The Top 17 Movies Every Guy Should Watch

Top 17 Movies

The most difficult part of watching a movie is choosing the perfect movie for all. If you’re looking for the perfect film to watch the next time around you can check out these top 17 movies everyone should watch at least once. The films listed here have everything from action to comedy to classics that are cult.

1. Iron Man

Everyone Marvel fan will keep Iron Man in high regard because it’s the very first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While there have been a number of sequels, this is the only one that is for males. Robert Downey Jr. portrays Tony Stark in the movie. A billionaire genius, playboy, and billionaire (we would like to be!) who designs the lawsuit to fight criminality.

2. Die Hard

Then, this classic 80’s film is still an absolute cult favorite even today. John McClane is the NYPD officer who was the inspiration for Die Hard. Bruce Willis portrays the role of John McClane. The action film is an action-packed tale of a game of cat and mouse between two officers and a group of terrorists. The film keeps you in the seat of your seat.

3. Fight Club

Fight Club is a must-see If you haven’t seen it yet. The film stars Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. The story follows two guys who are ad salesman (Brad Pitt) and an insomniac, who set up an underground fight club to express their frustration. The concept becomes popular and fight clubs start popping up across America.

4. Men in Black

Men in Black was so popular that it had three parts as well as an international spinoff titled Men in Black: International. The film from 1997 is a great place to begin. The film was produced by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. It effortlessly blends comedy and science fiction with action. It is based on an organization secretly overseeing extraterrestrials that are in hiding in the planet.

5. Jumanji

Everyone is aware that The Rock is worth watching. Jumanji is even better with more stars such as Kevin Hart and Nick Jonas. For the complete movie experience, make sure to go through Welcome to the Jungle or The Next Level. Your male friends could also enjoy a classic by watching the film from 1995.

6. Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious is a film that has a massive fan base. There are a lot of movies to choose from that you can watch, so if you’re not happy with the first then you can return and see another nine.

7. Old School

Old School is a classic comedic film for males. It is about three friends who form an organization called a fraternity. You might be thinking about what the hype is about, but then you’ll realize that they’re now in their 30s. The 2003 film follows people with depression who try to recreate their college experience and confront various problems.

8. Friday

You may be thinking about where the phrase “Bye Felisha” (not Felicia!) came from. Friday is the best day to begin since it will provide the history of the expression “Bye Felisha” (not Felicia!). Ice Cube stars as Chris Tucker in the film, and Chris Tucker is an unemployed friend who is in debt to the local drug dealer. This American comedy film about a buddy stoner is a fantastic option for a film night.

9. Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused is another film to add to our list of films. The 90s-set coming-of-age film is sure to impress, particularly because it has fewer well-known actors that are well-known in the present. The film features Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck in the early days of their careers.

10. The Departed

The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as the star as well as Martin Scorsese, the director. The 2006 film is a thriller about a crime that is epic, and also a remake of Infernal Affairs (a 2002 Hong Kong film). The film loosely draws inspiration from a real-life story. The story takes place in Boston and follows the activities of an Irish mob and the police.

11. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

It’s a great idea to have an evening with your friends and enjoy a lot of humor and romance from the 40-year-old Virgin. Judd Apatow was the director of the romantic comedy of 2005. It is certain that this will be an excellent film. The plot follows a 40-year-old virgin who is helped by her coworkers in losing her virginity.

12. The Matrix

You’ve probably seen The Matrix if you haven’t yet watched it. Even if you’ve seen the film the action-packed film with bullet-dodging is a fantastic film to watch on a movie night. Keanu Reeves is the director of the film, which depicts an unimaginative future where humans are stuck in a simulation world.

13. The Wolf of Wall Street

This film is by Leonard DiCaprio and is an excellent choice for a movie night. The biographical crime film is the most frequently mentioned word “f-word” in mainstream movies, having more than 500 times. The film is a story about corruption, fraud, and criminality.

14. The Bourne Trilogy

The Bourne Trilogy is great for an evening of mancation or simply a few days spent with your friends. There are five films within this set. The order in which the films will be dependent on the year.

15. Rocky

Rocky the 1976 sports drama that follows the life of a Philadelphia boxer who is an underdog is another excellent film that everyone should watch. Rocky was able to fight Apollo Creed (heavyweight boxing champion) in the film. This film is an excellent option for those who need inspiration and thrills.

16. Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is a film starring Tom Hank. It is inspired by Captain John Millar’s World War 2 story. The action-packed war film features a group of soldiers who are on a mission to save a private. The war has already killed his brothers.

17. Inglourious Basterds

Inglorious Bastards is the final film. It’s a great and exciting film that is sure to please men looking for something humorous and serious. Brad Pitt plays Lt. Aldo Raine in this dramatic film set in World War II. Raine is the leader of a Jewish group of soldiers who take on the Third Reich leaders. He also seeks assistance from a German undercover agent.


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