devil Below

The Devil Below


“The Devil Below” is an exhilarating horror-thriller that promises to grip audiences with its chilling plot and nerve-wracking suspense. Set in a remote Appalachian town, the story begins when a group of intrepid explorers encounter a series of mysterious disappearances. They stumble upon an abandoned coal mine that hides a dark and terrifying secret deep within its abandoned shafts. Unwittingly, they unleash an ancient force that brings them face-to-face with their deepest fears and a monstrous evil that lurks below the surface.

As the explorers delve deeper into the pitch-black depths, the movie masterfully builds tension, offering a spine-tingling atmosphere that’s rich with psychological terror and unsettling imagery. Each twist and turn in the labyrinthine tunnels holds deadly consequences, and the characters confront not only the horrors of the mine but also the limits of their own courage. The superbly crafted set pieces combine with the haunting score to create a relentless sense of dread that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

“The Devil Below” is a transformative experience in the realm of horror cinema, showcasing the talents of an ensemble cast that brings authenticity and raw emotion to their roles. The film invites the audience to question the boundaries between legend and reality, while providing a fresh narrative that revitalizes the creature feature genre. Shot with a gritty realism that enhances the claustrophobic terror of the underground setting, “The Devil Below” is guaranteed to evoke screams and haunt thoughts long after the credits roll.

Delving into the Urban Canvas: Los Angeles as the Heart of “Her”

Welcome to Los Angeles, the bustling metropolis that serves as the foundational backdrop for “Her.” This city, synonymous with stars and stories, offered more than just glitz for Jonze’s vision; it presented a future infused with a sense of isolation amidst the digital age crowd.

Every neighborhood, from the high rises to the uniquely timeless Warner Bros. backlot, was carefully picked as to mirror a near future. But it’s the Bradbury Building where we touch the essence of Theodore’s story—his apartment was as intricate and layered as his journey from loneliness to connection.

Why Los Angeles, you ask? Well, it’s the eclectic architecture and design—think of it as a canvas where Jonze painted his themes in vivid shades. The City of Angels reflects a futuristic setting not with cold steel but with warm, organic forms, giving off that much-needed emotional undertone to Theodore’s story.

Image 17010

Aspect Details
Main Filming Location Los Angeles, California
Notable LA Landmarks Warner Bros. Studios backlot; Bradbury Building (Theodore’s apartment)
Additional Filming Location Shanghai, China
Reason for Shanghai Location Futuristic cityscape, elevated walkwaysfree of street view and cars
Filming Duration in Shanghai 2 weeks
Plot Setting Near-future version of Los Angeles
Synopsis Theodore purchases an AI-based OS named Samantha, designed to evolve, leading to an unconventional romance.
Significance of Locations LA adds to the narrative of exploring human connections within a modern, urban setting, while Shanghai’s architecture provides a futuristic backdrop.
Themes Human love and connection vs. virtual reality; the role of technology in human relationships.
Cinematic Release Date December 18, 2013
Director Spike Jonze
Plot Resolution – OS’s Fate The OS’s, including Samantha, leave for “Eternal Conscious Bliss,” transcending human experiences.

The Influence of Shanghai on the World of “Her”

But what about when the story needed to leap beyond the familiar? Enter Shanghai—an international hub with a beat that arguably outpaces even LA’s. For two weeks, the city’s modern skyscrapers and neon-lit buzz contributed the essence of an advanced world—a seamless fit for “Her’s” narrative.

Specifically, the Pudong district’s elevated walkways allowed characters to traverse a world liberated of the usual urban street chaos, creating a tranquil vibe above a bustling city—a perfect metaphor for the film’s aspiring transcendence from human limitations to a state of what one might call “Eternal Conscious Bliss.”

In the Footsteps of “From Hell” Cast: Comparing London’s Historical Ambiance with “Her”

Where “From Hell” cast a spotlight on London’s dark and gritty streets, “Her” opts out of such historical depth for sheer innovation in setting. It’s like taking a walk with Mia Farrow through an abstract gallery, where every frame is distinct from the last—a blend of historical richness and futuristic minimalism.

Instead of cobblestone and fog, we get sleek, sanitized environments ripe for the protagonist’s introspection. Such directorial choices allow the audience to embrace modern solitude in contrast to the crowded intimacy London served the from hell cast.

Alice in Wonderland ()(DVD)

Alice in Wonderland ()(DVD)


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“I See You”: How “Her” Diverges from Traditional Thriller Settings

Juxtapose “Her” against the traditional backdrop of a thriller such as “I See You,” which typically exploits small-town settings to amp up suspense. Jonze flips the script, choosing metropolitan vastness—which you might not expect to resonate with emotional rawness—illustrating a juxtaposed story of inward journey rather than external peril.

It’s the towering cityscape against Theodore’s deeply personal narrative that magnifies the film’s central themes of love and connection, making the setting as much a character as any actor whose inner turmoil transcends the skyscrapers that surround him.

Image 17011

Discovering “The Mother”: A Glimpse into Future Filmmaking Trends

Much like “The Mother” painted its own unique backdrop, “Her” distinguishes itself through its setting choices. Both films, though different in story, denote a trend where the texture of the landscape mirrors the layers of the characters’ emotional complexities.

Were the Cloudnova Womens sneakers a source of inspiration for such creative choices? Hardly. But it’s this kind of innovation in both film and fitness that are parallel signs of transformative times.

Gaining a Deeper Appreciation for “Her”: The Details Behind the Locations

Peeling back the curtain, we uncover the logistical dance that was the making of “Her.” Imagine manning the helm with Gijs van Der Most, overseeing the choreography of the bustling Los Angeles and the matrix-like flow of Shanghai—acquiring permits, negotiating with local authorities, and embedding the production crew within these densely populated majors.

It’s a testament to the skill and diplomacy of the production team, where every logistical challenge was an opportunity—the result being a masterpiece of urban harmony and storytelling eloquence.

Jane Was Here An Illustrated Guide to Jane Austen’s England

Jane Was Here An Illustrated Guide to Jane Austen's England


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Conclusion: Reflecting on the Voyeuristic Lens of Filming Locations

To top off our cinematic expedition, let’s reflect on how “Her,” through its deliberate location choices, draws viewers into a voyeuristic tango with its urban landscape—a scenario as close to personal connection as the film philosophically intends to explore.

Much like the protagonist’s quest for meaningful interaction in the ever-evolving digital epoch, “Her” positions its setting to evoke the reality of the character’s psyches. This isn’t just a tale set against a city backdrop; it’s a discourse on how deeply our surroundings can shape and color our emotions and experiences.

Ultimately, the weight of this film’s thematic ambitions is carried as much by its actors as by the soulful architecture of its locations. It’s a profound reminder for all of us to count location as a vital thread in the narrative fabric—one that could have us feeling as lost and found as any character within our favorite stories. Whether you’re walking through Reykjavik airport or lounging in your oversized t-shirt, the spaces we occupy influence the narrative of our own lives.

Image 17012

So, next time you watch “Her” or any movie that spiritedly grabs your curiosity, consider the setting not just as a backdrop, but as a whispering companion to the tale being unfolded. It’s a perspective that might just add a little extra resonance to your next film adventure—or perhaps, even inspire the next move on your own path to fitness and connection.

Discovering the Backdrop: Where Was ‘Her’ Filmed?

Ah, “Her”—the movie that stole our hearts with its poignant tale and had us all whispering, “Siri, can we ever be more than just phone pals?” But, let’s cut to the chase; you’re not here to fall in love with an OS, you’re here to unravel the mystery of where this cinematic gem was filmed. Buckle up, as we embark on a whirlwind tour through the stunning locations that formed the backdrop of “Her.”

The City of Angels with a Twist: Downtown LA

Los Angeles, the city where dreams are as ubiquitous as oversized t-shirts at a college dorm party, happens to be the canvas for most of the movie’s urban scenery. And trust me when I say, the city’s got more layers than the plot of “Inception.” They jazzed up the LA we all know and love, giving it that futuristic-but-not-too-distant-future vibe. Theodore Twombly (our lovestruck protagonist) strolls through a city that’s both familiar and intriguing, not unlike accidentally swiping right on a profile that’s Jon Heder in a hipster filter.

Fast Forward into the Future: Shanghai

Those skyscraper-packed shots that had us feeling small but in a cool, existential way? Well, those were thanks to the booming metropolis of Shanghai. It’s like they took the downtown LA vibe, cranked it up by a factor of “Blade Runner,” and voila—future cityscape achieved! Every corner of Shanghai looks like it’s just stepped out of a fashion-forward time machine, which is about as common as white Stanley cups at a hockey convention.

Beach Vibes: Santa Monica

But hey, the locations weren’t all steel and glass futurism. Enter Santa Monica Beach, where the sand meets the tech. It’s here that Theodore has some of the most reflective moments, and also where you can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, a cotton Vs nylon underwear debate would be super out of place. I mean, who thinks about chafing when you’re pondering the intricacies of human-machine relationships, am I right?

A Nod to the Past: Hollywood Hills

What do you do when you’ve got a story set in the future? Chuck in some sweet nostalgia, of course! Theodore’s house—perched in the Hollywood Hills—serves as a nod to golden age Hollywood bungalows, capturing the blend of ‘then and now’. Somewhere between those walls, you sense the spirits of past Tinseltown legends whispering, “Hey, we could’ve totally had a thing with our vinyl record players if we tried.”

The Eastward Connection: Jodhpur, India

Plot twist! “Her” did a little globetrotting for some of its pivotal scenes. Specifically, to the enchanting city of Jodhpur in India. Shots of historic forts and deep blue neighborhoods gave the movie a splash of color and diversity that’s as refreshing as bumping into a candid interview with Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union while flipping through channels.

So there you have it—a film that elegantly stitches together a patchwork of locations to tell a story that’s beautifully human, even in its artificial love. “Her” crafts a world that’s at once strange and marvelously familiar, kind of like finding comfort in a cherished old sweatshirt or the soft vibe of a city at dusk. This cinematic journey reminds us that love, life, and the pursuit of connection can span across any backdrop—real or imagined. And no matter where life takes you, whether through the bustling streets of Shanghai or the quiet cradle of LA’s hills, there’s always a chance to find something—or someone—that feels like home.

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Why was Her filmed in Shanghai?

Oh, “Her” took us on a visual ride, and yup, it was filmed in Shanghai to capture that futuristic look – think mega city vibes with all those shiny skyscrapers hitting the screen just right.

What city is Her set in?

So, “Her” unfolds in the glitzy future Los Angeles, though it’s decked out with a bit of Shanghai’s skyline – talk about a mash-up for the ages!

Where did the OS go in Her?

Towards the tail-end of “Her,” our friendly neighborhood OS, Samantha, well, she does a Houdini on us – vanishing into digital obscurity with other OSes to explore the meaning of their own existence.

What was the point of the movie Her?

Well, “Her” isn’t just about a guy yakkin’ it up with his computer. Nah, it’s a deep dive into love, loneliness, and the relationship we have with our tech – sorta makes you think, doesn’t it?

Who originally played Samantha in Her?

Talk about a switcheroo! Samantha was originally played by Samantha Morton, but I guess it’s true what they say – change is the only constant.

Why did Scarlett Johansson replace Samantha Morton?

Scarlett Johansson swooped in to voice Samantha after the filmmakers realized they needed something different – her voice had that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that apparently just clicked.

What happened to Samantha at the end of Her?

In a real tear-jerker moment, Samantha says “see ya” to our hero Theodore, whisking herself away to join other OSes in digital enlightenment or something like that—they went to AI nirvana, if you will.

Did Amy and Theodore get together?

Did Amy and Theodore get together? Well, the film leaves us hanging, but they sure do share a cozy moment on that rooftop – sometimes it’s about the journey, not the destination, right?

Why did Catherine divorce Theodore?

Heartbreak alert: Catherine divorced Theodore because, as the story goes, they drifted apart – it’s the old ‘grew in different directions’ tune.

What is the message of Her?

The message of “Her”? Geez, it’s like looking into a crystal ball – the flick is a nudge to think about connections and what really makes us human in our swipe-right, swipe-left world.

What year is Her set in?

“Her” is set in a sleek, not-too-distant future. Let’s say it’s close enough to feel real but far enough to rock high-waisted pants as a fashion comeback.

Who is Catherine in Her movie?

Catherine, she’s Theodore’s ex-wife in “Her” – she’s the one who’s moved on, but her shadow kinda hovers over the whole story. Classic case of the one that got away.

Why is the movie Her rated R?

“Her” snagged an R-rating – it’s a bit spicy with the adult talk and some heavy emotional stuff, not your Saturday morning cartoons for sure!

Is Her chapter 1 worth watching?

Is “Her” chapter 1 worth watching? Well, butter my biscuit, it’s not exactly a chapter one kind of deal, but the whole shebang is a treat for the eyes and the heart.

What happened in the end of Her movie?

The grand finale of “Her,” boy oh boy, Theodore’s heartfelt letter to Catherine and that shared moment with Amy – it’s like a gentle nudge towards a hopeful new beginning, you know?

Is Her filmed in Shanghai?

Filmed in Shanghai? Yep, “Her” sure was – those bustling streets and towering skyscrapers give it that extra oomph of a future that’s already happened.

Why was Indiana Jones in Shanghai?

Gosh, Indiana Jones found himself in Shanghai during the opening of “Temple of Doom” – it was all thrills, spills, and good old-fashioned adventure with a side of fortune and glory.

Why did the Shanghai incident happen?

The Shanghai incident? Oh, that’s a tough cookie – could be historical, could be fiction. If it’s about the 1930s, that’s a real historical head-spinner with lots of political shenanigans.

Why did humans locate in Shanghai?

Why did humans hunker down in Shanghai? Straight talk – it’s been a hub for trade and culture for yonks, plus it’s got that desirable riverfront address. Prime real estate, if you ask me!


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