The Ultimate Guide on What To Wear To The Gym

The Ultimate Guide on What To Wear To The Gym

Gyms are not the best place to wear chic clothes. Mirrors, sweat, and suspect protein shake make a very potent cocktail. Add in subpar activewear, and you might be forgiven for never going back.

There are some rules that you need to adhere to when dressing for the gym. We’ll be discussing them below. It’s easy to navigate these rules with the wide variety of gym clothing brands that are available.

This ultimate guide will show you how to look great at the gym.

Singlet & Shorts

Everything you need to sweat it out revolves around the basic singlet and shorts. It can be difficult to choose from so many options. It is important to get the right fit. No matter how big your pecs may be, nobody wants them to spill out of a string.

Lululemon, Under Armour, and other brands offer a variety of colors and styles that will suit your style. Grey blues are my personal favorite. They’re easy to wear with dark shorts and they don’t sweat as much.

This is a great time to wear shorts. When I say “less”, I mean less of your upper legs. When you do a deadlift, no one wants to see more than what they have bargained for. So look for mid-length options with a boyleg lining.

Compression tights for the gym

A truly brave man will wear compression tights and not a cover-up. For those who are more reserved, however, there’s a way to wear them that doesn’t offend the rest of your weight. The classic jogging short is here. These guys are great for feeling all the freedom and comfort of tights, without any of the unpleasant side effects.

For styling, start with a base of black 2XU compression tights, lightweight singlet, and jogging pants. You should choose slim fittings that fit the sleek nature of the look. Also, avoid dark block colors such as black and navy.

The Essential Trainers to Wear To The Gym

Your shoes can either make or break your entire outfit. If you choose to wear chunky dad runners, you could upset the balance of your outfit. Conversely, if you choose something that provides enough support, you might injure your ankle. This is a difficult trade-off.

Cross-training sneakers made by Nike and Adidas should be sufficient for most gym activities. To optimize wear, look for versatile colors such as black and grey that can be worn with all your kit.

If you are a bit more daring, regular sneakers may be a good option. Sneakers are great for style and fashion, whether it’s a pair of monogrammed kicks, or something more colorful and printed like the Nike Epic Reacts.

Converse sneakers are a favorite of many weightlifters. They have a flat-foot design that allows for maximum coverage.

How to Choose the Right Sports Socks

In the last few years, sports socks have come a long way. The classic chunky, white tube sock used to be the most sporty of all sports socks. However, modern style demands that they are thinner and sleeker.

There are two options to consider when shopping. The standard ankle sock will sit just below your sneakers. These socks are great for extending your legs if you don’t mind getting your pegs out. Nike and other brands make strong arguments for compression socks. We prefer black socks because they are less likely to show dirt.

Wear a Gilet during the colder months

Sometimes a jacket won’t do the trick when it gets really cold. The gilet is the perfect solution. The vest is ideal for sports and winter warming.

You should look for thinner shells in blacks, greys, and blues that will work with your larger kit. Avoid thicker versions that make it look like you are a Michelin man. They can give you chicken legs, which is exactly what you don’t want after squats.

Wear A Windbreaker During Warmer Months

You’ll find that you don’t need to wear the same singlet and shorts every day. It happens all the time. Activewear windbreakers are becoming more fashionable with all the stylish options on the market.

It is important to keep it light and compact. To stand out in the crowd, it’s worth searching for unique logos and hardware statements. P.E., a Sydney brand. Nation has a great range of colors that will take you from a HIIT class or brunch to a quick and easy brunch.