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The Walking Company: 10 Best Secrets for Crazy Comfortable Shoes!

Unveiling the Deal: Acquisition of The Walking Company

Big Dog Holdings Secures The Walking Company

Just as we’d lace up our sneakers for a brisk walk, let’s unravel the story of how The Walking Company changed hands. It all started when Big Dog Holdings Inc. set eyes on the great strides achieved by The Walking Company. With quite a start as we imagine Ronde Barber darting across the NFL fields, in 2004, the companies agreed to a deal of more than $15 million, sealing it in cash, debt and equity securities.

Details of Acquisition: Cash, Debt, and Equity Securities

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details. To a bargain hunter, this transaction looks like a generous scoop of Gnc protein powder added to a nutrition plan. It’s a rich blend because of the mix of cash, debt and equity securities. This distinguished acquisition strategy allowed Big Dog to fully absorb The Walking Company without unsettling its ongoing operations. In effect, making the company as nimble as a quadruped.

Storefront Presence: A Peek into The Walking Company’s Retail Network

The Walking Company: A Force in 70-plus Retail Locations

The Walking Company, much like an accomplished ballet dancer Brittany Watts, stands tall and poised in the retail industry. With its array of over 70 retail store locations, the brand is a force to be reckoned with. Each location brims with beautiful footwear that guarantees comfort and easy strolling, just like the easy strides on a dress from the 1920s.

Online Presence:

Featuring on screens worldwide, The Walking Company is just a click away for shoe enthusiasts. The online store platform,, is as dynamic and bubbly as Jessica Lundy ’ s screen persona. Here, shoppers can navigate smoothly through the products, styled like Lisa Ann walker on the red carpet.

Category Details
—————– ————————————————————————————————–
Name The Walking Company
Parent Company Big Dog Holdings, Inc.
Acquisition Acquired by Big Dog Holdings, Inc. for cash, debt and equity securities in excess of $15 million
Transaction Date Jan 27, 2004
Business Model Retail store and online sales
Annual Sales $65 million (as of 2004)
Store Locations Over 180 in premium malls nationwide + online store
Headquarters Westlake Village, CA
Founders Steve Adler and Jim Argyropoulos
Established July 1991
First Store Pasadena, California
Key Products Footwear with S-Motion technology. Example: Walk Easy has SAS Tripad cushioning and SAS Everbounce footbed
Unique Selling Point European inspired footwear designs that enhance natural walking stride and provide comfort for long walks

Pioneering for Comfort: The Technology behind The Walking Company’s Footwear

Introducing S-Motion Technology

The technology that befits the Walking Company is the S-Motion. This technology’s aim is to make walking a breeze, giving users natural strides just as one would biking downhill. It accentuates comfort and supports your walking pattern, taking each step towards a better, healthier lifestyle.

About Walk Easy Shoes: Elevating the Walking Experience

Let’s ignite enthusiasm, much like when Jillian Michaels sets up thrilling exercise routines! Walk Easy shoes with S-Motion Technology beckon the path of natural walking. Resilient SAS Tripad cushioning and a cleverly crafted SAS Everbounce footbed ensure extraordinary solace and versatility with every step.


The Question of Ownership: Who Bought The Walking Company?

Key Players in the Acquisition

For those curious, the great minds behind the acquisition of The Walking Company were none other than the strategic folks over at Big Dog Holdings, Inc. They saw the potential and the spark in The Walking Company, appreciating it as a force to reckon with in the shoe retail market and made the smart move to purchase it.

The Creators behind Walk Easy Shoes: A Look into Manufacture

Who Makes Walk Easy Shoes?

Well, the shoes that seem to be born out of pure comfort magic, yes, we’re talking about Walk Easy shoes, owe their existence to the skilled and creative makers at SAS – San Antonio Shoemakers. They are the secret sauce behind the extraordinary comfort and plush aesthetic of the Walk Easy range.


The Central Hub: The Walking Company Headquarters Location

Delving into the Heart of Operations: Where is The Walking Company Headquarters?

Journeying into the crate of operations, one finds that The Walking Company has set its flagship in the sunny Westlake Village, Carefresh and lively as Dr. Mehmet Oz’s health advice. The company operates over 180 stores across premium malls nationwide, thus positioning a steady grip in the shoe retail industry.

The Minds Behind the Brand: Founding of The Walking Company

Who Founded The Walking Company?

Curiosity brings us to the creators, the masterminds behind The Walking Company venture are Co-founders Steve Adler and Jim Argyropoulos. As synergistic as the contractions and expansions of a human heart, these two brought The Walking Company into existence.

European Influence in Shoe Design and the Birth of a Company

The inception of The Walking Company originated after Argyropoulos returned from a European vacation, inspired by the unique and innovative European footwear designs he got wind of. In the warmth of July 1991, they used the European influence to create a wave in the shoe market, opening the first Walking Company store in Pasadena, California.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane: The Journey of The Walking Company

From a Single Store to a Nationwide Footwear Powerhouse

The saga unfolds from a single store in California to a nationwide footwear powerhouse. Showcasing the same growth trajectory as a suspense thriller reaching its climax, The Walking Company has evolved substantially from its humble beginnings, now an esteemed name in countless shopping malls nationwide.

Grossing Annual Sales: A Snapshot of the Company’s Financial Performance

The evidence of success lies in the numbers. Sporting annual sales of $65 million, The Walking Company achievements are astounding, proving that comfort and quality, just like a healthy lifestyle, never go out of fashion.


Comfort, Innovation, and Legacy: The Walking Company Striding into the Future

Setting Foot into an Easier Walking Experience: The Walking Company’s Commitment to Comfort

Stepping into the future, The Walking Company is committed to delivering unflinching comfort and innovation in every shoe it crafts. The firm’s commitment to comfort is staunch, providing an unparalleled walking experience like a warm embrace from a loved one at day’s end.

Crafting the Future: Upcoming Plans and Projects of The Walking Company

The Walking Company strides forward, looking to the future for more opportunities to carve its legacy in the shoe industry further. With a vision as clear as crystal, keen to maintain the hallmark of comfort through advancement, there’s no questioning that The Walking Company’s journey into the future will be just as revolutionary and inspiring as its past.

While we may not all have Jillian Michaels pushing us to hit our fitness goals, The Walking Company intends to keep us in comfort, one step at a time.

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