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How Can Dance Cardio Benefit You

Do you love to dance? In that case, you’ll be happy to know that it offers numerous benefits. Though most people do this activity for fun, you can also try it to support your heart health, boost memory, enhance strength, and build endurance. Due to the rising number of research on the health benefits of dance cardio on human health, many people have ditched strenuous exercise and complex dieting plans. Instead, they have started dance cardio to help shed those extra pounds. Read on to understand the benefits of dance cardio and what type of dance you can opt for. 

Types of Dance

Throughout the world, you can find a variety of dance styles, each creative in its own way. Dance has been a part of human culture for centuries, used as a means of self-expression. People have been participating in this activity as a ritual or for celebrations. Today, dancing is more about self-expression and recreation. Of course, some also participate in it as a way to compete with others.

Though dancing is a way for most people to have fun, it’s an amazing physical activity. When you dance, you’re moving different parts of your body. Just like exercise, dance also encourages blood circulation and speeds up the fat-burning process, providing several benefits to your body. Not only this, but dance keeps your bones and muscles active. As a result, you stay youthful and energized. 

Here are some popular types of dance.

  1. Ballroom dancing
  2. Ballet
  3. Hip-hop
  4. Jazz
  5. Pole dancing
  6. Belly dancing
  7. Tap dancing
  8. Salsa
  9. Square dancing

All these dance forms are great ways to do cardio exercise and offer numerous physical and psychological benefits that you don’t get from other standard exercise and cardio activities. 

Benefits of Dance Cardio

You can enjoy several benefits of dance cardio that help improve your overall health. Some of the most important benefits are:

Enhances Flexibility

Have you seen ballet dancers doing arabesques and piles? Well, these are not only for the aesthetics. The objective of these activities is to reduce stiffness and increase flexibility. If you are not into ballet, don’t take a ballet class, but you can still try out the simple stretches that ballet dancers do. By increasing flexibility in your body, you can alleviate post-exercise soreness and joint pain. 

Boost Strength

If you are a dancer, you don’t need strength training exercises to build endurance and boost strength. A dance class challenges your muscles as your entire body moves through high-intensity choreography. Your body also tries to use both lower and upper body muscles to increase strength. Since you’ll be involved in constant physical activity, your body will also develop endurance. 

Boost Brain Function

Dance cardio offers numerous benefits for your mental health. Regular dancing can help your brain develop new neural pathways, which improves your cognitive abilities. Whether you love ballet or jazz, it’s a good way to boost your memory. Hence, dance can help you age gracefully. Not only will you be able to remember your grandchildren’s birthdays, but you’ll be at a lower risk of dementia as you age. Hippocampus, the part of the brain that stores memory, naturally loses volume as you age, leading to dementia and impaired memory. Research shows that aerobic exercises can prevent the hippocampus from shrinking, decreasing the effect of old age. 

Lowers Stress

If you’re feeling stressed out or tense, the easiest way to uplift your mood is to start dancing. You can grab a partner or do it yourself. Dancing is an adventurous, exciting, and joyful activity that has the power to instantly boost your mood. Since you develop a feeling of happiness, your body starts producing happy hormones. This, in turn, relaxes your mind and body, helps you live in the moment, and prompts you to let go of your worries. 

Help to Deal with Depression

Depression is one such psychological condition that affects every aspect of your life. Little things like taking a bath or feeding your pet become challenging. Depression can turn both your professional and personal life upside down. Though addressing the issue at its core will take a long time, dancing is an effective way to lift your spirits, even if it’s temporary. Opt for upbeat dance sessions and feel your mood improve as you expend all that extra energy. In the beginning, it will be somewhat difficult, but as you grow into the habit of dancing regularly, it will get easier for you. 

Supports Heart Health

Are you at risk of cardiovascular diseases but hate working out? Choose your favorite dance style to reduce your risk of cardiovascular issues. In fact, people who have developed heart problems can participate in light dancing activities to improve their quality of life. 

Lose Weight

Well, it’s obvious that dancing can help lose weight. Any activity that requires you to move your body for a longer time will impact your weight. However, how much weight you can lose will depend on how often you dance and for how long. 

Tips for Dancing

If you are planning to dance, here are some suggestions for you. 

  • Do warm-up activities before your dance session.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself- dancing might be challenging for you in the beginning. 
  • Try to rest between dance sessions.
  • Consult your doctor if you suffer from health problems like asthma.
  • Don’t push yourself too far if you are a beginner.
  • Move as gracefully and fluidly as you can.
  • Cool down your body after a dance session through yoga or stretches.
  • Observe others dancers if you want to master a particular style of dance. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes that prevent you from falling. 

Whether you love ballet, salsa, hip hop, or others, dancing is a fun way to stay active. The best part is that you don’t need to go on a diet plan and participate in exercise to lose weight. So, if you love dancing, don’t wait. Enroll in a dancing program or start practicing at home. Dance cardio will not only be fun, but it can change your life. In fact, you might start feeling younger than before. 

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