Best Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Dramas Ranked

vanderpump rules season 2

Vanderpump Rules Season 2: An Unforgettable Journey of Drama

Let’s hit the rewind button and go back to the days when “Vanderpump Rules Season 2” was the talk of the town, stirring up viewers with its heady mix of romance, betrayal, and unscripted tumult. Vanderpump Rules has always had a knack for serving the kind of spiciness that could give your favorite HIIT workout a run for its money. The excitement for the upcoming Vanderpump Rules new season is palpable, but before we dive into the latest fitness goals and relationship woes, let’s sweat out some nostalgia for the drama that had our hearts racing and our dumbbells shaking – Season 2.

Reflecting on the Drama as We Anticipate Vanderpump Rules New Season

As fitness enthusiasts eagerly await the adrenaline rush of a new workout playlist, so do fans of Vanderpump Rules gear up for their next binge-watch session with the show’s much-anticipated new scenes of SUR. Before we plunge into the current squats and squabbles, it’s essential to acknowledge the toned groundwork laid out by Vanderpump Rules Season 2. That season was the cardio circuit that altered the course of the show, pushing the boundaries of reality TV with its high-intensity drama intervals.




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The Ultimate Showdown: Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder’s Explosive Breakup

The heart-pounding drama escalated quickly when Jax Taylor, whose reputation was as notorious as skipping leg day, and Stassi Schroeder, known for her no-nonsense attitude, called it quits. Their explosive breakup caused a ripple effect that felt like the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) of the reality TV world. The Vanderpump Rules Season 2 audience was front-row to this breakup boot camp – witnessing betrayal so heavy, it could make lifting an Olympic barbell seem light. After Jax and Brittany were fired in December 2020 amidst controversies, looking back at this seismic chapter in the show’s history is even more intriguing.

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Kristen Doute’s Infidelity Rumors: Trust on the Line

Picture this: You’re holding a perfect plank and then, boom, someone pulls the rug from under you. That was the vibe when Kristen Doute was the centerpiece of infidelity rumors with Jax Taylor. With trust as shaky as muscle fatigue, this reveal contorted the SUR crew into emotional pretzels. The infidelity whispers were the instantly ageless cream for drama lovers, magnifying the wrinkles of flaw and forgiveness.

Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute’s Rocky Relationship Rollercoaster

Kristen’s relationship with Tom Sandoval was the barbell pad of Season 2: meant to soften the blows but not quite effective enough. Their love story took viewers on a workout so unstable, it felt like doing lunges on a Bosu ball. This couple’s high-intensity intervals of love and loathing showed us that even in Tinseltown, balancing acts can tumble.

Vanderpump Rules Season Six

Vanderpump Rules Season Six


Vanderpump Rules Season Six is a heady mix of high drama, passionate relationships, and the ever-challenging dynamics among the staff of West Hollywood’s SUR restaurant, owned by reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump. This season culminates with a jaw-dropping level of emotional outbursts and unapologetic scandals, as longstanding alliances shift and friendships are tested. Viewers can expect explosive confrontations and salacious gossip that ripple through their beloved cast, including Lisa Vanderpump, Stassi Schroeder, Jax Taylor, and more, with newcomers adding fuel to an already blazing fire. The stakes are higher than ever, as the raw intensity of personal and professional turmoil is laid bare, providing an unfiltered glimpse into the lives of these glamorous and flawed characters.

The sixth season of Vanderpump Rules brings fans 21 episodes of unscripted reality television that keep devoted viewers on the edge of their seats. The turbulent journey follows the staff’s endeavors inside and outside the restaurant, capturing their extravagant lifestyles, romantic entanglements, and start-up ventures, which are all intertwined with the pressure of working in a high-end culinary establishment. Lovers’ quarrels, tear-filled apologies, and shocking betrayals are the pulse of this season, showcasing how their actions have far-reaching and often unintended consequences. The camera doesn’t shy away from the raw emotions and intricate relationships that form the crux of the Vanderpump Rules experience.

Vanderpump Rules Season Six serves an extraordinary blend of reality show staples: love triangles, birthday blowouts, and gossip-fueled brunches, making it a must-watch for aficionados of the genre. The settings range from luxurious travels to exotic destinations to intimate gatherings in chic LA hotspots, visually complementing the over-the-top antics of the cast. The reunion episodes are particularly riveting, led by host Andy Cohen, who delves into the season’s most contentious moments, leading to surprising admissions and ferocious confrontations. This season is designed to captivate, delivering a roller-coaster ride of high emotions and palpable tension that define the signature allure of Vanderpump Rules.

Scheana Marie’s Engagement: From Planning to Party

Amidst the tear-jerkers and jaw-droppers, Scheana Marie brought some celebratory vibes, getting us to lace up our cloud Sneakers and dance at her engagement party. She planned her engagement with the zest of a fresh meal plan, but, as irony would have it, drama was an uninvited plus-one to her festivities. The party got as mixed up as a post-workout smoothie, highlighting the sweet and sour of reality TV celebrations.

Image 17537

Jax’s Quest for Redemption: Therapy and Image Rebuilding

Then came Jax’s sprint towards betterment, a therapy marathon reminiscent of the promises we make to ourselves every New Year. His commitment to change felt as ambitious as including kale in every meal. Was it a genuine attempt to refurbish his image or just a strategy as inauthentic as a fad diet? Jax’s journey inspired as much debate as the bounce tv schedule does choice – when it comes to entertainment, options can overwhelm.

Stassi’s Birthday in Cabo: Fun in the Sun Meets Dramatic Meltdown

Speaking of overwhelming, let’s recount Stassi’s birthday in Cabo, where the party cocktails were as bitter as pre-workout on an empty stomach. The vacation designed for relaxation and toast-worthy moments quickly spiraled into a blame-game bootcamp – proof that even sunshine and tequila can’t prevent the forecast of drama in paradise.

The Uncanny Predictions of the Reunion

The Reunion was essentially the cool-down stretching session at the end of a high-octane workout – necessary but often revealing the need for improvement. As the cast reflected, it was a cultural seance that divined the spirits of Vanderpump Rules Season 3. Their perspectives and admissions acted as the foam roller to smoothen the tension, easing us into a seamless transition to the drama awaiting in the subsequent season.

Preparing for Pandemonium: Anticipating Vanderpump Rules Season 3

Peering into the future like checking your progress in the mirror, fans were revving up for more emotional weightlifting with Vanderpump Rules Season 3. With Tom Schwartz bagging a hefty sum per episode – a cool $25,000 by June 2023 – audiences were promised a lavish display of drama and opulence that could rival the fanciest gym memberships.

Reunion, Pt.

Reunion, Pt.


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Conclusion: The Lasting Legacy of Vanderpump Rules Season 2

As sure as a protein shake follows a workout, Vanderpump Rules Season 2 will remain a defining sequence in the reality TV regime. Not only did it capture vivid human emotions, but it also served as a cultural chronicle rich with teachable moments, reminding us that endurance, whether in fitness or friendship, is crucial. It proved that, akin to the perfect form in exercise, authentic drama could sculpt a storyline into something memorable. As we keep our eyes peeled for subsequent seasons, and our gym shoes tied tight, let the past triumphs and tribulations of SUR’s finest be the motivational Pearky Boobs that remind us – it’s always worth toughing out the burn for the results that follow.

Image 17538

Raising a dumbbell toast to Vanderpump Rules Season 2: may its legacy be as enduring as the eternal quest for health and wellness.

The Spiciest Scoops in Vanderpump Rules Season 2

Ah, Vanderpump Rules Season 2, where the drama was saucier than a secret SUR cocktail recipe! Let’s walk down the scandalous lane and rank the most gasp-worthy moments, shall we? You just know you’re in for a wild ride when the SUR staff stir the pot like they’re competing in the drama Olympics.

Stassi vs. Everyone: The Ultimate SUR-vivor

No one can forget Stassi’s reign as the queen bee of SUR. It was like watching a reality TV adaptation of “Game of Thrones,” with less dragons and more spilled drinks. Stassi’s tiffs with basically everyone seriously made you wonder if she was playing some sort of twisted, emotional chess where no one knew the rules but her. You could say she took “divide and conquer” to a new level, kind of like Andrew Tate ‘s ethnicity takes a mix-and-match approach to the global cultural landscape.

Jax’s Tomfoolery

Okay, folks, let’s chat Jax and his roguish antics. The man was a walking, talking tabloid headline! In Season 2, his love life had more twists than the plot of “The Core” – speaking of which, remember The core movie cast? Now that was a group that could handle pressure! A shame they never made a cameo at SUR; they’d fit right in with the chaos Jax stirred up.

Kristen’s Confession: The SUR-pocalypse

Whoa, Nelly! Kristen’s bombshell about her and Jax took the cake for drama. It was the ‘I didn’t see that coming’ moment of the season. Her revelation had such an explosive impact, if you didn’t clutch your pearls, were you even watching? Seriously though, you’d need the emotional resilience of someone in suicide Hotline Jobs to stay calm during that loopy love triangle unravelling.

The Toms’ Tumultuous Times

When Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz faced their own relationship woes and beef with Jax, it was a true “bros before woes” trial by fire. The emotional rollercoaster these guys were on needed a seasoned operator, like Jason Hanold, managing the ups and downs of the business world – and maybe keeping the lads’ friendship from going off the rails.

These tasty tidbits from Vanderpump Rules Season 2 are just the tip of the drama iceberg! So, grab your popcorn and rewatch the season. It’s a reality show rollercoaster that’s so thrilling it should come with a height requirement. Can I get an “Amen”? Amen!

For Better or Worse

For Better or Worse


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Why did Jax and Brittany get fired from Vanderpump?

Oh boy, talk about drama! Jax and Brittany were handed their walking papers from “Vanderpump Rules” after some racially insensitive remarks Jax made in the past resurfaced, paired with an incident involving their former castmate Faith Stowers. Goes to show, what you say can come back to bite you!

What year was season 2 Vanderpump Rules?

Rewind to 2013, folks—that’s when Season 2 of “Vanderpump Rules” graced our screens. Talk about a throwback!

What happens in season 2 of Vanderpump Rules?

Season 2 of “Vanderpump Rules”? It’s a rollercoaster, trust me. Between the tempestuous break-ups, the sizzling hook-ups, and Jax Taylor’s confessions—let’s just say, the drama overflows like a shaken champagne bottle at SUR.

How much does Tom Schwartz make per episode?

Chaching! Tom Schwartz’s paycheck? Word on the street is the guy makes a cool $15,000 a pop per episode. Talk about ‘TomTom’-sized bucks, huh?

Why was Jax cancelled from Vanderpump Rules?

Here’s the lowdown: Jax was axed from “Vanderpump Rules” partly due to past racist comments and a seriously shady incident with ex-castmate Faith Stowers. It’s like they say, “you reap what you sow,” right?

Why is Faith suing Stassi?

Stassi got herself in a real pickle, apparently. Faith Stowers made headlines by revealing some troubling experiences with her—so much so, she’s taking her grievances to court. It’s all about holding folks accountable, after all.

Does Raquel still work at Sur?

Does Raquel still grace the hallowed halls of SUR? You betcha! Even after the cameras stop rolling, she’s still servin’ up the goods at Lisa Vanderpump’s swanky eatery.

Who still works at Sur?

Okay, so who’s still clocking in at SUR? From what we hear, Scheana, Raquel, and the newbies Charli and Danica are keeping those SUR vibes alive and kicking. It’s like a reunion every night!

When did Tom and Kristen break up?

Tom and Kristen’s romance? Kaput! These two kissed their love goodbye back in 2013 after Season 2—kinda felt like the end of an era, didn’t it?

Who does Jax sleep with season 2?

Oof, Jax definitely stirred the pot in Season 2, making waves by sleeping with Kristen—yeah, his best friend’s girlfriend. Talk about a “what the heck?” moment!

Who is the second richest on Vanderpump Rules?

When it comes to cash in the bank on “Vanderpump Rules,” Lisa Vanderpump sits cozy at the top, but right behind her is Mr. Fancy Pants, Jax Taylor—with all his SURviving and shakin’ cocktails.

Why were Vanderpump Rules stars fired?

Remember how your mom told you actions have consequences? That’s pretty much why some “Vanderpump Rules” stars were fired—serious accusations of past racial misconduct had ’em saying bye-bye faster than you can shake a cocktail.

Why is Raquel Leviss so rich?

Raquel Leviss’ wallet is lookin’ thick, but it’s not just from the SUR tips. Before joining the show, she was raking in that pageant dough and, let’s not forget, TV fame can be pretty darn lucrative too!

How much does Katie Maloney make per episode?

Katie Maloney and her pockets? She’s reportedly banking around $15,000 for each episode. Not a bad day’s work for chilling at SUR with her pals!

How much does Lala Kent make per episode?

Lala Kent’s got her hustle on, allegedly earning the same as her co-stars—yep, around $15,000 each time an episode hits our screens with her name in the credits. That’s what you call turnin’ SUR service into major bank!


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