No More Pain While Fixing Your Teeth!

Experts from the Kings college in London have developed new and painless method of fixing teeth which helps in self – repair of the teeth without drilling and injections.

Caries is usually removed with dental drill and the gap is than filled with materials such as amalgam and composite resign.

This new method is called “Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation – EAER” and speeds up the natural movement of calcium and phosphate minerals and the time for their reach to the bad tooth.

The method, which is consisted of two phases, in the first phase prepares the damaged part of the enamel and then in the second phases uses electrical energy with low intensity to direct the minerals to that place.

Scientists expect that this technique will be ready for use in a period of three years.

“Not only that our device is better for the patients but it is also better for the teeth and it is expected to be equally economic as the present method used for fixing. Despite it destroys caries, our device can be used for teeth whitening” – explains professor Nigel Pitts from the Institute of Stomatology at Kings College.

The company “Reminova” based in Perth, Scotland was founded for commercial research and at the moment is looking for private investors who would finance the development of EAER.

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