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Top Outfit Trends to Follow in Spring

Switching up your entire wardrobe is probably the best part about transitioning from one season to the next. And this is all the more fun when you enter springtime. Why? Spring outfit trends are quite similar each year, but more importantly, they’re a lot of fun too. If you’re looking for the best trends to follow in spring 2022, you’re in the right place. 

Now that you’ve made it through the cold winter months, it is time to revamp your closet and get ready for spring. After all, your closet needs a breath of fresh air as well, doesn’t it? 

Taking out the outfits you had packed away is important, but how can you make the most of all your clothes? Not to mention, you may be looking to invest in new attire for the season. In this post, we will provide some direction and outfit inspiration to rock spring fashion this year.

If you’re not one to follow the latest trends for the season, we can help you out. Let’s look at the top outfit trends for spring this year. 

  1. Patterned Sets

Sets are truly a saving grace in fashion, especially for people with busy schedules. If your schedule is stopping you from putting together fantastic outfits, you don’t have to leave your co-ords behind. Rather, you can work these simple, quick and easy-to-throw sets during spring.

If you’re looking for spring outfit trends, patterned sets are fantastic for just about all sorts of outings and occasions. Whether it’s a casual office day or a brunch date, a matching two-piece skirt or pants set never fails. 

Top Outfit Trends to Follow in Spring
  1. Black Stripes

Black stripes are timeless, so if you had a favorite striped top back in 2006, the chances are that you can walk into a mall and find a similar one like it today. After all, what is spring fashion about if not wearing patterns, abstracts, graphics, and stripes? Black stripes are one of the hottest spring outfit trends, so don’t hesitate to pair them with your favorite jeans, cotton pants, or shorts. Black stripes can breathe new life into all sorts of colors, including neutrals, nudes, and vibrant shades, so it really feels like spring.  

  1. Cotton Maxi Dress

You might be bored of wearing jackets, cardigans, and sweats all winter long. Let’s face it; while winter outfits are beyond comfy, they can soon start to feel uninteresting. The good news is that spring means you can switch out of those bulky layers and show off a sleeker silhouette.

You can add a cotton maxi dress to your arsenal of spring outfits so you look ready for a picnic, weekend brunch, or casual get-together. With outfit trends like this, you can opt for solid colors and patterns as well. 

  1. Pastel Jeans

It is hard to deny that denim is timeless and seasonless, so you don’t necessarily have to ditch it altogether. However, this year’s spring outfit trends are a little different, with demand reaching beyond blue jeans. This year, jeans are going pastel, which is a great choice for the warm, breezy weather. For a soft and spring-colored look, you can pair your pastel jeans with a similar-colored top. 

  1. Floral Mini Dress

Floral prints are one of those spring outfit trends that make a comeback every year. In case you’re looking to switch it up,  try out a floral mini dress with romantic balloon sleeves and belted waist. You can style it up with cute a headband and earrings or down with sophisticated flats and a minimalist pendant. 

  1. Printed Retro Dress

When it comes to printed spring attire, retro prints are definitely having a moment this year. The trend is easily stealing the spotlight this year, so make sure you add one to your wardrobe as well.

Retro prints look chic on casual dresses. Try one that is lightweight with a belted waist and collared neck. Meanwhile, the side slits mean that you have plenty of room to move around. 

Top Outfit Trends to Follow in Spring
  1. Statement Sleeves

Spring outfit trends this year are loaded with inspiration from the 80s. Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that statement sleeves are making a huge comeback. As you may already have noticed, puffy sleeves are cropping up everywhere. 

They don’t just look chic but also make for a great choice if you’re looking to make a statement. For an even glamorous option, you can wear a puff-sleeved dress with one sleeve off the shoulder. For tops, squared necklines look best with puff sleep.

  1. Blazer with Skirts/ Biker Shorts

Have you practically lived in leggings and pajamas all winter long? It is time to switch up your bottoms as spring arrives. If you keep up with outfit trends, you may have seen many of your favorite celebrities wearing skirt suits this year. 

If you already own one, this is the year to style it in different ways. However, you may want to look for patterned and textured ones for a more modern silhouette.

Therein case you’re a fan of leggings, biker shorts can give you the same level of comfort while also making you feel brand new. Not to mention, these look iconic under long-line blazers. 

  1. Overalls

What is one clothing item that keeps cycling in and out of outfit trends a little too much? Yes, ‘overalls’ is the correct answer. Denim overalls look fun, but it’s time to try something new. 

For comfy, casual days, neutral overalls are a perfect choice. Think white or olive overalls with a striped t-shirt underneath. You can wear this adorable look for running errands like grocery shopping. 

  1. Color-Block

Color-blocking is an outfit trend that comes in a number of variations. After all, there are so many colors that you can mix and match. You can also create a variety of interesting silhouettes by pairing bright colors together. 

For instance, you can pair a statement red top with pink cargo pants for a relaxed look to wear on a brunch date. Or, wear your blue jacket with orange shorts for a fun day out with friends. Speaking of jackets, you can also opt for color-block track bombers this spring. 

No other season combines casual, comfy, and chic fashion than springtime. It is the perfect season to go all out with your outfits and accessories. Because there’s so much diversity in spring styles, you can mix and match a variety of items in your wardrobe. In case you’re looking for some new inspiration, check out the above-mentioned ideas to level up your spring wardrobe.

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