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Imagine walking through the magazine section in your local bookstore or convenience store. Look at the magazine covers. It seems that everyone is everyone has a six-pack or a bicep the size of an obscure exotic fruit. Why is that always the case when the average person doesn’t look like that?

Intentional or not, it harms a lot of people’s subconscious and body image. Nearly 91% of all women are unsatisfied with their bodies and resort to dieting (which we all know doesn’t work) to reach a more acceptable body shape. That includes 58% of all college-aged girls, who are some of the most susceptible to developing an eating disorder. We want to break down those statistics and develop a healthier mindset when it comes to women’s health and fitness.

My Fit Magazine is THE post-health magazine. We’re not selling you on perfection or a world without blemishes. Our magazine is inclusive, meaning we’re accepting you for who you are. Whatever your fitness level, we will cover methods to improve your life the way you see fit. 

We’re the magazine that everyone has been waiting for. Our team of writers is tired of seeing the same listicles on how to lose weight before swimsuit season.  We aren’t losing 7 pounds in a week to fit in a smaller size dress. Not everyone fits into an ideal body or an archetype. 

Health and exercise are supposed to make a positive impact on our lives. It isn’t supposed to be restrictive. It doesn’t have to be all about reaching plateaus or a number on a scale. It can be a fun past-time or a dance class. You should be able to eat what you want without feeling bad about it.

Fitness and Health

Once we resolve our mindset and become more open-minded toward different interpretations of what “healthy” is, we can move forward toward a healthier–and happier–world. 

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. That applies to fitness and health just as well. Extreme mindsets aren’t sustainable for long and are more likely to relapse into bad habits. 

At My Fit, we acknowledge that everyone has a unique relationship with their body. Fitness is not one-size-fits-all. Rather, it is a ride that ebbs and flows. Either way, you’ll make it out on the other side. So if you’re just starting on your fitness journey or if you’re a savvy fitness expert tired of the conventional approach to improved health, there’s plenty to talk about. 

Welcome to My Fit. There’s room for everyone.


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