Brandi Rhodes: 10 Insane Fitness Secrets from an AEW Star You Can’t Miss!

brandi rhodes

Brandi Rhodes: More Than Just A Wrestling Star

Brandi Rhodes, an illustrious star of the wresting world, carved out an envious career in the ring before her retirement. While her athletic prowess within the wrestling community is well-documented, Brandi’s life outside the squared circle is equally impressive. Balancing her dynamic lifestyle has allowed her to be more than just a WWE superstar. It’s granted her the role of a loving wife, a devoted mother, and a fitness aficionado.

Transitioning from AEW to Home Life: Why Did Brandi Rhodes Leave WWE?

The decision for Brandi Rhodes to retire from WWE wasn’t made lightly. The toll on her family life became a major factor, as the constant travel and time on the road seemed incompatible with her family objectives. As of July 27, 2023, Brandi retired, explaining that it wasn’t the best decision for her family to continue this life on the road. However, retirement has not ended her association with wrestling. There are discussions about a possible return in a non-wrestling capacity, such as a valet or backstage manager.


Brandi and Cody Rhodes: A Decade of Love Inside and Outside the Ring

Are Cody and Brandi Rhodes still together? A resounding ‘yes’. The wrestling power couple have been engaged together in a unique love story that extends well beyond the wrestling rings. The lovebirds met in 2011 while working at WWE, and Brandi knew Cody, a six-time tag team championship winner, was the one after a spooky date night. Today, they’ve been married for nearly a decade and are the proud parents of their first-born baby girl, Liberty Iris Runnels, born in June 2021.

First Insane Fitness Secret: Building a Home Gym

You don’t have to wonder how Brandi Rhodes maintains her athleticism despite her retirement. She has built an incredible home gym. This allows her to maintain her fitness routine without interfering with her homely duties and being a mother.

Second Insane Fitness Secret: Developing a Wrestling Fitness Regimen

Brandi’s commitment to fitness is unrivaled. Her regimen of rigorous training routines, derived from her wrestling days, has transitioned into her daily lifestyle. Partaking in workouts that incorporate chest cable Workouts, akin to those shared on Chiseled Magazine, she remains in peak physical condition.

Third to Sixth Insane Fitness Secrets: A Focus on Cardio and Strength Training

Cardio and strength training form the backbone of Brandi Rhodes’s fitness formula. These provisions within her regimen ensure she maintains that in-ring fitness level. Whether it’s high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or strength-based conditioning, Brandi is resolute in her fitness commitment.


Seventh to Tenth Insane Fitness Secrets: Nutrition, Sleep, Mental Health, and Consistency

Arguably, the most crucial elements of Brandi Rhodes’s fitness are incorporated in these four components. First, she understands the value of a balanced diet. Secondly, Brandi prioritizes rest as a critical factor in recovery. Thirdly, she appreciates the importance of safeguarding her mental wellbeing. Lastly, consistency. Without consistency, even the best fitness routine is unsustainable.

A Trailblazer in the Ring: Brandi Rhodes’s Important Contribution to Wrestling History

Shattering a significant racial barrier, Brandi Rhodes – an African-American woman, became the first ring announcer for a major wrestling promotion at WrestleMania 2015. This accolade is a testament to her pioneering spirit and her remarkable contribution to the wrestling history.

Branching Paths: Brandi Rhodes’s Career After Wrestling

Taking off her wrestling boots hasn’t halted Brandi Rhodes’s progress. Her fitness regimen remains a central part of her life, shaping her existence in her post-wrestling career. She continues to explore other roles where she can apply her fitness wisdom and inspire others.


Unlocking Your Fitness Potential With Brandi Rhodes’s Insane Secrets

The fitness secrets of Brandi Rhodes point towards one key understanding – staying in the best physical shape is a comprehensive lifestyle choice. Building a gym at home, sticking to a wrestling-forged regimen, focusing on cardio and strength training, and maintaining a healthy diet with ample rest and mental peace – these are all components of her fitness journey. It’s a journey that truly resonates with perseverance, determination, and inspiration. It’s about understanding that the true power to change lies within you. With a touch of the Brandi magic, you can unlock your fitness potential too.


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